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It was lunch time and I had been out of the office on the road to various meetings around town. I was near the house, so I thought I’d stop by home for a bit, grab a bite to eat, and visit with my wife, Liz, for a little before heading back to the office for the afternoon.


As I got home and went into the house. Normally, I would expect to see Liz working on the computer as she works from home.  But I didn’t see her. 


I was about to callout when a heard something.  Voices, but it didn’t sound exactly like talking. It was coming from down the hallway towards the bedroom.


As I walked quietly down the hall, the sounds became clearer.  It wasn’t talking, but my wife’s moans and male grunts.


I froze in shock. I was scared and angry. How could this wife of mine be fucking some other guy, and right here in our house and bed? 


I opened the closet quietly, grabbed a baseball bat, and headed back towards the bedroom.  The door was partially open and I was able to see in without being noticed because there was my wife, on her hands and knees taking from behind from some guy with a ponytail.


I stood there just staring for  what seemed like an eternity. My wife moaning, the guy slamming his cock into her, and I could hear her say, “fuck me, fuck me, harder harder.  Your cock feels so fucking good!”


I was more pissed. I always tried to treat her with respect and caring, but here she is wanting to be the total slut and whore. I could hear the slap of the guuy’s strokes against as he slammed his cock into her pussy.  From behind him, I could see his large balls swinging and slap against her. 


Finally, I couldn’t take any more.  I walked up behind him, grabbed his pony tail, and pulled him off my wife, throwing him back against the wall, surprising and stunning him.  Even though I’m only 5’10”, and he looked over six feet tall, I was the pissed off husband with a baseball bat in my hands.  I could see the fear in his eyes, and his cock got soft fast, but I could see it dripping with the juices of my wife’s pussy.


I still had him by the pony tail. I yelled at my wife for her to stay right where she was, than I dragged by his pony tail to the front door and threw his ass out the front door startk ass naked.


I headed back to the bedroom. My naked wife was cowering on the bed. She had her legs together and was curled up.  I could see her pink, wet, glistening pussy lips peeking out from between tops of her thighs and bottom of her ass cheeks.


I went over to her and grabbed her up by her hair.  I yelled at her, “Is this what you want you nasty bitch?”


She didn’t say anything, but whimpered.  I through her face down on the bed. Her legs spread apart some and I could see cum running out of her pussy and glistening on the insides of her thighs.


I grabbed her feet and dragged her to the edge of the bed so she was hanging over the edge, with her knees on the floor.  I began to spank her ass. 


I told to tell me what she was.  She stayed quiet. I slapped her ass hard. I heard her say in a whisper, “I’m a slut.”


I said, “What did you say?” and slapped her ass again, harder.


She started to yell, “I’m a slut!, I’m and slut!, I’m a slut!”


I said, “Yes you are and now I’m gonna treat you like one!”


With her bent over the bed I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.  I hadn’t really thought about, but I realized my cock was rock hard. I grabbed her now rosy red ass cheeks roughly, spread them apart and shoved my cock straight into her pussy, no pretense, nothing gentle about it.  I could feel the other guys cum as I fuck my slut wife’s pussy.  I loudly, not quite shouting, asked her, “Is this what you want, to be my slutty bitch, my little whore?” as I slammed my cock as hard as I could into her.


I actually heard say, “Yes, yes, YES, I just want to be your slut.” 


Than she began to actually push her ass back against me in rhythm with my strokes.  She was actually starting to cum!


I told her that she wasn’t going to get off that easy.  I pulled my cock out of her pussy.  It was now wet and slick.  Without asking or telling her what I was going to do, I place the head of my cock against her tight little asshole and pushed the head of my cock right in.


I felt her tense,  


But I held her in place, and told her to shut up, that she was just a slut and a whore.


I continued to push my cock deeper into her asshole. I could tell that it was somewhat painful to her, and I thought – good!.


Finally, I reached around her hips and started fingering her wet pussy.  Her clit was amazing hard and firm, like a little rubber nub between my fingertips. I started finger fucking her cunt as I fucked her in the ass. I realized that she had started pushing her ass against me as I went deeper. She was reaching an orgasm as I fucked her in the ass. I started slamming my cock as deep as I could into her ass.  Finally I shot my load down the chocolate highway. 


My anger was subsiding.  I asked her is she had learned her lesson. She said she had. I told that in the future if she need to be fucked like a slut, she better let me know.  

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