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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Oral Sex, Cyber Sex
Tags: Passion encounter Master/Slave teasing mouth mistress sucking internet dominance humiliated needy naughty sensual
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Romantic

I must be crazy, I think to myself, as I approach your door. I’ve never even met you, yet I find myself wanting you, craving you. My cock is hard and pressed against my pants. I can feel the tip leaking in anticipation. What started in a chat room months ago has led to this moment...

Yet I know that I will submit to you. That this night is all about you - serving you - satisfying your every need and desire - kissing you, teasing and licking you until you scream and shake uncontrollably. I want to feel your juices on me, to lick sweat beads from your thighs and stomach, to see your hair disheveled, your chest flushed and breathing heavy. I just love it. 

When the door opens, my eyes feast upon you - ravenously devouring the goddess before me. The flowing satin robe you are wearing clings to your supple form - It’s sheen accentuating every sinuous curve - from your round, glorious breasts to your shapely hips, and down your long smooth legs to your painted toes in impossibly tall high heels. 

I’m dumbstruck - overwhelmed by the vision before me. Of their own accord, my hands reach out to caress the silky material and the beautiful woman sensuously concealed within. Rather than step back you allow me this small privilege, but warn me with your eyes as your reach up and pull my face to yours, that I am not to overstep my bounds.Tentatively we kiss - our bodies pressing against each other as our tongues find one another and dance suggestively against our pressed lips. My hands continue to explore your back - trailing down to your supple, smooth asscheeks. I feel you pulling back, and allow my hands to trail from your body. “Its a pleasure to meet you at last” you gasp, stepping further from my grasp and shutting the door behind us. 

For the first time I take notice of the surroundings, the room is warm and inviting - the lighting low with scented candles flickering around the room. Soft music is playing in the background. You take me by the hand and lead me to the overstuffed sofa. A bottle of wine sits on the coffee table with two glasses. Yours is nearly empty - a trace of red lipstick on the brim confirms the sweet taste on your lips as wine. You pour me a glass, and refill yours, telling me to have a seat. Joining me on the couch when you are done, your robe slips open over your thigh, affording me a probable path to the temple to which I have come here tonight to worship. You smile as you catch me looking - mesmerized by your creamy thighs.While your beauty and these circumstances are intoxicating enough, the wine is a welcomed cure for the dryness in my mouth - parched like a man in the desert looking at a long cool glass of water. 

I catch my breath as I glimpse your full breasts as you lean forward to slip off your shoes. You then recline more fully back on the sofa, placing your back against the pillows along the arm and your feet in my lap. Your toes casually caress the hardness they find there - making it hard to concentrate - to answer your questions and even comprehend what you are saying. I am so weak in your presence....

“Take it out,” I hear you murmur. “I want to see your cock.” The tone of your voice is as hypnotic as the candle light flickering in your eyes. I can refuse you nothing – not that I would want to. Placing my wine on the end table, I gently shift your feet and unzip my pants - freeing my straining cock trapped within. That feels so much better. Your toes quickly return to playing with my swollen shaft. “Play with it,” you command, using your feet to spread my legs a bit more. Smiling, you finish your wine while watching me slowly stroke my cock. Your robe slips open a bit more as you too spread your legs wider.

Your fingers casually stroke the silk triangle between your parted thighs, then slips inside. Your eyes close as they find that special spot, and a smile spreads across your face. My god, you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Biting your lower lip, you open your eyes, shift your legs and stand up. Towering above me, you feed me your fingers and I lick them clean of your juices. “That’s a good boy,” you instruct me as I continue to suck on them. “Now... On your knees,” you command. Eagerly, I comply - quickly sliding off the sofa to kneel before you. Your robe has slid open almost completely now - only loosely tied around your waist, and my eyes travel up your shapely legs to that small patch of silken material that holds the treasure that will soon be mine.

Tentatively you step closer and grasp my head in your hands, pulling me against your pussy and grinding against my face. Like a puppy begging for attention, I nudge and rub my nose and mouth against the clinging damp material - relishing in my place at your feet - welcoming your domination and my submission as a tool for your pleasure - nothing more - nothing else matters... 

My hands travel up your legs to your ass to pull you tighter against me, but you slap them away. 
“We’ll do this my way... at my pace. Do you understand me?” you admonish. “DO you?” You ask again as I neglect to answer you swiftly. “Yes,” I reply looking up at you longingly. “Yes WHAT?” you ask. “Yes Mistress... We do this your way.” I quickly reply. “That’s a good boy” you praise again, then take a step back and untie the sash of your robe - sliding it off your shoulders, and letting it fall to the floor around your feet. Standing before me in only your small damp silken panties is a goddess whose pleasure makes me hard.

My cock twitches at the sight of you - begging to be touched, jealous that it is instead my tongue that will be delivering you pleasure tonight. 

Again you pull my head into the folds of your thighs, bending your knees ever so lightly to rub and grind yourself against my nose and lips. Your musky sweetness saturates the panties and my tongue eagerly licks the material for a taste. “Would like more?” you ask, pulling my face up to look into yours. “Yes,” I whisper, “Yes, Mistress, please...” “The you may remove them” You reply with a smile. I look to you for reassurance as I reach up to untie the ribbons that hold the materials around your hips. You nod approvingly, as I gently release the bows, and the panties too fall to the floor. I am delighted to find you clean shaven - as smooth as the panties themselves. Your folds are ripe and tender, and my tongue snakes out to gently caress your lips.

