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  By: Jorgan  Age: 44  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Virgins/Young women, Identified partner
Location: Anywhere
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

All the prior planning has come together and it's D-Day.  We stand, facing each other nervously, like two kids on the doorstep after the prom.  With a brief smile I lift your chin and kiss you gently on the lips.  It's a sign that what's about to come is done not out of cruelty or anger, but out of friendship and respect.  As our lips part, I whisper "Let's begin."  Your eyes drop to the floor, and in that moment we each take on our "roles" (or as a wise woman once said, we release that small part of who we actually are).  I become the demanding Master and you become the willing and subserviant slave.

"Sir, my safeword is '-------'" you say quietly.  This simple sentence transfers your personal power, symbolically giving me permission to dominate you in whatever manner I choose, within limits which are set only by uttering the word again.

I hand you a blindfold and you know to put it on.  "Let's have a look at the merchandise," I say, "Take off your blouse."  Obediently, you begin unbuttoning the garment, shrugging it off your shoulders to the floor.  "Hands over your head" I command.  You quickly place your hands on top of your head, elbows to the sides.  "I said 'over', not 'on top' I hiss and my riding crop smacks your stomach, leaving a sharp pain and a small welt.  You raise your hands high over your head to avoid another stroke.  "Next time it will be here" I say as I lightly tap your left nipple with the crop thru the fabric of your bra.  Putting aside the crop, I reach around you and unfasten your bra.  Your breasts drop slightly as their support is released.  My fingers slowly trace around your sides under the loose fabric as my hands home in on your full, luscious breasts.  I cup them gently, feeling their weight and rolling your nipples erect with my thumbs and forefingers.  Making a mental note to revisit your firm young breastsmagnificent tits later, I move on.

"Spread your legs", I growl.  SMACK!  The crop strikes sharply on the inside of your thigh, stinging enough to make you gasp.  "Farther!  I need a GOOD look.  Disobey again and the next one is here!"  I rub the business end of the crop against your crotch, parting your lips slightly.  The thought of how painful that would be excites you, as you quickly move your feet as wide apart as you can and still stand up.  You blush fiercely, feeling the heat spread across your face and chest, as it occurs to you just how much this position exposes you.

I reach between your legs, cupping your mound firmly, my finger stroking gently along your lower lips, urging them apart.  In a matter of moments, your pussy betrays your arousal, moistening quickly as your lips open to my invading finger.  My fingertip finds your clit, pummeling it to full erection as you tremble with desire.  Without warning, I drive my middle finger fully into your womb...again and index knuckle bumping your clit with each in-stroke.  You begin to moan as you approach orgasm.  "Don't you come without permission!" I command.  Try as you might, you cannot stop the freight train of sensations coursing thru your body.  "Do NOT do it!" I warn, "Don't you dare."  Your pussy clutches frantically at my pistoning finger, as you begin to gasp "I can't help it...I can't help it...I--oh GGGGooodddd!"  I extend a second finger up inside you as the spasms hit.  It's your first of several orgasms for you this day.

But first, we must deal with your disobedience.  Cumming without permission is a serious offense...

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