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Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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Being a plumber, you get to see a lot of different peoples’ homes, and a lot of different people. I have seen my fair share of helpless little old women who only need a washer changed to stop a dripping tap and then ensnare you with chit-chat and offers of a cup of tea.  But last week I had a house call which will definitely stay in my memory for some time, if not forever.


The call out was to repair a hot water service that wasn’t maintaining its hot water temperature.  It looked like a dime a dozen job, but when the front door of the house opened, I was met by a woman who had an immediate impact on me.  How can I describe this?  She was attractive, but not what I would call beautiful.  But there was an air about her of brooding sensuality.  It leaked out of the curve of her smile, the easy lean of her hips, something behind her eyes.  I must have been standing there momentarily dumbfounded, because she said “You must be the plumber.”  I replied with something stupid, like “Yes, I must be the plumber.”  She laughed with a self-confident ease and invited me in, telling me her name was Sandy.


Sandy explained the problems she was having with her hot water service as she led me through the house.  I cast a few glances here and there, noting a picture of her with a guy I assumed was her husband.  An image of the two of them having sex flashed through my mind, but I shook it off as Sandy showed me the hot water unit. “I’ll leave you to it,” she said over her shoulder as she went back inside.  My gaze lingered on her ass a fraction longer than it should have, and I wondered if that swaying walk was how she always walked, even when there were no plumbers around.


The hot water service was clogged up with soot and debris and only needed to be dismantled and cleaned.  When I had the unit back together again and had tested the gas pressure, I walked through the back door and called out “Hello?”  Sandy was right there, just around the corner in the next room and stepped out in front of me.  Had she been watching me the whole time I was working? “It’s all done,” I told her. “Let me just test it.”  I turned on a hot water tap in the laundry and felt a steady stream of hot water. “That looks better,” I said, while Sandy watched me, her hands in the pockets of her jeans.


“I really had the problem in the shower,” said Sandy. “It kept going hot and cold, hot and cold… Can we check that too before you go?”

“OK,” I said.  Something in the way she looked at me when she said that was setting off a vague alarm bell in the back of my mind, but I followed her into the bathroom.  Sandy opened the glass door of the shower alcove and looked at me.  I took her cue and leaned into the shower and turned on the water.  Holding my hand under the water, making sure not to get my shirt wet, I gauged the water temperature.  It felt steady and hot.  “How is it?” asked Sandy.  “It feels hot,” I said.  “I bet it does,” muttered Sandy. 

I shot a glance at her, but she continued as if she hadn’t said anything.  “Can you do me a big favour?” asked Sandy. “I really want to make sure it’s OK before you go, so I don’t have to call you out again. Have you got time to wait while I have a quick shower?  Just to be sure that it’s fixed, you know?”  Dumbfounded once more, my mind raced at 100 miles per hour.  This was definitely unusual now.  I didn’t normally wait around for this kind of thing, but I was starting to get pretty sure that Sandy was coming on to me.  But if I was wrong and I did something inappropriate… What if this husband guy comes home? 

My thoughts were spinning, but all that came out of my mouth was “Sure, no problem.”  I was still standing there, so Sandy said “Well, do you mind?” and nodded towards the door. “Uh, sorry,” I stammered and left the room, closing the door behind me.

In a few moments, I heard the water running through the closed door.  Feeling a bit self conscious and foolish, I stood in the hallway listening to Sandy showering.  She had been in there quite a long time, I thought.  Was she waiting for me join her in there?  I couldn’t quite read the situation, and it would be a disastrous mistake if I was wrong.  Lost in these thoughts, I jumped when I heard Sandy call out “Excuse me, it’s gone cold. Come and see.”  I could still hear the water running. Come and see?  What, me?  Now?  Well, who else?  OK, I thought… and opened the door.


