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Categories: Steady Partner, Identified partner, Group Sex / Threesome, Oral Sex, Romantic Setting/Exotic
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Location: My House
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
                                FANTASY BECOMES REALITY

The day finally arrived when I’d find out if Gemma would ‘go through’ with what we had agreed and arranged during the last two weeks.
It was about 6 o’clock on a Friday evening and Deborah had just arrived to pick up our daughter Evie. Deb was having Evie for the night as Gemma had made out that we were going to a party in Blackwood. Debbie didn’t stay long as she could see that Gemma was about to get ready with only a towel wrapped around herself.
 Half an hour later I was led on the sofa and Gemma was upstairs. I decided to go up and have a bath and to see what Gemma was up to. I opened the bedroom door and Gemma was standing in front of the large mirror putting her lipstick on. I asked where she was going because she was all dressed up with all her make-up already on. She told me she wasn’t going anywhere and she was simply making an effort for our ‘big night’. It was at this moment that I finally believed that Gemma was going to ‘go through’ with it.
She looked sexy as fuck as I looked at her from behind, in a tight fitting black strappy lycra top and a pair of white fitted trousers that were almost transparent, but not totally see-through although the outline of the little string back white thong Gemma was wearing could clearly be seen, and wow didn’t she look fucking hot!!! 
She told me to stop looking at her bum and to get a move on. I noticed that she had stripped the bed and had put new cream silky pillow cases and duvet cover on. I then got in the bath.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, about three quarters of an hour later I had bathed and dressed and was making my way down the stairs. The house was silent and I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t hear Gemma. I couldn’t hear the television either, which was quite strange. I went into the kitchen and noticed a half smoked cigarette in the ashtray covered in red lipstick marks. Thinking that she had popped over Shellys I called her name and I was more than surprised when Gemma answered. Her voice sounded quite flustered as she answered, making me very curious and a little uneasy. Entering our dining room I next seen that our living room door was tightly shut, and I knew that something was going on. Silently I tip-toed through the dining room and I was just about to open the door when I could hear our leather sofa creaking. Listening intently I could just make out Gemma’s whispering voice followed by another whispering voice, - a male whispering voice.
I couldn’t believe it was actually happening and that Gemma was going to carry out our fantasy right here and right now!
The whispering stopped,- giving way to the sounds of kissing followed by gentle moans and sighs from Gemma.
I couldn’t take any more so, quietly and slowly I opened the living room door - opening our fantasy into reality. Unfazed by my muted entrance I stood there looking at the back of Gemma, who was sitting on some guys lap and facing him. For what seemed like ages I just stood there frozen to the spot just staring. Nobody said anything until Gemma finally broke the silence by asking me if I still wanted to go ahead with our plan.
 I mumbled that if she was okay with it then I was happy too. With that Gemma began softly and slowly grinding herself into his lap and I was getting quite aroused watching her sexy arse in her near see-through white trousers especially her little white g-string anyway.
   For a few minutes I felt as if I shouldn’t be there even though it was my girlfriend and that we’d both strictly agreed to the conditions beforehand and we were both willing to bring in a third person into our sex life to try and spice things up a little.
At this very moment in time it seemed that Gemma was more ’up for it’ than I was. 
  It may have been something to do with nerves but about three or four minutes later I started to ease into the situation and even though Gemma and this guy were still fully clothed I began to get butterflies in my stomach  as I was becoming more and more aroused as I continued to watch Gemma snogging this guy on our leather sofa. Their kissing frenzy went on for about another five or so minutes during which time I had not moved from the doorway of our living room.
Feelings of pure excitement and anticipation had now replaced the uncertainties within me. Gemma had now moved her arms from around his neck and as I took my first step forwards into the living room I could see Gemma rubbing her hands over the increasing bulge in his jeans.
Gemma then turned to me and suggested that we move upstairs. I nodded eagerly in agreement. She got up off his lap and threw her arms around my neck pressing her chest against me as she licked and sucked my neck softly and sexily. Gemma knew how much this turned me on and we were soon kissing passionately. I could tell that Gemma was aroused as well. My cock was hardening rapidly under my shorts  and pressing into  Gemma. My hands were all over Gemmas arse  frantically feeling for the skimpy little g-string as it emerged up from between her bum into a tiny little v-shaped pattern at the top of her stunning arse.
As she was kissing my neck again Gemma whispered into my ear that she was so horny and getting really wet and turned on.
The other guy then got up off the sofa and Gemma took him by the hand and led him through the dining room and up our stairs with me following right behind them.
Our bedroom was dimly lit by the up lighter in the corner of the room accompanied by the ’Liberty X’ album playing on the hi-fi system.
I closed our bedroom door shut behind me and there then followed a nervous pause as we all just stood in silence at the side of our double bed. 
