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“Thats a lovely set of tits your wife has”

 How are you supposed to react to something like that? A large part of me wanted to stand up and smack him one, or at least give him a piece of my mind, but the most of me was flattered that he obviously found K attractive, and I had to admit I was thinking the same about Pete’s wife.

 The little ones were away with their grandparents for the weekend and myself and K were out with her friend and her husband for what had, so far, been a standard evening, us men discussing the football and the women comparing notes about clothes, hairstyles and whatever else it is they like to talk about. Now suddenly the atmosphere between Pete and I had completely changed and I had to somehow reply to this.

After some time came my somewhat weak reply.

“Thanks.  Err, Jennifer is looking pretty good tonight too.” I realised there was no threat in what Pete had said. K did have lovely breasts. Pete’s wife Jennifer was in animated conversation with K. She was shorter and slightlier chubbier than K but was still very attractive, her long dress clinging tightly to her curvy body. Jen had Jet black shoulder length hair and was elegantly made-up, with expensive looking earrings and an anklet around her stockinged leg.

 There followed a long silence, during which I tried to get a grip on where this had come from, and where it was going. I had decided to try to brush the comment aside and was about to go back to the standard chit chat about the football when Pete piped up again:

 “So I hear you two are interested in getting involved in a bit of swinging then?

This wasn’t a question I could sweep under the carpet, and I was intrigued to know where this was coming from. Well I knew it had to have come from my wife, K, but the conversations we had had on the subject were, I assumed, just between us. Obviously not.

 It had to happen sooner or later I supposed. Every time K and I fucked I blurted out something or other about seeing her fucking someone else, or getting it on with another girl. As there was usually little to no reaction from K I had assumed that she just humoured me by saying that she found it interesting too, and the way women talked I guess the subject must come up from time to time. I had never thought that K would have shared this though. I considered my reply.

 “There are no secrets between girls then. It’s just something I talk about when we..  you know.

“I know. It’s OK mate, it’s not just you. Nothing better than seeing the better half getting a good seeing to, trust me. “

That sounded like the voice of experience.

“You’ve done it before then?” I said it casually but I was suddenly really interested in this conversation.

 Pete laughed. “I will be 40 this year mate. We got married young. Been married 20 years now.  After about 10 years or so when we were both confident and secure in ourselves, and in our relationship, we both realised that we had these desires, and that it didn’t have to mean the end for us or anything like that. After 10 years the sex can get a little samey to be honest, I think you can be scared to admit that to each other.

 “So what did you do about it?”

 “It was a good while after we had made that tacit agreement that if the opportunity arose we would take it, that we realised that that opportunities like that don’t really come along, you have to make them. We went to this club – you know, a swinging club.”

 “Wow. We have talked about doing something like that but it’s never really looked like happening. What was it like?”

 “Weird, mate. The first time we went we just sat there, had a few drinks and looked around. It wasn’t that much unlike a normal pub or club, except this atmosphere. I mean, everyone there in one form another is interested in the same thing. We got chatting to another couple and a bit later on they invited us up to a private room.”

 “Did you go?”

 “Not that time no. Jen was interested, so was I to be honest but it all seemed a bit wrong still. We made our excuses and left. On the way out we saw the same couple going upstairs with this young lad who was there on his own.

 When we got home it was obvious this was no one-off. When I got her knickers off they were dripping wet, Jen was absolutely fascinated with the whole thing. “

 “What about you?” I said.

 “It was strange at first – I knew I wanted to take things further but the reality was all a bit intimidating. After 10 years of fidelity, the sudden realisation that things were going to change was scary.”

 I looked over at the girls. They seemed to be having a good time, and I noticed the glasses were empty. It was our round, so I took the orders and went for a quick visit to the toilets, and then to get top-ups. I was a bit longer than usual in the toilet, waiting for my erection to subside a bit before it was possible to aim downwards.

 Later on in the evening and we were somewhere a bit louder. The girls were dancing together and the conversation Pete and I had made their raucous behaviour a lot more interesting.

 “So Pete”, I said “You and Jen have been swinging for 10 years?”

 Pete nodded.