My hands cannot control themselves, and again caress the backs of your thighs and ass as I seek to burry myself within you. You do not protest this time, however, relishing in the feel of my warm and insistent hands against your soft skin. Your hands roam over your upper body, caressing your belly and breasts and tender nipple before running up your neck and into your own hair as you begin to experience the talents of my seasoned tongue and lips. Seeking out just the right depth, caressing your swollen clit with tender but determined strokes as my lips gently nibble at your slippery folds

. Your hands return to my head, but to steady yourself this time - not to guide me - as your knees tremble. A gasp escapes your lips as you stumble back and gaze down at me. Your juices glistening on my face which looks upon you with such unabashed adoration.


“Stand up,” you command. Rising up, you realize that I am a bit taller than you with out your shoes on. It thrills you to have such a man at your command, and you tingle with power as your deftly undo my belt and unbutton my pants, letting the drop to the floor. Holding my gaze in yours, you then slowly unbutton my shirt and slide it over my broad shoulders. It too drops to the floor, leaving us both naked. I reach for you, but you push my hands aside, and instead firmly grasp my straining cock - slowly stroking it back and forth while appraising my body. “Follow me” you murmur, turning and walking slowly towards your bedroom. You hand still grips my shaft like a leash as you pull your puppy along behind you. 

The door to your bedroom is open. A red scarf is draped over the bedside lamp and again, scented candles provide an intoxicating glow to the room. The bed dominates the room. Covered in black satin sheets, it is one of those 4-poster, impossibly high rice beds sometimes found in Lowcountry homes - perfect for tieing someone down to it, or being tied down... At the foot of the bed is a small velvet foot stool. You release my cock and turn to face me. Running your hands over my hairy chest, you kiss your way down my body, sitting on the stool and caress my swollen cock

. You rub your face along the sides of it, and gently kiss and lick the tip. Stroking it slowly, you look up at me and smile wickedly. “If I’m satisfied with your tongue tonight, we may find a use for this as well...” “But for now... I want your tongue in my ass... deeeeep in my ass,” you purr, as you stand, turn, and climb onto the mattress - remaining on your knees as you lower your head, presenting me with a very inviting view. “I want you to use that sweet tongue of yours on my ass now.” You repeat - more into the sheets than to me - but your command is swiftly obeyed. Kneeling on the stool behind you, I run my hands over your calves and thighs before tracing a way up to your beautiful upturned ass.

Gently spreading your cheeks, I eagerly lick your entire crack - letting the spit roll down my tongue to wet you thoroughly. Pressing deeper into you, my tongue flicks, then delves into your tight brown rim - swirling and thrusting in ever deeper. Stabbing in again and again, I feel you press back against me, eager to impale yourself on my warm velvet tongue. Pulling your cheeks wide apart, I again swathe the whole area with lavish licks and flicks of my tongue while using my fingers to toy with your tight hole. Never penetrating more than a knuckle - just teasing your entrance while licking you everywhere. Soft mews and whimpers from you urge me to redouble my efforts.

Your hands clinch the sheets as you struggle for purchase against my pressing face and tongue, which has now returned to your sweet brown opening while my fingers have sought out your swollen wet lips just below my chin. Juices flow down readily over my fingers as I repeatedly rub your slippery clit. Again, never penetrating deep enough to provide you with more than a tease - a preview of what is available - what is possible if you command it...

Your breathing grows more rapid and you begin humping my hand - grinding and rotating your hungry holes against me. Finally you relax your legs and collapse, trapping my hand, but plucking my tongue from your wanton ass. Shifting back to your knees, you crawl to the head of the bed and roll over on your back with your head propped against the pillows. Your dreamy expression and languid smile let me know that you are enjoying yourself. Slowly drawing your legs up and apart, you beckon me forth with a curled finger.

Obediently I crawl to you, my eyes never wavering from yours. Eagerly, I renew my devotion to your sweet pussy - licking at the juices splayed over your inner thighs like a cat cleaning their young. In similarly feline fashion, I rub my face against your legs and thighs, working my way ever closer to source of that sweet musky smell that signals your excitement, and my enticement. 

I grab the inside of each of your knees and push them outwards - opening you up to me as much as I can as I lower my head into position and quench myself from your fountain. “Aahhh that’s it... lick me, fuck me with your tongue...” I hear you say as I began to seek out your most sensitive areas. With just a few strokes of my tongue you’re moaning and writhing again as your viscus nectar flows freely. As I began to nibble gently on your lips I feel your hands press my head against your cunt and hump my face as your first serious orgasm begins to build. I feel your hips convulse and your breathing grow more urgent as your body surrenders fully to my tongue’s incessant affection. Your hands leave my head to roam your body, caressing your skin and breasts.

My hands join them to gently pinch your nipples - tweaking them as I continue my relentless oral assault. As your breathing becomes less rhythmic and more raspingly gasping for breath, I pull back just a bit - knowing that your clit is too sensitive to continue with the uninterrupted pressure and stimulation. My tongue continues to lick your less sensitive outer lips and I plant kisses along your inner thighs as my hands continue to caress your supple breasts and pert nipples. 

Hoping that you are not yet sated, as my hunger for you has only grown stronger, I wait for a sign - either from your body that you are ready to renew the passion or a command from your perfect red lips that you need more. I will stay here as long as you allow me - ready to serve again and again... 

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