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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: slut slave bondage office
Location: An office
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

A man reaches a certain stage in his life when he realizes that there is no need to deny himself any pleasure.  Especially if you have come to be in a position of some influence, and perhaps what you would even call power.  The truest power, my friend, is power over other people.  “And what do you do with this power, Mr. Saxton?” you may well ask.  I don’t care for the power of money or politics.  I have had my fill of that kind of power and it has come to bore me. We all use power to satisfy our compulsions.  My unquenchable compulsion just so happens to be sex.


I own a female, own her body and soul, which I use for sex wherever and whenever I feel the need to satisfy my compulsion.  I have made it absolutely clear to her that her sole purpose is to provide me with a variety of hot, moist openings for me to use to work this excess semen out of my body.  Let me give you an example of the pleasures I no longer have to deny myself, so you can learn what it takes to be a real man.


In my office at home, I have a large mahogany desk, where I often work on complex deals.  As contractual deadlines approach, it is a very stressful exercise to make sure these deals come together in a way that provides maximum benefit to my company. Very stressful indeed.  It is at times like these that I feel an extra need for special relief, and it’s at times like these that I call my slut Bella into my office.  When I call for her, she appears in the doorway almost immediately, because she understands the consequences of keeping me waiting.  I will not tolerate even the slightest delay.  And because Bella likes to be able to sit on her pretty bottom in comfort and without pain, she does not keep me waiting.


I will have my cock out before Bella comes into the room, hard and erect, so that she appreciates the urgency of my problem.  At the moment, I like Bella to look smart and crisp, so I have her wear a white cotton shirt, unbuttoned well below her ample cleavage, and a tailored black jacket, and black stilettos.  She is not allowed to cover her pussy in my presence, because I like to keep what I own close and handy for my immediate use. 

Sometimes I find it helps me concentrate to gaze into the depths of her pussy, so I have Bella lie back on one corner of my desk and hold her pussy lips apart with her fingers, so that I can look down into the pink depths of her tunnel when I need to focus.  Bella knows better than to lose her concentration and to let her pussy lips close together.  A sharp rap with the ruler on her clitoris keeps her focussed.  But this time, I didn’t need anything to help me concentrate, but to relieve the pressure that was building inside me.


“Get the neck strap,” I tell Bella, and she obediently retrieves a black leather choker from a drawer.  It has metal clasps on either end of the strap. “I am working on a pressing problem, Bella. It will take me some time, I fear, and I will need your assistance to help me through this.  Get down, slut.” I push down on the top of her head as she stand beside my chair, and like a good little girl, she sinks down to squat on her heels and rest the back of her head against the desk, in between two metal circlets that I have had affixed to the side of the desk. 

Bella hands me the neck strap, and I take two small silver padlocks from the drawer in my desk.  Using one of the keys on the fob in my pocket, I secure both ends of the black choker to the hooks on the desk with the padlocks, with the strap snugly fitted across Bella’s throat, holding her head firmly in place.


I have been stuck on a complex point of negotiation for some time, and it is frustrating me.  I carefully push my papers to one side on my desk, arranging them in a neat pile, and stand in front of my secured slut.  With my thumb on her chin, I ease her mouth open and stand a moment, looking down at her upturned face, with its big eyes and gaping mouth, while I stroke my cock.  I bark a command to the slut: “Tongue!” and she sticks her tongue out.  Holding my cock in my fist, I will press the underside of my tip to her offered tongue and slide it back and forth, feeling the moisture of her saliva coating me. 

But time is pressing, as is my need, so I will push my cock inside Bella’s mouth, feeling myself sliding inch by inch past her lips and across her tongue.  The slut is good at what she does – she has been well trained by me.  She forms a perfectly shaped, dripping wet opening with her mouth and applies just the right amount of suction at crucial times as I pump my penis in and out of her face.  Holding the sides of her head in my hands, I will erupt in a series of sticky explosions in her wet mouth as I release all of my pent up frustrations. I order her not to swallow. 

Every burst of semen that I pump into her mouth clears my mind, and when I am drained, I feel clear and sharp again.  Bella wants to swallow my creamy load, but the look in her eyes shows me that she will not dare to do so.


I unlock one end of the neck strap from the desk while Bella sits, cheeks bulging. Holding the lapels of her shirt open, exposing her breasts, I tell Bella to spit it out and call her a filthy cum bucket.  Bella spits her mouthful of Saxton Sperm down onto her breasts, where it trickles down into her cleavage.  When her mouth is empty, I shackle her head to the desk again, and with a clear mind, I return to my work.


That damn contract work took me until 4:00 am to finalize.  Bella’s mouth was put to good use in that time, and by the third load of semen she had spat onto her breasts, cum was drying on her skin all the way down to her stomach.  Now, my friends, by the end of an exhausting night, I really needed a piss.  My bladder was bursting.  I had Bella do up her shirt buttons and close her jacket, and when she had done so, I fed my limp cock through a gap between the buttons until I felt her warm skin.  Then I relieved myself in a blessed warm stream of urine flowing between Bella’s breasts and splashing out between her legs.  Bella whimpered in surprise as she felt the hot liquid, but I pressed a finger to her lips and told her to be quiet.


Unlocking her from the desk once more, I told her to get some sleep on the leather sofa in the corner of the room, with semen and piss drying between her shirt and her skin, while I retired to the master bedroom to lie myself down on the king sized bed.


I had a devil of a time getting to sleep though, with my mind spinning with matters of the deal, and at one stage I had to return to my office to wake the female and pump her vagina full of sperm while she knelt on the floor resting her arms on the sofa.  When I was done, I kissed her on the cheek and said “Sleep well, Bella, it’s going to be another long day tomorrow” and patted her fine little bottom before returning to get a few more hours sleep in the master bedroom.


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