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I had been gently flirting with Sophie in the office for a couple of weeks.  Nothing too over the top – I didn’t want to come across like a creep.  When my manager, Steve, asked me who I thought could best help me with a client presentation I was working on, I didn’t hesitate in suggesting Sophie, and I was relieved when Steve agreed.


Sophie and I had finished the bulk of the presentation, and we were putting the finishing touches on it at her place after work on a Friday evening, in readiness for Monday morning.  With glasses of white wine to relax our nerves, we were rehearsing our parts of the presentation. Sophie’s laptop was on the table in front of a sofa showing the slides we were presenting. 

Sophie stood next to the table and went through her spiel, addressing a room full of imaginary clients, while I sat on the sofa and listened.  When she finished, she flopped down onto the sofa next to me and put her hand on my leg while she reached for her glass of wine.  I glanced at Sophie, but I don’t think she was even aware of where her hand was.  I enjoyed how casually and unconsciously relaxed she was with me.  Sophie took a sip of wine and said “I think I started to rush a bit at the end.  Did I?”

“Maybe only a little bit, but it was OK,” I told her.

“Do you want to do your bits again?  I can time you to see how long it goes for.” said Sophie.

“I suppose I should,” I replied, and I took the laptop’s mouse to go to the Recent Files menu in Powerpoint to open my presentation.  I accidentally opened the file after mine on the Recent Files menu though, and a picture of a naked man, covered in muscles and sporting a rather large erection, sucking a beautiful girl’s nipple came up on the laptop screen.  My eyebrows lifted in surprise, and Sophie tried to grab the mouse from me, putting her hand on top of mine.  I held the mouse firmly though, and a click of the button brought up the next picture, showing the girl sucking on a big mouthful of cock. 

I turned to look at Sophie, whose face was flushed bright red.  She started to stammer “I… I…” but stopped as I continued to click.  I don’t know if Sophie was just frozen in embarrassment, but she stayed with her hand resting on mine and didn’t try to stop me as I cycled through pictures of the guy’s cock buried between the pornstar’s tits, with his tongue probing between her bare pussy lips, fucking her from behind…


I looked at Sophie again, and she said “I just… I get lonely.”  I don’t think I imagined it, but it seemed like Sophie sank closer to me on the sofa, our thighs touching.

“It’s OK,” I said.  “Which one’s your favourite?”

“Go back”, said Sophie, until I found a close up photo of the guy pulling at the girl’s pussy with his lips.

“I always thought that he looked like you,” said Sophie softly, and I saw a deep look in her eyes.  The next thing I knew, our mouths were pressed breathlessly together, tasting our pent up hunger.  “The magic moment of surrender”, I thought, as Sophie drilled her tongue into my mouth.  With a pull of her leg, I swung Sophie across me to sit straddling my lap on the sofa.  With her hands on my cheeks, Sophie kissed me with a fierce passion while I slipped my hands inside her T shirt and up her back.  My hands felt like they were tingling at the touch of her hot skin as I felt the muscles on either side of her spine moving.  Kissing Sophie’s lips, I eased both of my hands inside the waistband of her jeans, sliding my fingers underneath the band of her cotton knickers, pressing her hips down against the rising passion in my jeans.


With one hand exploring the top of her ass groove, I slid my other hand up Sophie’s back again to find the clasp of her bra, and tried to squeeze it together, but it held firm.  Without breaking her lips from mine, Sophie reached behind her back with both hands and unclipped her bra, and shrugged out of it, slipping it out from under her T shirt through one arm hole.  Holding the hem of her T shirt, I peeled it up over her head and upstretched arms and tossed it aside.  Sophie laced her fingers on top of her head, and thrust her chest at me in a momentary display of pride.  And she had every right to be proud of her beautiful breasts with their large, dark nipples.


Supporting Sophie with my hands spread across her lower back, I lowered my mouth to Sophie’s left breast and sucked a large mouthful of nipple between my lips.  Sophie groaned softly, throwing her head back exposing a long curve of neck while I tugged at her nipple with my mouth, my fingers working into the muscles of her back.  I stretched her nipple taut with my lips before letting it slip out of my mouth, her nipple springing back into shape.  Then I took her other nipple into my mouth, sucking as much of her flesh into my mouth as I could, leaning my head back to pull at her breast while my tongue flicked across her stiff nipple inside my mouth.


Sophie made a noise that sounded like a growl while she gyrated in my lap, her hands overhead, grinding the crotch of her jeans against my denim-covered erection while I kissed the skin between her tits with moist lips.  She reached out and undid the buttons of my shirt, one by one, with her nipples shining with saliva, and opened my shirt, pulling it up out of my jeans.  While she did that, I unbuttoned her jeans and tugged her zipper down as far as I could while she wriggled and ran her hands over my bare chest.  Sliding herself to sit further down my legs, Sophie opened my jeans and opened my fly, breathing hard as she saw the top of my cock poking out from the waistband of my underpants.


Sophie slid off me and stood up in front of me, stepping out of her jeans and knickers one foot at a time, while I lifted my ass off the sofa and pulled my jeans down my legs, leaving them bunched around my ankles.  My cock was large and full, jutting up out of my lap.  Sophie shook her head, making her hair fall around her neck in a wild tangle, and pushed my shirt wide open, pulling it off my shoulders while she placed one knee and then the other on either side of me to straddle me on the sofa. 

Looking up at Sophie’s sparkling eyes, I placed my hands on her waist while she pressed the fuzz of her pussy against my stomach, sliding downwards until she felt the tip of my cock nudging at her pussy.  With a moan, Sophie ran her fingers through my hair while my poking cock opened her moist pussy lips and lodged inside her entrance.  Once her pussy was coaxed wide open with a few gentle exploring thrusts of my cock, Sophie pushed herself down onto my pole, squealing as I filled her with hot, live meat.  Oh Christ she felt good as her burning hot cunt swallowed every one of my inches.


