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  By: rocketman  Age: 30  Country: United States

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Categories: Oral Sex, Identified partner
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Roleplay: Student/Teacher
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

    It was a lazy Sunday afternoon.  So I was headed to the store for something to drink and maybe take in the sights of whatever sexy milfs or girls I might find in the aisles.  I was definitely going to be in a brave mood around whoever I may find.

After I parked my van and got out I paused just to take in what a wonderful day it was.  The sun, the perfect breezy 75 degree weather.  Inside, the grocery store was filled mostly with women however, it could have been that was my main attention.  I just wanted to ogle some hot ass.

 I did not have to look far, dead ahead were two sluts if I had ever seen them.  The one debating what kind of popcorn to get looked especially worthy of fucking.  Both had tight little cotton booty shorts.  One paired with a spaghetti strap top, the other with a blue tube top that accentuated her firm perky breasts I so wanted to feel & caress..  What a sight.  I was starting to feel a bulge in my pants as my cock went to semi-hard.

That was when I jumped.  I'm not sure how high I jumped when a warm soft hand landed on my forearm.  When I turned around I was as intrigued as I was with staring at the girls who had by then, already picked up their goods and left.  The woman who'd frightened me from behind was in her mid 30's but looked exceptional.  She could pass for early-mid 20's easily.  I knew she was in her mid 30's because it was my neighbor from down the street.  Ms Dearborn.

 She was wearing a perfect fitting pair of jeans that made her butt look amazing.  The only interaction we had before this was a brief introduction when she moved in about a year ago and the smiles she shot at me when coming home or leaving the house if I happened to be in the back yard.  I would often go back inside and stroke off thinking about her seducing me in her clothes that day, only later to think about her stripping them for me.

 "You look different Stan", she said with her smart, sexy smile I was so used to seeing from 2 houses down.
    "I'm fine, just tired Ms Dearborn."
    "Ashley! I told you the day we first met you can call me Ashley... It looks like you've been workin' out." She said as she touched me gently.
    "You know me.  Health nut"
     She looked back at me, cracking a sly smile. 

   "..."  I could think of nothing to say, I was still checking out how sexy she looked up close.  It had been a while and looking at her through my window was a long distance.  She had such a tight little body, her breasts a nice 34c.  I wondered how long since she's had a big cock like mine between those perfect breasts.  My mind wondered too how she would respond as I felt her undressing me with her eyes as well.

 "I don't think your parents need to know.."
    "They're not home!" I interjected.

   " I was saying.  I don't need to have a conversation with your parents if you'll just uh, come over to do some chores I need around the house from a strong young fella like yourself..."  Her fingertips made their way down my chest and before I knew it that soft silky smooth hand was on my arm again as she made piercing eye contact.  I had never known what kind of sex life Ashley had had before.  But I was now infatuated with thoughts the positions she could teach me, and how amazing the soft silky skin of Ms Dearborn must feel in bed.

   It was clear in her eye contact now that she wanted cock.  Big cock.  And became more obvious when her hand's grip slid down my arm and slipped into my pocket.  I'd already been fighting back against getting a hard on in the middle of the store with my hot neighbor but it was too much.

 I was at full length as she stroked my shaft with her eyes wide.  It was then I noticed the back area nearby.  We ignored the "Employees Only" sign and found an unlocked back stock room.  

 As we kissed, she unzipped and dropped my pants to the floor along with my boxers.  She did this quickly and my cock which had been full-on tenting my pants practically from all her teasing sprang up and smacked my stomach as it bobbed nearly smacking her in the face!  She looked up at me then back at my huge erect cock, then back at me.  Her eyes opened wide as she stared at my thick 9 inch cock.

 "WOW, I always imagined it big but not this big!", as she stroked low on the shaft gently.  Her librarian glasses had a seductress effect on me.  Soon both of her small silky smooth hands were working my cock gently up, down, and around the head and back again.  I'd been waiting for this moment so long.  No words were exchanged when she started using her mouth along with both of her hands.

 Just a few satisfied groans, and her muffled moans over the slurping and slopping sounds of her pretty little mouth gliding tight over my cock.  I just stood with my hands behind my head thoroughly enjoying the expertise of my sexy older neighbor;  Ashley, down on her knees still in her casual, but super sexy white spaghetti strap top and short black skirt.  It took her a while but she was going deeper with each messy slurp of my cock she was twisting,  More drool/cum mix dripped with each time she took me in her mouth.  She started turning better with her tongue and using her lips in the up, down, around the head trick her silky smooth hands she started me with.

   It wasn't long, but seemed like an eternity because it was such an unreal experience.  My cock made a POP sound as it popped out of Ashley's mouth, "it's like twice as long as my fucking husband's...".  Shortly after, my moans got louder.  I was close to cumming.  Ashley took no notice and was getting more aggressive and sucking my cock so deep.

  "Mm, want that big load"  she said quickly before she was instantly back to finish me.    I enjoyed her mouth with a primal instinct as I started cumming and going into a total euphoric state of fucking her mouth as my cock pulsed.  Multiple orgasm and so much cum splattered on her face, glasses, and gorgeous tits.  "Fuck!  I haven't been this horny in years!  We have a lot of catching up to do..  come over anytime.  I need you.  In fact my husband won't be back until 2 months from now so you can come anytime."  She grinned.
    "You bet Ashley."  You bet I wanted

To be continued....  (?)

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