Naughty Naughty - A Teasing Start   added 5 years ago
  By: curiousfun43un  Age: 41  Country: United States Minor Islands

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Categories: Other women
Tags: tease
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

One day I'm working, it's been a busy day, my hubby and I have been naughty texting all day long.  Occassionally in the past we have experimented with the lifestyle and had fun with it. We keep it on occassion like a amazing dessert that you can only have once in a while.  Our rules are to always play together and we always respect that.

Today's texting has been talking about having dessert again soon.

Our texting has me dripping thinking about his perfect cock. He's told me how hard he has been all day and can't wait to cum, mmmm thinking about him cumming makes my mind start to wonder.....

I wonder what would happen if I made lunch plans for him... with my girlfriend that is off today... she and I have giggled about how we could create a opportunity to share our men this may be it.  I call her and it's easier to talk her into my idea than what I had expected. She gives my hubby a gingle says she's in his area and has some time to kill, can they grab lunch....

Shortly after that I get a text from Dave letting me know Sarah is in town and they are going to grab lunch. Our day has been so sexually charged it would only be natural for me to tease him about why Sarah invited him to lunch and what did she plan on having. Dave was playful back as I pushed the fantasy a little more each time we chatted. In my last message I told him to enjoy himself at lunch and to send me pictures of anything he thought he should share with me.... I knew that clicked with him.............. share ....... pics .......... he knew he could play and I wanted to see....

My stomach was in knots as I waited. I wanted so badly to know what was happening, my mind was racing. The thought of Dave and Sarah together, each of them knowing they had the ok to play, my knowing how much each of them wanted to play, and my waiting not knowing what was being said, if they would, if they are, ..... I was driving myself crazy with passion thinking about it... I was so wet and swollen waiting for a picture. So afraid I had given such a free pass....

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