I could feel Sophie’s fingertips digging into my scalp through my hair as I gripped her ass firmly in both hands and shoved her up and down on my cum-filled penis.  Sophie shook her head from side to side and bucked on my spearing cock, and when I felt her breath hitch and her insides tighten all around me, I unleashed a stream of cum into her, splashing hot and thick against her pulsating cervix.  With a loud grunt, I lifted my ass up off the sofa, lifting Sophie with me, and drilled my erupting cock hard up into her quivering pussy, before sinking back down again.

I kept saying “Oh, Sophie…” over and over, and she could only reply with a series of breathless “Uhhh”s.


Holding Sophie’s ass firmly in my hands, I jerked myself up onto my feet, holding Sophie locked to me in a deep, intimate embrace.  She folded her arms around the back of my neck while I staggered around the table, finding my balance.  I could feel she was still trembling down below.  I think I knew where her shower was - I had seen it when I had been to the toilet earlier.  First door on the left… I hoped I was right.  Shoving the door open with my foot, I was relieved to see the white tiles of a shower alcove.  Sophie was smothering my face with kisses as I backed her up to the vanity unit and placed her ass gently down.  I prised Sophie’s arms and legs off me and slipped smoothly out of her.  Oh, as soon as I left her warm body I wanted to be straight back there again...  I noticed Sophie was curling and uncurling her toes as she watched me.


I reached into the shower and got a hot stream of water running.  Taking Sophie’s hand, I led her into the hot water, standing behind her.  I spotted a bottle of a scented shower gel on a rack in the shower, and worked up a rich lather in my hands.  Sophie reached her arms up and hooked her hands back behind my neck while I soaped her body, running my hands over her belly, cupping her breasts in both hands, lifting them and letting them fall again, soapy and slippery.  My hands caressing the sides of her hanging breasts, sliding down her waist, onto her hips, sliding my fingers into the creases at the top of her legs. 

Sophie swayed against me, enjoying the feeling of my semi-hard cock slipping back and forth across the top of her ass.  With wet fingers, I caressed the hot mound of her pussy, feeling it ripe and plump under my touch, cleaning the stickiness out of it.  It was my turn for some tender attention, and Sophie cleaned my cock and balls with her soapy hands, handling me, fondling and stroking me, and making me grow fully erect once more.


I turned the water off and we stepped out into the bathroom and towelled each other down with large white bath towels.  Sophie took great care to dry my balls and cock, watching it intently as it bobbed around as she dried me.  When we were dry and clean, but still a little moist in various creases and folds, Sophie took my hand and led me out into the hallway.  Our bare feet padded along the carpet as she took me to her bed.


I guided her onto the bed, on top of the covers, and with a gentle push on her shoulders, indicated that she should sit there on one side.  I lay on my back alongside her, cock full and ready for action again, and with little pushes on her body and a pull of her ankle, I wordlessly guided her to where I wanted her, which was on her hands and knees over me, head to tail.  Oh she knew…  she lifted my cock with her fingers curled around the base of my shaft and closed her lips around my swollen cock head.

  I looked up at Sophie’s beautiful pussy, which was directly above my face.  Her lips were full and slightly parted.  So beautiful.  I wrapped my arms around Sophie’s waist and pulled her hips down onto me until her pussy was pressed tightly against my mouth.  I could feel Sophie taking more and more of me into her mouth, until I felt my cock head nudging the tight ring at the back of my throat.  Dragging my tongue up and down Sophie’s slit, I felt her flood with wetness and open up to my probing muscle. 

Sophie started to fuck my cock with her mouth, bobbing her head slowly up and down, sliding me wetly in and out of her mouth, working her tongue against my ridged skin.  Reaching over Sophie’s ass and down between her legs, I peeled her pussy lips apart with my fingertips and forced my wriggling tongue deep into her pink hole.  My lips were working wetly against her fleshy labia while my tongue flickered over the hard little nub of her clitoris.  My hips were pulsing up and down, pushing my cock up through Sophie’s fist and into her sucking mouth.  I felt thick and ready to burst. 

Suddenly, my cock convulsed and heaved up into her mouth, dry cumming as I was still drained from my previous eruption.  While Sophie was murmuring on my spasming cock, she ground her pelvis hard against my face, fucking my lips and tongue with her soaked cunt and drenching me in a wet and messy orgasm.


When I could take no more, I pushed her off of me, tossing her onto her back, her hair flying.  I spun around and dived on top of her, holding her hands pinned overhead on the bed, our fingers interlaced and white knuckled, while I forced her thighs open with mine and held her legs open with my ankles locked around hers.  My cock easily found its way into Sophie’s fertile cunt and I fucked her hard and deep, smothering her with my heavy, sweating body and nuzzling my lips into her neck below her ear.  Holding her locked open and unable to struggle, I pummelled her pussy until she had no choice but to experience another wracking orgasm, forcing a barely intelligible animal sound out of her throat.


I thought I better get off her, but when I tried to lift myself, Sophie pulled me back down to her with her legs.  She was quite clear… I was going nowhere.  I released her hands and cradled her face in mine, kissing the side of her neck while she held me.  We rocked slowly together, until I noticed that Sophie was crying gently.  “What’s wrong?” I whispered.  Sophie shook her head next to mine and just said “Shhhh” and buried her face against my shoulder.  I held her trembling body in my arms, rocking her gently, neither of us wanting to leave this passionate and overdue embrace.

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