My Wife’s Real Life First Toy   added 5 years ago
  By: RodManly  Age: 56  Country: United States

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My wife and I have been married 27 years.  We’ve had a pretty good sex life, tried most everything within the bounds of just the two of us, many positions, anal, oral, sex in public places, etc.



We shared fantasies with each other about group sex.  Usually sticking with whatever fantasy turns my wife on the most, since I end up getting a really good fuck when we’re sharing her favorite types of fantasies. 



Her favorite fantasies, not surprising, is usually myself and anywhere from one to three other guys each paying attention to various parts of her body, or the guys taking turns with her while I watch.  Or she fucks the other guys with me out of the room and she tells me about it, normally while I’m downtown between her still hot thighs.



One day recently I decided to stop by the local adult store, went in an bought a simple life like type dildo slightly longer, but definitely thicker (nearly two inches think), than my cock which is about an inch and a quarter thick.



Without telling her about it I waited until the next time we were having sex.  I was honestly not sure how she would react with me introducing. 



We had showered together and now she was lying on the bed.  I began our usual long Saturday afternoon way, massaging her body and giving her little nibbles and kisses around her body as I massaged her.



I lay beside, nibbling and sucking on her left nipple, which was also her favorite.  She said that her other nipple would like some attention too.  I said that I needed more hands, or be able to clone myself so she would have someone on each nipple and licking her pussy at the same time.  She said with a horny giggle, “Hmm, than you could each take turns hopping on top…”



Some of these times she would get so horny she starts masturbating, which I also love to watch - her fingering herself. 



I had the dildo hidden.  Her eyes were closed and she was still fingering herself.  I reached behind me found the dildo.  We had already used lubricant on her pussy.  Still unknown to her, I put more lube on the dildo itself. 


Since I really didn’t know how she would react, I was shaking slightly as I began to rub the head of the dildo against her pussy, letting the head of the dildo spread her lips. 



She was still fingering herself around her clit and her finger tips touched the dildo.  She reached down with both hands, took the dildo from me, spread her legs some more and slid the thick dildo into herself!



In no time she had the dildo completely inserted into her pussy.  I was amazed to watch her fuck herself with it without a word! It was hot to watch her hold the dildo fully in and rub her clit.



I couldn’t take any more and decided to go down on her. One of her fantasies had always been to have someone fuck her from behind while someone else licked and sucked her pussy.



I started running my tongue around her pussy lips and this “other” cock now fucking her. Than I pressed my mouth against her very swollen clit, and started “fucking” her with the dildo.  She started to have the most intense orgasm in the 28 years of fucking.  I looked at her face and her eyes were rolled so far back in her head that only the whites of her eyes were showing!



I would pull the dildo nearly all the way out just past the “crown”, lighten up on my lips and suction on her clit, than as I pushed the dildo back in on the stroke, I would increase the pressure I had on her clit and with my lips and tongue. 



Her thighs over my shoulders, she lifted her ass up off the bed.  She was moaning, grunting and screaming as she was cumming, like I’d never seen her do before!  It was fucking great!  I started to squirt more lubricant into her pussy each time I pulled the dildo nearly out, telling her that the “other guy” was cumming into her.  She moaned that it “felt good”. 



Finally, when I nearly couldn’t take any more and really needed to fuck this hot wife of mine, she told me it was my turn.  I pulled the dildo out, dropped her back down on the bed.  She was still quivering and shaking in orgasm.  I took my own rock hard, throbbing cock and plunged back into her pussy, giving her the sensation of a second guy taking turns “hopping on top” of her, as I rammed my cock hard into her pussy which was already soaked with her own cum and the “cum” of the “other guy”.  I was lost in my own imagination of just “sharing” my wife. 

I fucked her as hard as I could, and shot my own load into her. 



We collapsed into each others arms, me now laying between her legs and my head between her breast.  I could feel her wet pussy with our cum pressed against me, and it felt great.


She asked, “What was that?”


I told her it was a toy I thought I’d surprise her with.  She didn’t say anything more, but a few weeks later with a couple of fucks without the dildo, while we were in foreplay, she said, “Now would be a good time for your toy.”

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