I Want You To Watch Me   added 5 years ago
  By: Beholden  Age: 53  Country: Australia

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Categories: Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur
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Location: Anywhere
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

My wife has never seen me masturbate.  I often think it would be really hot to let someone else watch me make myself cum.  Do you want to watch?  You do?  Great!  I can feel myself stiffening already at the thought of it.

I really like my cock.  It’s nice and long and thick, and when it stands upright like it is now, it really is a beautiful big piece of meat.  And now you’re going to see it tense and shoot out a spray of cum.  That really excites me, knowing that you’re going to watch.  But what would you like me to do with the semen I produce?  Do you want me to jerk myself off onto your face?  Or onto your tits?  Perhaps aim my hot stream onto your pussy while you finger yourself, waiting to feel my hot spurts splashing onto you?  Or do you want me just to let my cream splat onto the floor?  It’s your choice.

Let me just strip off.  It turns me on just standing naked in front of you while you look at me.  Look at my fucking cock… you can see how full and upright it is.  Yes, I am totally turned on.

Here, watch this.  I’ve got a plastic bottle of aromatic massage oil, and I’m tipping it up and squeezing a drizzle of oil onto my cockhead.  It feels cold on my hot skin as it runs down my shaft.  I’m drizzling a stream of oil down the top of my dick, feeling the oil pool between the base of my shaft and my stomach before dripping down through my pubic hair onto my balls.  I’m cupping my balls in my hand, swirling them around in my palm, making them shiny with oil and wagging my upright cock from side to side as I swirl my hand.  Just for a moment, I’m taking my hand away to let you see my oiled up balls.  You like it so far?

Time to give some attention to my bulging shaft.  I’m trailing my fingertips up and down my rod, smearing the drips of oil all over my skin, until my cock is wet and glistening and very, very slippery.  I am so ready to cum for you now, and I hope you’re enjoying seeing me so full and loaded.  Thinking how easily this fat slippery tower of meat could slide into any of your openings is making my balls seethe with hot semen.

I’ve curled my fingers around my shaft, gripping it firmly in my fist, and I’m slowly sliding my tight grip up and down my rod, gently tugging my skin up and down, feeling the flared ridge of my cockhead flick up and down over the edge of my thumb.  Look, I’m starting to weep a little drop of pre-cum out of my eye, and I’m smearing it over my crown with the fingers of my other hand.  It feels slippery even over the oil that’s already coating me.

Oh, this is feeling really good now.  I’m starting to fuck my own fist now, squeezing my ass and pumping my cock through the tight little opening in my fist.  I hope you weren’t expecting more of a show, because I won’t be able to stop myself from cumming very quickly, especially with you watching me.  My stomach is heaving up and down as I drive my cock through my fist which I’m now pumping hard up and down against the thrusts of my hips.  My other hand is tucked under my balls, my fingers pressing into the skin between my asshole and my sac.  See my cockhead darken and swell?  Yes, I’m about to blow my load.

I’m bending my knees a little lower and catching a sharp intake of breath and holding it for a split second before a long white ribbon flies out of the tip of my cock, making me growl quietly.  I’m jerking my cock really hard and fast in my fist now, making sprays of hot cum fly in all directions, making a real fucking mess.  And it feels goooood.

I’m giving my cock a nice hard squeeze with my hand as I slide it upwards towards the tip, wringing the last drizzle of semen out of my eye.  I flick my cock downwards, hard, making the last drop of sperm fly off me.

With a big exhalation, I take my hands off my cock, letting you see it jutting out in front of me, shiny and twitching, while my heart rate slows.

I hope you enjoyed my little performance… and I hope you put all that hard-earned sperm to good use.

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