Fun Making A Pie In The Kitchen   added 5 years ago
  By: Beholden  Age: 53  Country: Australia

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C’mon, let’s go in the kitchen and have some kinky fun.  Let’s get tasty (cheeky grin).  Get undressed… Wow, you look good enough to eat already.  Yes, I know I’ve got a hard on.  I already want to fuck you so badly.  No, we’ll have some fun first (smile).  But hell, I want to bend you over the edge of the bench and cream your juicy pussy.  Yeah, I know I’m crude sometimes.  Sorry.  No really, I am.  Not. (slaps your ass with my palm)


(Looks around the kitchen)

I know…

(Takes a canister of flour from the cupboard and sprinkles a thin layer over the bench top)

Here, press your tits into this.  Yeah, like that… bend down and put your nipples in the flour.  No, I won’t fuck you while you’re bent over, I promise.  Mmmm, yeah, that looks good.

(Pushing you down harder onto the bench with my hand pushing on your back, making your tits squeeze out to the sides of your chest)

No, I won’t get too rough.

 (Scooping up a little flour with my free hand and rubbing it into the side of your breast squeezing out from under you – a little for each breast)

Mmm… fucking lovely big tit pies we’re making here.  Show me.  Oh yeah, that looks beautiful, that white powder stuck to your tits.  Come here, bend down.

(Taking my stiff rod of a cock in my hand and slapping your tits with it, making little puffs of flour drift down from them as they shake)

Oh fuck, I could so fuck your tits now.  I am really building up a good head of special recipe cream here.


(Sprinkles more flour on the bench where your tits have wiped some away and spreads it evenly)

Hop up here and sit.  Yes, on the flour.  Yep, that’s it.  Oh fuck yes, rock your hips from side to side in the flour.  I bet that flour is sticking nicely to your wet spot, isn’t it?  It is?  You fucking juicy little pie…

(Tapping my cock against your knees)

I just felt like doing that.


Show me.  Hop off and get down on your hands and knees on the floor.  Push your butt up so your pussy sticks out.  You know, how I like it?  Oh wow baby, look at that hot little peach covered in flour.  Fuck, you’re making me stroke myself… I can’t help it.  No, I won’t cum on you.  Yet (evil laugh) No, I won’t.


(Kneels down behind you and gently separates your floury pussy lips with my fingers)

Mmmmm soft centred and juicy.  Nice moist pink filling to this pie.  Looks so tasty.


What’s this?  This is honey.  You know those plastic squeeze bottles?

(Standing over you, squeezing a trickle of sticky honey in a line down your back, from a height above you)

Feels good?  Looks fucking good.  Looks so fucking good.

(Holding the honey bottle a little lower over your ass, and squeezing a stream of it down along your ass groove)


Oh fuck, look at it running down onto your pussy.  It’s dripping off your peach.  Oh yeah, you rock your hips for me, you juicy little bitch pie.  Fuck.

(Spreading your ass cheeks with one hand and pressing the honey bottle nozzle against your clenched asshole.  Squeezing a big gob of golden honey onto your asshole, so that it oozes down and runs between your pussy lips)

(Touching the nozzle to your pussy entrance, nudging it into your opening, and giving the bottle a big squeeze, making you yip).

You like that?  It feels funny? 

(Pushing the nozzle a little deeper between your pussy lips and twisting it)

Fucking juicy honey pie.  I could really push this honey deep into your pie with my big stick of meat.


(Squeezing the honey bottle above you and draining the rest of it onto your hair, moving the stream in little circles)

Mmmm… my little honey pie bitch.  Here lick the bottle.  Mmmm yes you hungry little slut, you like it?  Lick the honey off the nozzle with your tongue.  Fuck, I just dripped into the floor.  Yeah, from my cock… I dripped.  My batch is nearly ready, I think.


A ha (takes a carton of milk out of the fridge)

Sit up.  Yeah, on your heels, like that.  Just open your knees wider.  Perfect.