 “You recommend it then?”

 “Highly. I mean, you have to have a certain type of attitude to sex, and be secure that just because another guy has his cock inside your wife doesn’t mean he means anything to her. It took me a couple of times until I was comfortable with that.”

 The blatant way Pete had put that made the whole thing seem more real than it had up to now, and I suddenly realised that here we were, me and K, with a couple of hardened swingers on a drunken evening out, with both of them aware that we had expressed an interest in joining their ‘lifestyle’. I looked at K, wondering if she had any idea about all this. She noticed me looking and pulled herself away from Jen, coming over to me.

 “Are you having a good night?”

 “I am actually. What about you?”

 “Dancing, drinks, yes!”

 “Pete has been telling me some interesting stuff.”

 “What like?” K looked interested.

 “You know I sometimes... You know when we are fucking; I sometimes go on about... well...How I am interested in seeing you with other people?

”“Sometimes! More like every time! And when we are not fucking too.” She grinned. “You are obsessed. Why?”

 “Well I never thought for a moment that anybody else would know about that stuff”

 K looked sheepish, then braced herself for an argument

 “Well I might have mentioned it once or twice, but just offhand, as a laugh, you know”

 “No no, it’s OK. I don’t mind. Well it turns out Jen and Pete are bang into that sort of thing”

 K looked startled. “What?”

 “You heard me. Pete and Jennifer have been swinging for years.”

 K looked like she needed to process this, and I needed to go to the toilet.

 When I returned K and Jen were dancing again. Pete was just getting the drinks in. He had just managed to get served before the bar staff called time. He handed me my bottle of lager, and put the girl’s drinks on the bar beside where they were still dancing together.

 “Listen mate, these are the last ones we are getting tonight. You want to come back to ours after for a few more? I’ve got a fridge full of beers, and Jen has a few bottles of wine I’m sure. “

 Ordinarily I would have taken this at face value, but bearing in mind the conversation we had been having, it now seemed like an extremely loaded question.

 “I.. I’m not sure. I’ll see what K thinks.

 “Listen mate, just because we sometimes do the swinging thing doesn’t mean we are at it all the time, you can just come for some drinks if you want, nothing more.”

 Despite this assurance I knew that I could never look upon this ordinary couple in the same way again.

 “Having said that” said Pete “If you want to, and we are all happy with it, you are welcome to give Jen a good fucking”

 Not for the first time that evening I found myself struggling for a response.

 “Wow. I mean, thanks.” I thought a bit longer. “Well, I think I am up for it. If K is, I mean.” I thought a bit longer. “To be honest, what really gets me going is the thought of watching K.”

 “The thought? Try the reality mate, you will never look back. Trust me.”

 “Let me talk to K about it.”

 I looked over and saw K and Jen dancing together. The music had become slower, as happens as closing time nears, and the girls were in a drunken embrace, talking excitedly in each other’s ears. I was intrigued, and pleased that the news I had given her earlier didn’t seem to have put her off enjoying her night out. I tapped her on the shoulder.

 “Pete says they have some drinks in, if we want to go back to theirs”

 "Yes, Jen was saying the same thing – it seems a bit too early to go home – what do you think?”

 “Well I’m not tired, but I think..”


 "Well bearing in mind what we have just found out about them, you still want to go back?”

 “Yes.” K had a gleam in her eye and obviously understood what I was getting at. “I’ve been talking to Jen about it.


It was a short journey back to Pete and Jen’s in the taxi, and before I knew it we were sitting in their living room. Jen put some music on, and then sat down beside Pete in the 2-seater sofa. K and I sat in the other 2-seater opposite them. Despite the alcohol I was still a little uptight, and unsure as to what we were doing. Jen increased the atmosphere by getting up and inviting K for a dance. It was another slow number similar to what had been on in the club at last orders and the girls started a slow dance as Pete and I watched them.

 Pete leaned across from the sofa opposite. “Does K like girls?”

 “I think so. I mean, I know she likes the idea” I replied.

