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Categories: Oral Sex, Steady Partner, Masturbation, Identified partner
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Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

Its early morning before our alarms go off.  I’m having a “good” dream of you sucking my cock.  I fight to stay asleep, but I fail and I wake up.  I wake up to you still sleeping, but you have one hand wrapped around my cock gently stroking me.  I lean over and give you a kiss on the lips, you don’t move.  I can tell you are still having a good dream.  I move one of my hands across you and down to your pussy, I can tell through your panties you are all ready wet.  I slide my hand under your panties and begin to rub your clit.  You stir in your sleep a little.

  I can’t tell if you’re asleep or not.  I don’t care, I know what I want.  I swing my body around and start kissing your inner thighs.  I slowly move your panties out of my way.  My tongue slips inside you with ease.  This starts to wake you up.  I can see you fighting to stay asleep.  My fingers and tongue are sliding in and out, in and out.  You loose the battle and are fully awake now.  You open your eyes and see that my feet are were my head should be.  I take a short break and look up at you, you are smiling.  You look me up and down. You take one hand and put it on my head and push me back down on you. 

With your other hand you push my hip to the side and grab my rock hard cock.  You start stroking me slowly, up and down, up and down.  You roll on your side, squeezing my head between your legs.  You take my cock to your mouth and start sucking on it.  My fingers are rubbing your clit as I move my tongue in and out of you.  You start slowly moving around my head with your tongue, flicking it as you go.  You take me all in at once.  Suddenly the alarm goes off, you slap the snooze button.

  I’m sucking on your lips, gently giving them a tug.  You squeeze my head with your legs even harder; you’re enjoying your wake up call.  You take me out of your mouth and slowly work up and down each side.  You take my balls in your mouth, giving a little tug.  You start moving up again, the alarm goes off again and you slap it one more time.  One of my hands has reached up and has found its way up under your shirt and is caressing your nicely formed breasts.  Rubbing up and down each one and between them.  My tongue is flicking your clit and my other hand is squeezing your ass cheek. 

We are going at it faster and harder, I slap your ass, just as the alarm goes off again.  This time I know if we don’t stop then I will be late for work, you know this too.  You tell me to stop, but I don’t want to.  I keep going.  My fingers going in and out, faster and faster.  You suck faster and harder.  I feel you holding back.  You stop and roll over.  Grabbing my head in your hands you tell me we have to stop or I’m going to be late.  I relent finally and turn around and give you a kiss.  You tell me to hurry up and take a shower and get ready for work, while you make some breakfast. 

As I’m getting ready I see you have only your robe on.  I come up behind you and undue it, exposing your breast.  I push you up against the sink and tell you I don’t care if I’m late, it would be worth it.   You push back and tell me to get going and we will finish it later. 

All morning at work I can’t keep my mind off of what happened that morning.  How you felt, the way you made me feel and the fact that I left you unsatisfied.  I tell my boss that I’m not feeling too good and he tells me to take the afternoon off.  I don’t call and tell you, I want to surprise you when I get home.  I’m not trying to be quite when I come in the house, but I guess I was.  I find you in the front room on the floor, naked, watching a movie and touching yourself.  I stand there thinking that you must have had the same thought all day that I have had. 

I stand there watching you move your hands all over your body.  You are touching your breasts with one hand.  The other hand is rubbing your clit.  I can see that you haven’t noticed me yet.  I sneak back to the bedroom and undress.  I come back to the front room and stand there and watch you, this has turned me on and I’m rock hard.  I see that you are now using one of your vibrators.  Moving it around your clit and then slowly in and out of your pussy.  You are going at it and I can hear you moan.  I think you are about to cum.  You are moving faster and faster.  Your legs tense up.  I can see the pleasure on your face as you release.  I whisper “do you need a hand”.  This startles you.  You flush read in embarrassment.  I come to you and grab you whispering “I enjoyed the show, may I finish what we started this morning?”


  You tell me you just sorta did.  I tell you we will have more fun then doing it by yourself.  You smile and let out a small laugh.  I kiss your neck, suck on your ear, kissing your cheek moving over to your lips.  One of my hands has all ready found your breast; the other is on your neck.  I slide in front of you.  You wrap your legs around me.  You can feel how hard I am pressed up against your wet pussy.   You reach between with one of your hands and guide me into you.  I slide in with ease.  You are so warm and wet.  As I slide in I must have hit the right spot as you start to squirm.  Your hands are on my back, you dig you nails in my back and arch your back. 

Thrusting your tits up and into my face.  I take one of your nipples in my mouth.  You are rocking back and forth.  I squeeze you nipple between my teeth.  I thrust up into you harder and faster.  Having just cumed you are now easier to please.  I can feel you holding back, I tell you not to and let it flow.  Faster and faster you are rocking.  All of a sudden you pull me in tight and hold me.  I feel you release, you are dripping wet and shaking.  I push up into you harder.  You scream “FUCK ME”.  Harder and harder I push in to you.  I stop.  I tell you I want to take you from behind.  You give me that little evil smile. 

I turn you around and bend you over the couch.  I come at you from behind.  You reach between your dripping wet pussy and guide me in again.  I go in slow at first.  I pick up the pace.  I’m holding your ass with both hands.  You turn your head and say “spank me I’ve been bad”.  I do as you ask. ***SMACK*** You let out a moan of enjoyment.  I do it again ***SMACK*** this time harder and as I thrust up into you.  I look down and see your vibrator sitting on the floor.  With one hand I pick it up and turn it on.  You don’t hear it turn on. 

I take it and put it on your clit as I continue to thrust up in you.  I can see you enjoy the added step.  You start to scream almost immediately.  Faster and faster I’m moving in and out, rubbing your clit with the vibrator harder.  You can’t take it anymore and are about to cum again.  This drives me over the edge.  I let out a moan at the same time.  You ask me if I’m going to cum two.  I tell you yes.  You tell me you want me to cum with you.  You also tell me you want me to cum on you.  I thrust up inside you harder.  I feel you start to cum, it drives me over the top. 

I pull out and shoot my cum on your ass.  I still have the vibrator on your clit. I see you shake and go weak; I know you have cumed as well.  I drop the vibrator and slip my fingers inside you so I can feel you cum.  You move one hand around to my ass and pull me tighter; my cock is resting on your ass.  I move it up and down your cheeks; you turn your head and smile….


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