The brief silence was broken as Gemma pulled open her knicker drawer and  took out a condom which she then passed to the guy. Gemmas demeanour had suddenly altered and she was taking control, in a sexy way of the situation unfolding in front of us. 
She then got out the bottle of baby oil from the top of her wardrobe and placed it on the wooded rail that ran around the outside of the bed. The other guy had now taken off his shirt and was kicking off his shoes as Gemma moved in front of him putting her arms around his neck. They began snogging again before Gemma slowly began kissing and licking his neck. Her hands made their way down to his back and she moved her lips down to his chest kissing him and licking his nipples with the tip of her tongue. Standing beside them I started feeling her arse once more. I was now standing behind Gemma as she was still licking and kissing his chest. I was so fucking turned on as I pressed myself against her from behind with my arms around her waist.
I slowly un-buttoned the front of Gemmas sexy white trousers and teased her zip open.
My hands were down the front of her trousers gently stroking her through her thong. Gemma and the other guy were then kissing one another passionately as she reached round with one hand to rub my cock through my shorts as I continued stroking her pussy down the front of her trousers.ention
Gemma was loving the attention she was getting from two guys - one in front of her and one behind. Her breathing was getting heavier as she kissed his neck while still rubbing me behind her.
My fingers had now made their way under Gemmas little g-string and I stroked her hot and wet pussy with my middle finger. The guy had now sat down on the edge of our bed and Gemma gently pushed him backwards so that he was led fully on our bed. 
Still standing in front of him Gemma bent over and un-buckled the belt on his jeans before un-buttoning his flies. Gemma then began to ease his jeans off releasing his huge cock which was semi-hard. 
The size of his dick shocked Gemma for a few brief seconds as she just fixed her eyes onto it, before she continued to pull his jeans off and throwing them on the floor. She then eased her feet out of her sling back shoes and tuned around to face me. I was now just wearing my shorts. Gemma stepped into me and was licking my neck and her hand was down the front of my shorts rubbing and feeling my hard dick. She whispered ‘take your shorts off babe’ as she turned away from me to face the bed. The guy was laying in the same position and was slowly wanking himself off.
Gemma then took off her black strappy little top and threw it on to the floor. She had a black strapless wonder bra on with the clasp at the front that pulled her tits together pushing them upwards. They were like a page 3 models tits plump and firm. Gemma then quickly slipped her tight fitted trousers off that I had already undone for her ten minutes previous. Gemma has an absolutely gorgeous arse and this skimpy g-string was sexy as fuck. She stepped towards our bed and I couldn’t take my eyes off her arse as I took my shorts off leaving me totally naked. The other guy was still wanking his cock as Gemma stood in front of him at the side of the bed. I went over to the other side of the bed so that I was facing Gemma and could see everything that was happening. Just from the  on her face I could tell that she was  getting and more aroused as she watched him masturbate in front of her. I never thought I would ever see Gemma in this kind of mood. Un-clasping her bra it fell to the floor. She started rubbing her tits with the palms of her hands and she’d suck her fingers and then play with her nipples, which made them hard and erect in no time at all. He parted his legs slightly as if to invite Gemma onto the bed between his legs. She wasted no time at all as she got on to the bed kneeling in between his legs. Even after wanking himself he still wasn’t fully hard but still so very big indeed.
Kneeling forwards towards him Gemma began wanking him off right there in front of me. Within moments she had his cock hard in her hand and it was massive and very thick too. I felt very small in comparison but I couldn’t dwell on it too much. I was watching my missus wanking off another man on our bed - I couldn’t believe it!
Gemma really knows how to wank a dick too, she was good at it. Sitting himself up he reached out putting his open hand at the back of Gemmas head as she continued to toss him off. He gently began pulling Gemma towards him and I knew what was coming next. Coaxing her head down to his cock Gemma needed no encouragement. Wanking his cock at the base with her right hand she  opened her mouth and started ‘going down’ on him. She rested her head at the base of his cock and her nose was almost touching it. Gemma then began licking his hard cock up and down with just the tip of her tongue, before raising her head slightly to finally take him into her mouth. She began sucking him off gently and slowly up and down, up and down. I was so turned on watching Gemma sucking this guys cock right in front of me on our bed. She really looked like she was enjoying herself as she continued performing oral sex on him. I was still stood besides our bed behind Gemma and the view was horny and very very sexy indeed. I was totally transfixed on the sight of Gemma laying on her tummy wearing just her sexy little white g-string and nothing else. I continued watching for a few minutes longer and my dick was so hard and so wet, I was so turned on! I knelt on our bed next to Gemma and began to tickle and caress her g-string clad bum. Gemma loved having her bum massaged and tickled  and I think the sensation aroused her. Softly and gently I lightly traced my fingertips over her bum for several minutes before I gradually slipped my fingers under her skimpy little knickers following the material down through her bum gently tugging it so it pulled against her clit.

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