Morning Telephone Fun   added 5 years ago
  By: Slayzee  Age: 40  Country: South Africa

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Categories: Steady Partner, Masturbation, Identified partner, The Audience / Voyeur
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Location: My desk at work
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

My wife and I had recently left our jobs in preparation for an overseas move and had temporarily moved into my wife’s moms house after the sale of our house was completed. We had a nice month long down-time during which we could relax and catch up on some rest. I had always been one to sleep late in the morning, rather a night owl I was. My wife of 7 years, on the other hand, was always one to wake up much earlier than me.


One morning during our second week away from the stress of work, my eyes opened uncharacteristically early. Nothing that was going to get me out of bed, mind you, I was very content to doze for a while. During one of my drifts into consciousness, my ears pricked up. Oftentimes I hear things that are actually in my head or just a remnant of a dream but this sounded real. I held my breath straining to hear, trying to figure out what it was. It sounded like heavy breathing peppered with raspy whispering, it took a few minutes for me to decide that it was definitely real.


I slipped very quietly out of bed, wondering where my wife was. My wife’s mom and sister had both gone to work already and the maid had gone home. I started theorising that maybe my wife was watching some dirty movie on my computer and was doing what came naturally to someone in a state of sexual arousal. I crept to the bedroom door and, as silently as I could, opened it. The sound got louder and it was then that I realised it was coming from my sister-in-laws bedroom. I slowly moved closer to the door until I was able to peek into that gap that forms between the doorframe and the door when it’s open.


My wife was on the phone.


Her back was toward me, her legs were open and her feet with pressed up against the bedroom window. The curtains were open as wide as her legs. The phone was held tightly between her head and her shoulder. Her left hand was massaging her beautiful 36C tits while her right hand was very obviously rubbing that soft wet space between her legs. The noise I was hearing was a combination of her ragged breathing and her voice as she told the person on the other side of the phone exactly what she wanted to do with them. As husky as her voice was, I wasn’t able to make out everything that was being said.


It has to be said, for a while now, I have been having many fantasies about my wife and another person, be it a man or a woman. It was something we spoke about during sex as a means of getting off but that was where it ended. Was I was witnessing the initial stage of an affair. Phone sex. My loving wife having a debaucherous conversation with a potential lover.



She was clearly oblivious to my presence which suited me just fine as my hand began rubbing my cock through my track pants. I listened harder and revelled in the filthy sounds that were coming out of my wifes mouth. My hand wrapped around my cock and I began to jerk off. My breathing had become as ragged as my wifes but I had to be careful, I didn’t want her to hear me and have the situation ruined. I had to see this to its end, I wanted to watch her have an orgasm with this person, I wanted to watch her cum while talking to someone else.


With shaking hands, I undid the drawstring on my pants and slid my hands inside. The pants fell all the way to the floor and my hands stroked all over my solid cock. It was so hard it felt like it may burst. My whole groin area felt tighter than normal, my balls felt full to capacity, my ass felt like I was intentionally clenching it, the skin of my cock was tighter than a drum. I felt lightheaded as I continued to watch my wife masturbating on the phone. The precum leaking from my cock was scooped up and rubbed all over it, I loved the feel of my slippery pre-orgasm juice.


My wife had to change positions as her head flopped backwards, her legs crept higher up the windows. She had to grab the phone to stop it falling, her right hand continued to rub her pussy, which by now must have been soaking wet. Her breathing had become a little louder, her voice a little raspier, I could tell she was getting close. I was beginning to make out what she was saying to this person, she was telling them how wet she was, how good her pussy felt  having four fingers inside it, how she wished it was her phone partner that was fingering her, how she longed for this person, how she thought about them whenever she masturbated, how she’s missed them, how her pussy longs for them, how she can’t wait to have them give her the orgasm she was about to have.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, how horny it was making me, my cock felt better than ever before, my orgasm was going to buckle my knees.


My wife moved the phone from her ear and placed it in the immediate vicinity of her pussy. she held it there for a bit. I could hear her juices sloshing around her fingers from where I was standing. Her phone friend must have gotten an earful. She brought the handset back to her ear.


“Did you hear my juices?” I heard her ask, “that’s how wet you make me. I’m dripping for you, I can’t wait to fuck you. You get me off so good, it’s so good when it’s with you, I want you so bad, I want to feel you all over me, fuck me baby...please...fuck me hard...i wanna cum for you...please make me cum...make me squirt for you...please baby...please...please...”


Her orgasm exploded in a stream of cum that sprayed the window in front of her and washed down onto the floor. A second stream shot from her pussy, her body tensing up as it did.


Seeing my beautiful wife getting off with a phone sex buddy sent me off on my own orgasm. I hadn’t planned to but I shot all over the door in front of me, jets of hot, sticky cum hit the door and ran down to the carpet. My legs felt week and I started sliding to the floor, cum landing on my track pants, the wall, more on the carpet. I looked up back into the room. My wifes hand was still rubbing her pussy, her caller was still there. The squirting had stopped, her orgasm was ending.


I grabbed my track pants and hurredly wiped as much of my cum up as possible and walked back to the bedroom while my wife and her caller exchanged a few post-sex words. No doubt promising to do this again.


About ten minutes later, she walked into the room with a cup of coffee for me as if nothing had happened. I couldn’t wait for her next early morning phone call!

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