I immediately noticed Sandy standing outside the shower, arms straight down by her sides, droplets of water all over her body and her hair in wet ringlets.  The look on her face was unmistakable. It was a look of daring, a look of courage, a look of defiant expectation.  I took one step towards her and she lifted her arms to drape them around my neck, pulling herself close to me and pressing her lips to my face.  My hands instinctively slid behind her waist and down onto the curve of her ass, pulling her very fine body roughly against mine and tasting her sweet lips with mine.  All doubts about the situation were erased.  I worked my strong fingers up and down Sandy’s back as our mouths eagerly gave into our hunger.


With all uncertainty removed, my cock was free to thicken and bulge in my jeans, pressed against Sandy’s taught belly.  Sandy was fervently pulling my shirt out of my jeans and hastily scrabbling to undo the buttons with her mouth locked against mine, while I placed one hand on the back of her neck under her wet hair and drove my other hand between her wet ass cheeks.  I shrugged my shoulders to help Sandy slide my shirt off my back, and let it fall to the floor while I opened my jeans and pulled them quickly down my legs, kicking them off my ankles.


Without thinking, I pulled Sandy into the still running shower, which hadn’t gone cold at all.  The hot water cascaded over us as we pressed our writhing bodies together in a flurry of searching hands and exploring lips.  My cock was fully erect and pressing up against Sandy’s belly, and I was already subconsciously rocking my hips against her, thrusting urgently at her.  With my mouth nuzzling at the wet skin on the side of her neck, I reached down behind Sandy’s ass and pushed my hand between her legs, where I found her wet opening plush against my fingers.  She was ready for it.


With a hungry grunt, I spun Sandy around with my hands on her hips, pulling her back towards me as she leaned her arms up on the shower wall tiles in front of her.  Like a bitch in heat, she moaned and moved her feet apart, pushing back at me.  I pushed my stiff cock down under her ass with my hand and felt my swollen cock head lodge against her fleshy opening.  With a growl I eased my fat dick into Sandy’s pussy, feeling her stretching around my width and taking me in, swallowing my full length with her luxuriously wet tunnel.  She let out a rising squeal as I stuffed her full of hot cock meat and slipped my hands up in front of her to cradle her hanging breasts.


With the water splashing off of my back, I ground my cock deep into her pussy, as I pulled on her stiff nipples between thumbs and forefingers.  Sandy shook once, violently, and I felt her pussy pulsing hard on my swelling cock just before I let a burst of hot semen splash against her quivering walls.  I groaned and jabbed my erupting cock into her, hard and fast, as I drained my load into her, coating the entrance to her cervix with my seed.  Sandy yelped in time with each of my thrusts and shivered once more.  With my heart pounding and my knees nearly buckling and giving way, I pulled my shining cock out of her pussy and let her straighten, taking her arms away from the hard wall.


Wrapping my arms around her from behind, I pulled her back under the water and kissed the side of her neck, nibbling gently at her earlobe.  Sandy could feel my flagging cock pressed up against the small of her back.  I ran my hands up and down over Sandy’s dripping breasts, down over the patch of fur below her belly and cradled her hotly throbbing pussy in my hands, gently caressing her sensitive lips with my fingers.  Smiling to herself, Sandy turned her head to the side and let me kiss her neck while I caressed her, worshipping her femininity with my hands.


After a few moments, Sandy twisted around in my arms and hooked her arms around my neck again.  With our lips pressed together, sharing hot breaths and warm feelings, Sandy swayed against my body to some invisible music that was coursing through her body.


Sandy had wrapped a towel around herself and was sitting on the edge of the bath tub, watching me towel myself dry and get dressed, tucking my still enlarged cock away in my jeans. “Thanks for checking my plumbing,” she said with a smile, and we both laughed.


Later, driving home in the van, I had to shake my head over and over again, wondering if what had happened had really happened.  I really wanted to see Sandy again, but she had made no advances about any further contact.  Perhaps I was just the “fuck the plumber” fantasy for the day.  I didn’t care.  I wasn’t going to forget this day any time soon.

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