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It was the middle of the night and I was in bed with my wife, Libby, beside me. A friend of mine, Charlie, was in town and spending the night in the spre bedroom.


Through the wall of sleep I sensed Libby move, sit up and get out of bed. I thought she was going to the bathroom, but than I heard the bedroom door open and close as she slipped out.


I dosed back off, but something woke me a few minutes later.  Libby was still not back in bed.  I got up to check if everything was ok.  I opened the bedroom door and heard a noise.  I walked quietly towards the guest bedroom.  I heard movement of the bed in the guest room, in a steady motion.  I could hear my wife, Libby’s, voice in whispers and moans as the rhythm quickened. Her moans and groaning started getting louder. Suddenly the moans were muffled and I heard the sounds of passionate kisses and cries of lustful affection.  I could hear Libby say how good his cock felt, big and hard.


The sound of the rhythm of their fucking intensified and sped up.  As I stood outside the door I could hear his balls slapping against her ass as he hammered his cock home in my wife’s tight, wet pussy, which was now stretched open by Charlie’s thick, hard cock.


Now it sounded like Charlie would slam a stroke hard and deep, holding it there draining his large load of hot sticky cum into my wife’s pussy.  She’s not on the pill. We always used condoms.


I could hear Libby get out of the bed.  I slipped quietly back down the hallway to our bedroom, and back into bed.  I pretended to still be asleep. I was upset and confused.  I also realized my cock was hard.  I wanted to fuck my wife badly now. To prove I was the better fuck.


Libby quietly opened and closed the bedroom door. She slipped back into bed.  She actually snuggled up against. I pressed my now rock hard cock on against her. 


I placed a hand on the back of her one thigh and pulled her over top of me so she would be on top for me to fuck her.  She didn’t mention anything about needing a condom as I felt the warmth of her pussy full of Charlie cum slide onto my cock.


I gripped her ass cheeks hard with both hands as I slammed my cock hard up into her.  She was still hot from Charlie and started cumming again.  I slapped her hard on the ass and told her I knew. I spanked her hard as I fucked her hard.  She started  asking me to stop spanking her but continued to have orgasms herself.


I rolled her over than put her on her stomach. I decided as part of her punishment I was going to deflower the last virgin hole, her anus  in both pleasure and pain. I reached around and rubbed her clit.  She pressed her asshole against my cock so I was completely in her ass, my own balls slapping against her pussy.  I shot my load deep into her ass.  I rolled off of her as she stayed laying there face down, legs spread with cum running out of her pussy and asshole.


I went to sleep. In the morning Charlie was gone.  My wife made me breakfast and has been very attentive to me since.  

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