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Location: A Public place
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So I’ve been home from the deployment for a while.  One hot summer weekend I decide to take the boat out, yes we bought one.  I really wanted to go fishing and relax.  I told you that since I was just fishing you probably didn’t want to go and be bored.  To my surprise you said you would just lay out and sun tan, listen to the radio or read a book or something.  We get to the lake really early, before 5am.  You are still tired and decide to stay in the truck and sleep a little.  You say you will call when you wake up and I can come get you.

I look at watch and it says that it is almost 1200 pm and you haven’t called.  I go back to the truck and find you still asleep.  You say sorry and get ready to get out of the truck.  I stop you and tell you that I’m hungry and want to get something to eat.  You laugh and say that sounds like a good idea since you missed breakfast.

We go into town and grab a bite to eat.  While at the restaurant you decide we should grab some snacks at the gas station across the street on our way back to the lake.  Once back out at the lake we notice that the lake has gotten busy with more boats.  Since the fishing won’t be that good I head towards some back areas.

Once we get there and get the boat set you start reading a book.  You read for a while, while I fish.  You get bored with your book and decide that you want to sun tan now.  You realize that there is just one problem; you forgot to put on your swim suite.  I tell you that no one comes back here and you will be fine to lay out naked, just keep a towel close in case some one comes by.

 I continue to fish, but can’t help but watch you put on you san tan lotions.  You are very methodical about putting it on, as you don’t want to burn.  You are done with your legs, chest and arms.  You ask me to take a few minutes break and put some on your back.  I tell you to lay on your back for now and I’ll get your back when you flip over.  You look at me with a pouty face, and I give in and start to put the lotion on you.  Rubbing my hands up and down you back has turned me on a little.  I tell you that I should double check to make sure you got your front side covered.  I take and start to rub a small amount of lotion on your neck.  I move down to your arm and across to the other arm.  I make my way back to your chest.

  I ensure that I cover every inch of you very perky breasts.  I give you nipples a little squeeze, you let out a moan.   I move down to your stomach and the tops of your legs.  Slowly I move down each leg.  Ensuring to get all of it I go between your thighs.  My hands brush your lips.  You are wet; I try not to let you know that I noticed your wetness.

I finish up and go back to fishing.  You are laying there wearing nothing but your sunglasses.  I position the boat so that even if some one passes they can’t see you, but you are still able to get sun.

As I continue to fish I can’t help but think about you, laying there and the wetness I felt.  You must be thinking about the same thing.  One of your hands has started to caress one of your breasts.  I try and not notice what you are doing.  After a few moments you other hand reaches down and you start playing with your clit.  You don’t think I’ve noticed, but I have.

I pretend to continue to fish, even though by now my eyes are glued to watching you.  I’m so hard just watching you play with yourself.  I can’t take it any more; I ask if “Do you need a hand with that?”  You tell me “No I have it under control, go back to your fishing”.  I try and go back to fishing, but my heart is pounding and my dick is so hard.

I stand there watching you pleasure yourself for a few moments.  I can’t take it any more; I drop my pole and walk over to you.  I kneel down and place one hand behind you head and the other on one of your breast, I kiss you passionately.  I suck on you neck, moving down to you breast.  I gently pull at you nipple with my teeth, just enough to get you more turned on.  I didn’t notice until now that you are using a flavored sunscreen.

You reach up with your close hand and start to rub my cock through my shorts.  You can tell that I’m rock hard.  You pull at my belt and undo it, as my hands and lips work lower on to your pelvis.  You pull my shirt off, it falls into the water.  You pull at my shorts and boxers and they two fall down to the floor.  I’m kneeling there erect; you grab my cock and pull it to your mouth.

My mouth is now sucking on your clit, you are so wet.  My tongue splits your lips and slides right in, my fingers are not to far behind.  You continue sucking my cock, moving up and down the shaft to my balls.  One by one you suck on them.  We go at it like this for a little bit.

We hear a boat coming, but we don’t care.  You tell me you want me inside of you.  We sit up and you straddle me.  You tits are in the right spot, right in my face.  My cock is rubbing the outside of you.  You reach in between us and guide my cock right in.  You let out a moan, as do I.  You feel so warm.  Our rhythm is out of sync, but quickly we find the right pace.  I must have hit the right spot yell let out a scream “OH GOD FUCK ME HARDER THAT FEELS GOOD”.  I thrust up into you again and again.  You run your nails up and down my back.

Suddenly you squeeze me with your legs.  I know what this is a sign of.  I thrust harder and harder.  You can’t take it any more and you tell me you’re about to cum.  I tell you to cum on my cock and I want you to smear it in.  With a few more well placed thrusts and you cum all over me.

I tell you to get up, I want to bend you over the railing and take you from behind.  You look at me and give me a devilish smile.  We stand up and I bend you over the railing.  As I stand behind you I can’t help but notice you lovely ass.  I slide my cock in between you legs, just resting on the outside of you.  You reach down to guide me in, but stop you.  I want to tease you a little bit.

I reach up and grab one of your tits.  With my other hand I smack your ass and tell you “You have been a bad girl!”  You turn your head and look at me.  I smack your ass again.  This time you smile.  I slowly rock back and forth, teasing you.  I can feel your wetness.  I take my hand and grab my cock to guide it in you.  Slowly at first, there is no rush.  I must be hitting your g-spot as your knees shake with each thrust.  Slowly I pull my cock out leaving just the head in.  Then with out warning I slam it back into you.  You let out a squeal.  I do it again and again, and again.

I go to do it one more time but I pull a little too far out.  As I go to push back up into you I hit your ass.  Your head swings around and you tell me “NOT NOW MAYBE LATER”.  I guide my cock back to the sweet spot.  You let out a series of moans.  As my cock is going in and out I reach around with one hand and rub your clit.  This is sending you over the edge; you are about to cum again.  You reach down and move my hand out of the way; you want to finish this up yourself.

You are screaming and moaning loader and loader.  You release and cum mom then ever before.  You tell me to sit down on the chair.  As I sit down on the chair you back up into me.  You hand is still working you clit.  I can see you are still cumming.   You reach down and rub your cum up and down my dick.  You grab my cock and guide it to your ass.

You look at me and say to take it slowly, I nod in understanding.  Slowly you squat down.  The head of my cock finds your hole.  Slowly I push up into.  Little by little I go deeper into you.  You are moaning in excitement and a little pain all at the same time.

I reach around and find you clit.  I start to rub it.  I let you move up and down on me, as I don’t want to hurt you.  You are moving faster and deeper as time goes on.

I know that you like it when I stick my finger in your wet pussy, so I stick one in, then two.  With my other hand I’m squeezing your nipple.

You don’t know how much more you can take.  You are screaming for me to fuck you harder and deeper.  I don’t know how much more I can take.  Your ass feels so tight, your pussy is so wet and your nipples are so hard.  I let out a load scream myself.  You know what that means.  You begin to bounce on my lap harder and faster.    I tell you that I’m about to cum.

You tell me you want me to shoot my load on your ass cheeks.  I pump a few more time, I can feel it coming.  I pull out.  I stand up and push you over the railing with one hand.  With the other hand I grab my cock and stroke it a few times and then I explode.  I send my cum shooting all over your ass.  I rub my cock up and down your cheeks.  I smack your ass with my cock a few times.  You tell me that it feels good and you can’t wait for more.

Out of no where we hear a couple people clapping and yelling “NICE”, “WAY TO GO”, and other things.  Some how during all of our thrusting’s we picked up a few on lookers.  We look around and there are about 5 boats full of people watching us. We don’t care; we just jump in the water and clean up a little bit.

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