 “There’s your answer” laughed Pete. I looked back at the girls and they had seemingly forgotten about the pretence of dancing, save for a little swaying of their hips in time to the music, as they were now passionately kissing each other. As we watched Jen ran her hands up and down K’s body, all the while darting her tongue around my wife’s lips. K, in turn was responding in kind and pulling Jennifer’s body tight against her as we watched.

 I initially felt a feeling of shock, then embarrassment, then all of a sudden as I realised I was the only one feeling this way, this abruptly turned into intense desire. I was aroused in a way that I had not been for years. My cock threatened to burst out of my jeans as I savoured the sight of these two sexily dressed, slightly drunk and obviously uninhibited girls exploring each other in front of their husbands.

 It seemed like a dream and I didn’t want to wake up. After probably about ten minutes of this, I was interrupted from my trance-like state by the sight of Pete coming up from behind his wife and clasping her breasts tight through her dress. K continued kissing her as Pete pulled Jen’s dress up and pushed his hand roughly between her legs. I was thinking I should probably do something similar to K – I mean what is the etiquette in this sort of situation – but my legs seemed to have lost the will to move – in fact my whole body was lifeless, save for my erect penis which was craving attention.

 I had just mustered up the will to move when Jen span K round, until she was in between Pete and his wife. I decided to remain seated, as what was going on in front of me was pretty much what I dreamed about every night – K involved in a sexual embrace with strangers, whilst I sat and watched the show.

 The husband and wife moved K over to the vacant 2-seater sofa opposite me. Jennifer eased K down into a seated position, kneeling on the floor between K’s splayed legs. I saw for the first time that K had been wearing hold-up stockings all night – a rare event indeed which was usually reserved for my birthday or another treat night for me.

 Jen pulled K’s beautiful tits free of her dress and began licking and nibbling at her nipples, gently at first but then more passionately, kneading the soft flesh like dough. Still suckling on my wife’s right nipple, she offered the left one to her husband, who was now sitting beside K. Each sucking my wife’s tits, they worked as a team to pull her knickers down, then each pulled a leg up and out until K was held wide open in front of me. I looked at her familiar pussy and saw her juice actually dripping slowly out of it. Jen moved down between her knees and began lapping up this juice, causing K to moan gently.

 K’s left hand had begun feeling around Pete’s crotch area, rubbing his cock through his jeans. As Jennifer started licking her cunt more vigorously she freed Pete’s cock and pulled it up and down strongly and smoothly.

 Remaining in this position for some time, K eventually began to moan loudly as Jennifer’s licking brought her to a shuddering orgasm.

 “You look like you know how to suck a cock” said Pete, getting up and presenting his fat, rock-hard penis to my wife. I felt like I should say something at this point – K was not into sucking cock at all and had often expressed her desire that, should we ever try something like this, her mouth would be off limits.

 "Pete – K doesn't like to...” I began. “she doesn’t...” I stopped abruptly at the sight of K forcing her lips around Pete’s penis. Evidently the situation, and her friend still licking and fingering her juicy pussy had caused her to temporarily forget this dislike. Pete’s cock was a similar length to mine but much wider and it was fascinating to watch K’s lips stretching wide around it as she forced it to the back of her mouth. The sight of this, and the realisation that I was probably looking like a bit of a prude in all this, caused me to undo my trousers and pull them and by boxers around my knees. I sat down again, not laying a finger on my cock just yet as I was pretty much primed to explode and I had to use every ounce of my willpower to stop myself coming there and then.

 After a while of watching this beautiful sight, K with this couple occupying her pussy and her mouth, Pete looked at me. “So mate – you mind if I fuck your wife?” Before I could respond K had straddled Pete and, facing me, eased her cunt down on his fat cock. I suppose I should have felt jealous but K flashed me the most delicious, dirty smile and I had to laugh. For a good few minutes K held eye contact with me as she gradually got used to the large girth which was now fully inserted in her tight, juicy hole. This was absolutely incredible to watch, and I finally relaxed as I realised this was 100% something I was comfortable with, and Kat was too. The eye contact was broken as Pete began fucking K really hard and she threw her head back and began moaning loudly.

