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For sometime now my wife, Liz, and I had been fantasizing about having a threesome while we fuck. The fantasy threesome would involve either another man or woman, depending on the mood.


A good friend of my wife’s, Ella, that we hadn’t seen since she moved away was back in town on business. 


Liz and Ella had been friends since high school. I’d know Ella almost as long as I’ve known Liz.  I was used to their “women’s talk” and how they would discuss each other’s sex life, but I usually didn’t actually stick around for it.  I usually heard about what they talked about from Liz.  Liz even mentioned once that Ella was concerned because she had never had an orgasm with her husband.  In all other aspects he was a great guy and husband, but apparently he wasn’t great in the sack. 


Ella said at first she was worried that she couldn’t have orgasms, so she started checking herself out and masturbating and, as you’d expect, she really didn’t have a problem with reaching orgasm.  She even complained that when she was pregnant and feeling very horny (I can attest, based on my experience with Liz, pregnant women get VERY horny and cum quickly), her husband wouldn’t touch her because he didn’t want to “hurt her”.  The dumb guy didn’t know what he was missing.


Ella, apparently, had managed to stay a virgin until she had gotten married when she was about 20, and she’d never had an orgasm during sex other than masturbating.


That evening when Liz and I got in bed, I rubbing and nibbling on her body, working my mouth from her nipples, down over her tummy, to start tugging on her pubic hair with my mouth.  This always drove her crazy, then I start slipping my tongue between her pussy lips, and around her clit.  This is our usual quickie method when we happen to fuck during the week, versus long weekend hard-core fuck sessions. 


She usually starts cumming hard, lifting her ass off the bed, pulling my head harder against her so my mouth is pressed hard against her pussy. I slap her ass firmly which usually gets her moaning loud.  When she can’t take that any more, I jam my rock hard cock straight in in a fast and furious fuck.


This evening after I just shot my load into Liz’s wonderful pussy, we were laying there.  I could tell that she wanted tell me something. 


Finally, she said that she had told Ella about how I go down on her and the great orgasms she usually has when we fuck.  Ella had told her about how her husband would often ask  her to give him a blow job, which she was hesitant to do, and apparently had never suck his cock.  Her husband had never offered to go down on her.  She had never felt comfortable asking him.


Now my wife got a little more nervous, and asked me if I’d be willing to go to Ella in the guest room and show her what it was like.  It turned out that Liz had asked Ella if she would like to try having me go down on her to see what t was like, if I was willing to do so.  To say I was rather stunned and surprised, and made speechless.  Never in my life did I think my wife would offer me to a friend of hers, or that she’d be willing to having me fuck another woman.  We had fantasies, but to have her actually propose it…..


I said okay, if it was ok with her.  If she was sure.  I told her that if Ella start having orgasms that she hadn’t had before, I’d probably be fucking her all night.  Liz said she understood, and she wanted to help her friend out.


Liz told me to go to the guest room, that Ella was probably waiting and nervous.


I put my bathrobe on and went to the guest bedroom.  My cock still had my wife’s and mine mixed cum drying on it.  I couldn’t believe this was happening.  I was about to service another woman with my wife’s blessing in our house! And just after I fucked my own wife! I could feel my cock getting hard already.


I knocked on the spare bedroom door, and opened it.  Ella looked at me from under the bed covers.  I said that Liz thought she would like me to help her out, or show her something, or something like that.  She replied with a nervous yes.


I slipped in the room and closed the door. 


I could tell as I approached Ella that she was nervous. I sat beside the bed and told that it would be fine.  That maybe she would learn something that she could teach her husband.  I told her that if she like having her pussy kissed, a way to talk her husband into would be to give him a blow job, but before he gets another one say that you would like to see what it feels like too before you try it again. I figured that once a guy gets a great blowjob from his wife, he doesn’t want the blowjobs to stop, he’d do anything. And I told her so.


I gently slid the covers off of her.  She was already naked.  Her body was hot. 


My cock was raging, but I knew I had to take my time. 


She began to relax as I started to massage her with my hands, not going directly for her pussy or tits, no matter how hard I just wanted to spread her legs and plunge in.


I started to kiss and nibble her neck, working my way slowly down to between her breasts. She started moaning. I could feel her body quivering.  I said that she seemed like this was a first time for her. She said in a way it was.  The first time she fucked anyone other than her husband and, apparently, he’d never even done as much as kiss on her body. I got the impression that all he ever did was just fuck her in a straight missionary position with no foreplay or anything.


I worked my mouth down over her stomach to her pussy. Her pussy was shaved! Liz always likes having a full bush, which is great also, but getting to experience a shaved beaver was great!


I pressed my lips against her shaved pussy lips, slipping my tongue between them. She was already very wet and I start lapping up her pussy juices.  As I rubbed my tongue up over her swollen, hard clit, which was larger than Liz’s, she started shaking. 


I was squeezing her titis and nipples with my hands as I sucked harder one her pussy.  She started cumming and moaning loudly.  Suddenly she was going crazy, grabbing by the hair, nearly suffocating me as she rubbed her pussy back against my face, pulling me hard against her pussy by my hair. 


I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I pulled my head away from her pussy, held her legs wide and pressed them up against her side, placed the head of my raging hard cock against her pussy opening.  I could tell she was torn between wanting me to finish her off with my cock or not.  Liz had mentioned that Ella had said she only wanted to try oral sex. 


Before she had a chance to say no, I shoved my cock into her pussy.  My god, it was tight, slick and smooth. Her pussy fit me like a glove!  I only have a six and a half inch cock, but in her pussy it felt like I was hung like a horse! 


I slipped my cock in all the way into that tight pussy on my first stroke. I started stroking her hard. I could feel her body responding since she was already cumming hard from me eating her pussy.


She suddenly opened her eyes, realizing that she was officially getting fucked for the first time in her life by someone other than her husband.  She said something like, “Oh no, I don’t know, ooohhhhhh ahahhhhhhhh, oh my god, oh my god….”


She started nearly screaming “oh my god” now mixed in with screams and moans.  I knew that Liz had to hear us.  I was slamming her hard on the bed. The bed was bouncing on the floor.


 Finally, I couldn’t wait any more and shot my load of cum into her.  When I collapsed on top of her, she closed her legs together, actually holding my spent and limp cock between them and against her pussy.  She started moving her hips, holding my cock against the outside of her pussy, and her rubbing her clit against me.  This felt incredible.


As she slowed down, we laid there.  She said that she couldn’t believe what just happened.  Both the orgasms she just had and that she just had sex with her best friend’s husband. 


I told her that Liz just wanted me to help with her problem.  She giggled.


I started nibbling on her some more.  We ended up fucking a number of times again that night.  In the morning I got up, put my bathrobe back on, and left the spare room exhausted.


I met my wife in the kitchen. She came up to me and kissed me and said that she was glad I was able to help out her friend.  Anytime, I replied.

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