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My girlfriend is a gorgeous curvy blonde. She has beautiful thin legs that lead up to her hour glass figure with 34DD breasts and a beautiful face with puffy lips that look best when sucking dick. 


I love to take her out. She wears the skimpiest short skirts she can find her ass basically hangs out and gives anyone who wants a look a clear view of her thong. I love finding outfits that allow her to not wear a bra. I love how other guys stare at her tits. My favorite part of the night is watching her her get ready and watching her dance with the other guys.


 In my fantasy she would be dancing with a guy who i see feeling her up and groping her tits and ass before they disappear in the crowd. I go to look for them and find them in a dark corner. Her tits have come out of the dress and he is behind her toying with her nipples and his other hand is fingering her. Her hands are feeling the bulge in his pants as she grinds her ass on him. 


 We go home together and he ends up fucking her pussy. we suck his dick and he fucks both her and me in the ass. We all cum several times and I eat every drip. I lick the cum from her pussy, ass, tits and she snow balls every drop he puts in her moulth. He lets me suck cum from his duck and shoots a load on my face before fucking my ass and filling me that way. my girlfriend would suck his cum from my ass and give it to me. My favorite would be when he is fucking her ass and i am eating her pussy and licking his balls and shaft when he pulls out and sprays cum all over my face, her pussy lips and ass cheeks. 

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