 I was stroking my cock gently as I watched K and Pete fucking and had forgotten about any other presence in the room. I was startled to feel Jennifer’s lips sliding down my cock as slipped my cock smoothly into her mouth. Despite everything, I felt like I should push her off, that this was in some way a betrayal of my wife – my wife who was crying out in pleasure only a few feet from me as she was taking this woman’s husband deep inside her. I realised how ridiculous this was, but I still needed to make eye contact with K – to make sure she was aware of what was going on.

 “Are you not fucking Jen yet?” she gasped, as Pete pushed her down on all fours facing us and resumed his relentless pouncing from behind. K closed her eyes in pleasure as he pulled her head back by the hair, reached under her and roughly groped the breasts he had been admiring a few hours before.

I realised Jennifer was still fully clothed and, without any preliminaries, stood her up, felt around under her dress and yanked her knickers down. I then sat her down, facing her husband and her wife like I was, on my hard penis.

 After nearly 10 years of never experiencing any other woman, it felt a little unusual at first, but to be honest I wasn’t really that interested in fucking Jen. My eyes had never left the sight of my wife still groaning as she was fucked relentlessly from behind. I was simply using Jennifer as a masturbatory aid, getting my kicks watching the sight I had longed to see for so long. Not that it seemed to bother Jen, she was moaning away, obviously experienced in taking strange cock, her partner’s motivations not mattering as she sought her own pleasure.

 Jen’s moans heightened as Pete lifted K up and pushed her right up close to us, still holding her hair he roughly pushed K’s face in between his wife’s legs where I was thrusting in and out of her quickly. K pushed Jen’s dress up and began emulating what her friend had been doing to her earlier, licking enthusiastically at her clit and occasionally flicking her tongue over my cock as it thrust in and out of Jen.

 K had never done this before but she evidently had a talent for it, as after ten minutes or so of her attentions I felt Jennifer tighten around my cock and she groaned loudly as my wife licked her to orgasm. This sight set Pete off and he too groaned as he ejaculated long and hard inside my wife. He pulled out and K rolled back on the floor panting. Legs apart I could see Pete’s enormous load of sperm oozing out of her onto the carpet. Her beautiful pussy was still gaping open after the stretching Pete’s wide penis had given her. Jennifer climbed off me and, on all fours, crawled over  between my wife’s legs.

I followed and started fucking her hard doggy style, as she started playing with K with her hand, smearing her huspand’s sperm around my wife’s inner thighs. K began moaning as Jennifer moved her tongue back up to her clitoris, easing two, three and then four fingers inside her. After K’s initiation from Pete, there was plenty of room in there  and Jen soon had her whole hand, which was about the same girth as her husbands cock, up inside Ks well used pussy. This was too much for me and I pulled out of K’s friend and wanked another enormous load of spunk over my wife’s cunt as her friend pushed her hand vigorously in and out of her, right up to the wrist.

 I collapsed back and watch Jennifer bring K to another orgasm with her hand, well lubricated with two men’s sperm. This climax sent K crazy and she was bucking frantically and pulling her friends hand inside her for a good few minutes before her waves of pleasure died down.

 We all collapsed on the floor, exhausted. After a little while I looked up and K and Jen appeared to be falling asleep, K still with her friends hand right up inside her. Not for the first time that evening, I wondered what to say. Luckily Jen stirred, eased her hand out of K, which seemed to wake my wife as well.

 Pete was already asleep on the floor. “Well that was a fun night!” smiled Jen, as if it was as normal as meeting up for a chat and a cup of tea. K laughed. “We’ll have to do it again some time”.

 “You should come to one of our parties – there’s about 20 couples we meet up with once a month. We take turns to host – it’s our turn next month.”

 “That sounds like fun” said K, smiling. I had to agree.

 We talked on the way home and K admitted that she had known about Pete and Jennifers secret, but hadn't let on to me for fear of me getting to worked up about it - probably a good idea, I admitted. We discussed what had happened and both agreed that it had been fun. We were comfortable with what we had done and were looking forward to trying it again. And despite the late hour, as soon as we closed the front door behind us we were all over each other, all of a sudden it was like a new door had opened on our sex life and we couldn't wait to go through it.


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