Wordless Devotion   added 5 years ago
  By: Beholden  Age: 53  Country: Australia

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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: facefuck pillow Bed blowjob oral
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I love it when your eyes say more to me than words ever can. When I stroke your cheek with my finger and look into your eyes, I can see that you are thinking, like me, of the countless times we have made love, and the sheer amount of my semen that you have taken into all sorts of places within your body.  Well, I know you're not thinking of it in those terms, but I can see that you're thinking of the depth of our physical connection.  And I recognise that look in your eyes.  I see what you're asking me, telling me, without a single word passing through your lips, as you slide down on the bed and nestle your head into the pillow with your lips breathlessly parted.


Your eyes never leave me as I kneel over you, straddling your chest, slipping my T shirt up over my head and tossing it aside, bare chested.  I undo the button of my jeans, tug the zip down, and let my thickening cock spring free, bobbing out in front of me.  I bunch the waist of my jeans down around my thighs.  I can sense the excitement that shivers through your body as you watch my cock filling and rising to tower above you.  I know what you are going to let me do, and that knowing fills me to bursting point, pumping my cock full of need.  The sparkle in your eyes gives away your arousal, and I can tell that you are also ripening in anticipation.


With a quiet touch, I brush the hair away from your face as you look up at me with your head on the pillow.  We move slowly, softly, gently, unhurriedly.  I shuffle a little closer to you, sliding my knees forward on the bed and grip the curved bedhead above you with both hands.  With a tilt of my hips, I lower my thickly veined cock to your face, letting my underside tap your nose.  The tip of my cock is already starting to moisten in anticipation as I dab my cock head at your thick lips.  I smile at you as I see your love for me shining up to me through your eyes, and you open your mouth wide to catch my eager cockhead between your lips.


You hold me there for a moment, with my cock head captured between your lips like a hot lollipop, with your lips working wetly around my shaft, coating my sensitive skin with drizzles of your saliva.  We've played this game before; I let you have your last fleeting feeling of control before I know you are going to passively let me fuck your mouth.


My grip tightens on the bedhead and I chew my bottom lip as I slowly push my cock into your mouth with little probing pulses.  Together, we shift our positions until we are comfortably aligned, and the way you hold your head and relax your body between my legs tells me that you are ready to let me fuck the sweetest opening in your whole body.


With rocking hips, I slowly feed more and more of my achingly hard cock into your mouth, feeling your tongue sliding against my underside and feeling the inside walls of your cheeks moulding around me.  You have that beautiful knack of being passive enough, but applying just enough eager suction that tells me you are hungry for my sperm.  I know you are doing this to give me an exquisite satisfaction.  The thought of you offering your mouth to me like this makes me groan loudly all of a sudden and increase the speed of my thrusts.

  I'm getting a little rougher in my urgency, but I am careful with you.  I know that when your head gets pushed up and down just a little on the pillow, that's as hard as I can go.  And I am at that point now - pushing your head down into the pillow as I drive my hips down towards you.  I'm vaguely aware that I haven't stopped groaning now, and that you're adding your own soft little moans to this symphony of lust.


My groans stop and my breath gets very shallow, and as you feel my cockhead swell inside your suckling mouth, you know I am close to release.  I'm pushing my cock in and out of your mouth very slowly now, and with a low roar a "fuuuuck" rumbles from my lips as I feel the cum pulsing out of my cock. Continuing to growl, with white knuckles on the bedhead, I can dimly feel you squirming below me as you struggle to keep up with my load.  With one last shuddering spasm, I push my cock deep into your throat to deliver the final shot of cum, and then quickly withdraw from your mouth to let you catch your breath.


With a gurgling gasp, you take my sticky load into your belly with an exaggerated swallow.  I automatically call out an "Oh, fuck!" as my cock throbs and twitches in front of you, my chest heaving.  My whole world has disappeared and become a gushing orgasm, but know I am starting to feel your little hand wrapped tightly around the base of my cock, guiding it back into your mouth.  Closing your lips over my cockhead, you expertly ring the last dribbles of cum out of me with a squeeze of your fist, lapping the drips off of me with your tongue inside your mouth.  You let my cock slip wetly out of your mouth and push me away with your hands on my hips, signalling that you're done with me.


I wriggle down the bed, lying on top of you, my sticky cock still throbbing against the crotch of your jeans, and enfold your lips with mine, in a wordless expression of love and gratitude.

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