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  By: Beholden  Age: 53  Country: Australia

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Audience / Voyeur, Force/Rape
Tags: Anal forced master
Location: An office
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

“Bella! Come here!”

My voice reverberated down the hallway as I bellowed from my office.  I drummed my fingers on my desk as I waited, and I soon heard Bella’s bare feet hurrying to my room.  An image of Bella dropping whatever she was doing when I called and rushing to me made me smile.  Bella burst into the room, wearing only a short white apron, tied in a bow behind her back, which covered the lower half of her belly and hid my plaything from view.  No matter – she looked ravishing as always, and a twinge in my cock told me I was fortunate to have her as my very own.


“Yes Sir?” asked Bella as she noticed the girl sitting on the corner of my desk.    She was a honey blonde, with tanned skin and pouty lips, wearing a tight fitting red dress with a plunging neckline that highlighted her large artificial breasts.

Noticing the quizzical look on Bella’s face, I simply said “Shayla”.

“Oh.  Nice to meet you, Shayla.  I’m sorry, I was cooking in the kitchen,” said Bella, explaining her apron.  Shayla smiled in return.  I imagine Bella’s mind was racing, wondering why I had this blonde bombshell in my office with me.  She would find out soon enough.


“Bella, lock the door, please,” I said as I took a key out of my pocket and threw it to her.  Bella tried to catch the key, but it fell to the floor at her feet.  Like the well trained woman she was, Bella, turned her back to me and bent down from the waist to pick the key up, affording me a view of her fine pussy from behind. “Good girl,” I thought, and put a mental tick next to her name.  Bella locked the door and returned they key to me, which I slipped back into my pocket.


“Bella, don’t be rude please.  Remove your apron.”  Bella reached behind her back and tugged on the apron bow, loosening it and letting the apron fall to her feet.

“Shayla, isn’t Bella pretty?” I asked.

“Yes, Mr. Saxton.  She is beautiful” said Shayla.


“Do you like her?”

“Yes, Mr. Saxton.  She looks wonderful.”

“Please stand, Shayla,” I said.  Shayla slid off the corner of my desk and rose to her feet.  Bella immediately became aware of a large lump under Shayla’s dress in the region of her groin.

“Please remove your dress, Shayla,” I asked, and she slipped her dress up over her head, revealing a large penis.  Shayla struck a pose, hands on her hips, one foot in front of the other, while Bella looked her up and down, wide-eyed.  Shayla’s skin was smooth, her breasts were large and full, and she sported a large male member.


“Sir?” asked Bella, a little taken aback.

“Bella, it is clear to me that your mind, amongst other things, needs to be stretched.  This is a fine specimen of a shemale you see before you.  Isn’t she exotic and wonderful?”

Bella shook her head, looking uncomfortable.


Would you like to see what Shayla looks like with a hardon?” I asked Bella.  Bella looked me in the eye and said “No Sir, actually I would not like that.”

“Bella.” I said.  “Come here.”


Bella approached me, nervously, but I noticed that her nipples were erect.  I pulled open a drawer in the desk and pulled out a tube of lubricant.  “Cup your hands,” I commanded Bella.  I squeezed a copious amount of thick, slimy, clear gel from the tube into Bella’s hands.  “Bella, would you do Shayla the courtesy of applying this lube to her cock.  I want to see her with a fat hardon.”  Shayla opened her mouth and gasped and leaned back slightly from her waist, presenting her cock to Bella.  With some trepidation, Bella gingerly placed her slimy hands on Shayla’s cock, making Shayla gasp again. 

I could see that Bella didn’t know where to look as her gaze darted from Shayla’s round breasts, up to her face, and down to her penis.  Shayla was licking her top lip and starting to rock her hips against Bella’s hand, and her cock was starting to thicken and rise.

“For God’s sake Bella, stroke it properly!” I snapped, and Bella started running her slippery fist up and down Shayla’s cock with a sudden enthusiasm.  Shayla hissed between her teeth and pulled on her nipples as her shining cock rose to its fully erect size, hard and veined against Bella’s fingers.  Shayla’s cock was huge.  I wondered if she had had her cock enhanced like her breasts clearly were.


