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Location: A hotel room
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My wife and I have been experimenting in toys in the last few years and have found her penchant for wider and longer toys.  This play time for us got us fantasizing about bringing in a pinch hitter with some girth for her.  Not wanting to do this too close to home, our annual Vegas trip seemed like the perfect opportunity.  To help our odds (so to speak), we decided to try out one of the more popular clubs at one of the high end casinos. 


We got a table at the club on a very busy Friday night (at some considerable expense) and bottle service.  Our thought was that in this crowded club we should have no trouble finding companions to join us.  We went through a considerable parade of table mates before a small group of two couples and one single guy joined us.  He was just my wife’s type (tall dark and gruesome as I like to refer to it).  They were in for a wedding the next night and decided to party it up tonight and tomorrow for the wedding.  He was about 28 years old, 6’ and relatively in shape.  My wife fixated in on him and took him out on the dance floor for a test drive.

  Over the course of the next two hours I kept the two of them amply lubricated with shots and drinks.  Over that same period my wife became more brazen with her gropes and grids on the dance floor.  She was wearing a very sexy, very short white dress with killer heels and of course no underwear, so his gropes in the booth quickly became x rated.


About two a.m. my wife leaned over in the booth, kissed me and told me that this was the guy.  I suggested to her that she had better make sure that the package was worth the effort.  She winked at me, shuffled over in the booth until she was sitting astride her new beau.  She reached down his drawstring linen pants and pulled out a very sizable penis.  She gave me a wink and then lowered herself on his dick right in the booth.  I saw her eyes roll back and her mouth drop open is sheer pleasure and then hop off him, grab his hand and announce that it was time to go back to the room.  Thankfully, his companions had long since gone back to their rooms so we were free to leave on our adventure without any additional company. 


As we walked out of the club any passerby could easily see the tent, in our pants as well as the moisture dripping down my wife’s long legs.  She asked me to get some drinks for us and meet them in the room as we passed one of the side bars in the casino.  It only took me a minute to grab the drinks and get back up to the room.  As I opened the door to our suite, I was greeted by a lovely site.  My wife was on her knees, dress open in the front with her ample breasts, flat stomach and shaved pussy showing while sucking on her boyfriends cock.  He was standing naked, arched back and groaning at my wife’s ministrations on his cock, that was easily 9” long and at least 1.5” wide (just the perfect size for my wife).  I stripped out of my clothes and settled in to the couch just opposite of them to watch.


This is the moment we have been fantasizing about for month and it was an enormous turn on to watch my wife’s small mouth struggle to suck this enormous cock.  She slowly got about 3 inches of the behemoth in her mouth and used her petite hands to pump the remainder of his shaft twisting and sucking with her mouth.  Once he had gotten rock hard she laid back on the bed and herdove into her pussy, licking and using two then three fingers to prep her for the onslaught of his unit.  She groaned and writhed under his mouth and fingers until I saw her back arch in that familiar build up to her first orgasm. 

My wife can take a long time to have her first orgasm, but once it comes the rest follow quickly.  Her breath started to quicken as he continued to work his tongue on her clit and pump his fingers into her pussy.  Then, suddenly I heard her gasp and start to breath very quickly and deeply as if she was running a marathon.  The sure sign she was coming.  He let her gently come down from the orgasm then climbed on top of her and slowly inserted his cock.  I saw my beautiful wife’s jaw drop open and her eyes open up wide as he filled her pussy.  As he slowly slipped his entire length into her she gasped and asked him to keep going.  Once he was all of the way into her pussy, he pumped into her and increased his speed as he went. 

My wife began to writhe under his pumping and in no time was coming again wrapping her legs around his ass and grabbing onto his back while screaming in ecstasy.  This was her and my fantasy come true, a huge cock pounding her pussy until her eyes rolled back into head.

My wife then spun him to the bed, shed her dress, mounted him and road his huge dick into at least three orgasms.  I watched with my cock in my hand as her breasts bounced up and down, only pausing briefly for orgasms as she arched her back and screamed.  After more than 10 minutes of this pounding, she got up on all fours (no minor feat in high heels on a bed) and told him to fuck her till he came in her pussy.  My wife usually does not talk dirt, or really at all in bed.  The two circumstances that would cause this would be that she is done and ready for her partner to come or that she is incredibly turned on.  I assumed that both were true in this case.


Her boyfriend came up behind her and sank his cock into her in one swift motion, causing her to gasp in pleasure.  He pounded her from behind taking up his entire length in each stroke and I watched my wife enter into one very long and continuous orgasm as she lowered her head down and lifted her ass up.  Finally he picked up his pace and shortened his strokes until he grasped her hips and ground into his own, richly deserved, orgasm and poured his come into her pussy.


Once he was done my wife spun onto the bed breathing heavily and sweating profusely.  They talked about perhaps seeing each other again this weekend and we all exchanged cell phone numbers.  Once he had dressed and left the suite, I came over to the bed.  My wife pulled me to the bed and then mounted me with the other man’s seed spilling out of her pussy.  She leaned down and told me how much she loved me and how good it felt.  She did not even make it through retelling the whole story before my seed joined his inside of her.


We laughed a little at the thought of what day two of our four day trip would bring and fell off to sleep, wet spots on the bed and all.

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