(Holding the milk carton poised above your head while you look up at it)

Yes, I’m going to.


(Pours a little stream of milk onto your forehead, then all over your face while you close your eyes.  Tips nearly all of the milk carton onto your head, splashing milk onto the kitchen cupboard doors, watching it run in white rivulets down your body, making little channels in the flour on your tits on its way down to your honey pussy)

(Taking your chin in my hand and tilting our head up)

Open your mouth.  Don’t swallow, OK?


(Gently pouring milk into your open mouth, watching it pool between your teeth until it covers your tongue.  Tossing the empty carton aside)

(Putting my hand on top of your head, feeling honey in your hair, holding you still while I force my cock into your mouth, making milk spill out of the corners of your lips and running down your chin)

Oh fuck…


(Fucking your mouth hard and roughly, holding your head firmly with my hand, making milk splash out of your mouth around my cock)


(Pulling my cock out of your mouth, while you spit the rest of the milk out at me, spraying it onto my stomach.  Reaching down between your spread legs with my hand, scooping a sticky wad of wet honey out of your pussy with two fingers.  Wiping my fingers all over my cock, coating it in a mixture of milky honey and your vaginal lubricant.  Scooping the stickiness up my cock with my fingers, piling it onto my flared cockhead.  Bunching your hair, sticky with honey, into a ponytail behind your head with my fist and pulling your hair, making your head tilt back.  Feeding my sweet tasting cock into your mouth and pushing it slowly down into your throat.  Feeling your throat working around my cockhead, pulling your hair harder and holding my cock deep while the honey slides down your throat.  Pulling my cock out of your mouth and letting you gasp for air)


You… are whipping up my cream to perfection baby.  I think your pussy must be nearly ready for its special filling, yeah? 


A cucumber?  You filthy girl.  It’s a turn on being naughty?  OK, good girl, I like the way you think.

(Rummages around in the fridge)


Gee, they all look pretty big… how about this one?  You want to try it?  Sure?  Alright, lie on your back on the floor.  Yeah, I know it’s a mess, so what.  Open up, baby.  Mmmmm you look so good.  Here, let me just slide it up and down across your pussy lips like this… make it nice and wet and slippery… there.  Ready?  It looks pretty fucking thick…

(Touching one end of the cucumber to your swollen pussy lips, twisting it slightly to part your lips, and easing it gently into your pussy)


Fuck, girl, look… you’re taking it.  Fuck, you look stretched.  It’s good?  OK, I can go deeper.  It sounds like you like it (smiles).  Don’t tell me you ever had a dick this big, surely not.  Yeah honey, thanks…. I know my dick isn’t this big.

(Tickling your clitoris with my fingers while I slowly fuck your pussy with the cucumber)


Oh those moans…. You’re ready, aren’t you?  Here, look at the size of this cucumber.  Yeah, that was in you. I told you it was huge.  I can’t compete with that.  You won’t even feel me!  I… what?

Oh you dirty, fucking slut.


Lie on your side. C’mon quick… my load is nearly ready to be served.  Here, take this cucumber and put it in your cunt.  Oh fuck, baby.  Yeah, I know it’s good.

(Lying down behind you, my bulging cock nudging at your ass)

Lift your leg a little…

Oh fuck… oh fuck… oh fuck….


(Slipping my cock into your ass, inch by inch, feeling you accommodating me in your honey coated anus while you fuck your pussy with the cucumber.  Groping for your messy tits with my hand while I start to pump my cock in and out between your ass cheeks.  Feeling the pressure rise in my cock until a stream of hot cum erupts into your ass.  Feeling spasms racking your body, squeezing the cucumber and my cock while I howl in release into your ear)

(Pulling your hand aside and removing the cucumber poking out of your pussy before rolling you onto your stomach and pumping my cock into your creamy asshole, my hips pressing down on your ass cheeks, smothering your moans with kisses before dismounting and rising up over you and helping you up to stand)


I love you too (smiles).  C’mon, let’s clean up in the shower.  This mess can wait for later…

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