“OK, Bella, that’s enough. Are you pleased with your handiwork?”  Bella quickly withdrew her hands, wiping the remains of the gel on her thighs and responding dutifully “Yes, Sir.” as she back away from Shayla’s bulging cock.


“Bella, tell me, what is the worst feeling in the world?”

“Ummm… is it hunger?” asked Bella nervously.

“No.  It’s not hunger.  Let me tell you what it is.  It is boredom.”  Shayla nodded as she listened to me.  I knew Bella was sensing the shift in allegiances in the room, leaving her feeling a little isolated. “And to relieve my boredom,” I continued, “I am going to watch Shayla fuck your ass.”


Bella shook her head and backed further away.  “No, Sir,” she said, still shaking her head.  I slapped Shayla’s ass, and said “Go get her, stud!”  Shayla advanced on Bella, her lubricated cock bouncing in front of her, while Bella slipped around the back of a chair in the corner of the room.  Shayla went left around the chair; Bella scurried to the right.  Shayla turned the other way; Bella retreated.  I watched from my chair, enthralled, feeling my own cock rising inside my trousers.


Shayla lunged behind the chair and caught Bella by the wrist, but Bella shrugged free and dashed to the other side of my office, with Shayla in pursuit, chasing her with her dick wobbling wildly in front of her.  Bella ran out of room to run and Shayla pounced on her, wrapping her arms around Bella’s waist from behind her and pulling her, kicking and struggling, into the centre of the room.  Shayla was strong, and managed to wrestle Bella to the floor, despite having her arms scratched by Bella’s nails.  It was something to see… breasts flying in all directions and Shayla’s extended cock slapping against Bella’s body.  Shayla got Bella face down on the floor and while she held Bella down with her hands, she used her knees to open Bella’s legs and force them apart.

  With a grunt, Shayla held Bella’s bucking body down by lying down heavily on her. Shayla’s hips pumped up and down while her cockhead probed between Bella’s ass cheeks, dripping thick lubricant onto her.  The two of them were beautifully positioned on the floor, affording me a spectacular view of Shayla’s cock penetrating Bella’s asshole above her spread pussy.  “Fuck that asshole!” I called out, stroking my erection through my trousers.


The thick gel did its job, and Shayla’s cock started pushing in and out of Bella’s asshole.  Bella squealed and cried out at the first painful penetration, but was now lying very still while the shemale fucked her ass.  “Fill the bitch!” I called out, close to coming myself.  Bella bucked up once, but yelped and lay still again.  Shayla lifted her hips, pulling out of Bella’s ass, and plunged her dripping cock down roughly into Bella’s pussy.  I couldn’t believe my eyes; I became furious.  I leapt from my chair and pulled Shayla off of Bella by the shoulders. “What the fuck are you doing?” I cried out. “Leave the pussy alone, it’s mine. 

MINE!” and rolled Shayla onto her back.  Bella seized the moment and scurried away to hide behind my office chair. Shayla rose quickly to her feet and I slapped her, hard and stinging on the cheek and screamed at her to get the fuck out of my house.  I dragged her to the office door, and with shaking hands I unlocked it and pushed her out into the hallway.  “Get lost, you dumb fuck!” I shouted.  “Fuck you, pig!” screeched Shayla and knocked a vase to the floor in the hallway, smashing it on the floor, before she left the house with a slam of the door.  Seething, I vowed to have someone sort her out later.  My thoughts rapidly turned to Bella.


Bella was squatting on the floor beside my chair.  I sat down in my chair and pulled on Bella’s hand, motioning her to come sit in my lap, which she did like a scared child, tucking her knees under her chin while I wrapped my hands around her. “It’s OK, baby Bella,” I soothed. “It’s OK.  I’m here to look after you.”  I stroked Bella’s hair with my hand while she trembled in my lap. Feeling her body, with its moist penis-sized holes, pressing down on my cock in my lap made me think of bending her over the desk and fucking her, but I thought “Have some class, Saxton” and continued to stroke her. “I won’t let anyone hurt you…

Bella whispered “ Master…” and snuggled deeper into my arms.

“It’s OK, baby, I’m here….” I whispered.

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