Houseguest Part Two - The Wife   added 5 years ago
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I couldn’t sleep. My husband was asleep beside me.  He’s in his fifties and not as, shall I say, as vigorous as he used to be.  He’s ten years older than me.  He’s a great husband, but he just doesn’t get it up like he used to.  He’s tried Viagra, but while he gets him an erection, he also gets a nasty headache – what an irony!



He’s great at oral sex and knows how to run his tongue through me. He’s even started using a life like vibrator or dildo on me when he’s going “downtown” on me, which feels really great to get both at the same time.  But it’s still not quite the same as when he would grip of me strongly with his callused hands, losing control and cumming in me, timing it just right with my orgasms, fucking me hard with that wonderful cock of his! 



Since he passed 50, he’s just not as hard and not as interested.  Damn it.  I’ve found myself where I really want a good, hard fucking, but I didn’t want to go out of the house to get it!



We live in a beach town about a block from the beach.  We decided to rent out a room to a couple of college students for the week.  They spent most of the days in their surfer shorts, hanging low, nearly falling off there skinny young asses. 



They were pretty nice.  One time I was taking care of getting clean towels for the showers. I didn’t hear anyone and apparently one of the guys didn’t hear me.  I turned around from the bathroom as he came out of the spare bedroom heading to the bath, stark naked. My husband’s cock always felt good to me. He had a nice seven inch cock. I know because we’d measured it.  This young guy’s limp cock looked almost as long my husband’s hard cock. And thick, good lord, it was thick! My god, it was gorgeous!



We were both surprised, I know I blushed and he stuttered. I tossed him a towel, turned  and headed back down the hallway in the opposite direction. With my back to him, I was rolling my eyes thinking, my god, what does a cock that size feel like?!


That was the first full day of the week that they were staying with us.  For the next two days I couldn’t get the sight of that gorgeous cock off my mind.  I tried to get my husband interested in sex, but he was worn out. I masturbated while laying there in bed for the next two nights, thinking of the monstrous cock just across the hallway, while my husband slept beside me.



Finally, one the third night I couldn’t take it any more, I really needed to get laid! If my husband was going to get the job done, I was going to do something about it.



He was asleep beside me. I cuddled up to him, slipped my hands under his boxers.  He used get erections in his sleep.  Tonight, even with rubbing his cock and ball, he didn’t wake up.



I slipped out of the bed, tip toed to the door and let myself out, closing it quietly. Stepping across the hall to the spare room door.



I could hear that they were still awake.  I opened the door.  They looked up at me. 



Standing there in a see through negligee, I said I was checking to see how they were doing.  The one whose gorgeously big cock I had seen earlier, was sitting on the bed to my left, near the closet.  The other guy was sprawled back on the far bed, propped up, wearing just a pair of short boxers, one foot and knee propped up on the bed, the other foot on the floor, with a paperback book in his hands. 



I could see him get an almost instant erection, the head of his cock poked out of his boxers. I closed the door behind me. As I approached him, I asked him what he had there. He mumbled something and fumbled with the book, as I leaned over him as if to look at the book, but placed my hand on his hard cock. 



His cock was about the same size as my husband’s, a nicely shaped and very hard.  I just found myself taking him in my mouth. I just wanted to suck the nice hard cock in front of me, I don’t know why, since I don’t go down on my husband very often.  I started taking the head of his cock and about half of his shaft into my mouth, sucking on it like a popsicle.



As I sucked this wonderful cock, I got lost in the moment and forgot about the other college student, whose huge cock I had seen.


Suddenly, I felt this huge cock entering my pussy, splitting me wide and going deeper and deeper.  For a moment I didn’t think it would stop!  A the same time he pushed me forward, forcing me to completely take the other students cock all the way into my mouth and down my throat.



I Had never deep throated anybody before.  I was gagging, couldn’t hardly breath. I was getting light headed and felt close to passing out.  At the same time I felt myself reaching orgasm quicker than I ever had before.  Oh, god, it started feeling fucking good!  One hard, huge cock fucking me from behind and sucking on a nice hard cock in front. I managed to pull my mouth of the guy’s cock to breath, but then he grabbed my head, forcing me back down on his cock.  I discovered what it is like to be “face fucked”.



At that moment I realized I was just a horny slut, and that’s all I wanted to be. I tell you, it felt so good to get fucked by such a pair of hard cocks!


I couldn’t control myself, I started having such an intense orgasms I don’t remember much else until the guy I was blowing started shoot his big hot load of sticky cum down my throat, which started to make me choke and gag again.  He was holding my head firmly, my mouth being just a cunt to his cock. 



He let go og my head and I choked out a mouthful of cum.  I felt a little embarrassed, told him I was sorry about that and lick the cum off of him, getting his no longer as hard cock clean. 



The other guy with that monster cock had pulled out of me.  I could feel his cum running down the backs of my thighs.  He laid back on his bed. 



I stood up. I figured it was time I got back to bed before my husband did wake up. 



I slipped back into bed.  It felt good to have gotten fucked by such a hard cock.  I snuggled up to my husband.  He was still asleep.  I laid my hand on his tummy. My hand slid down.  I discovered that he was HARD.  He was so hard that his cock was lifing itself up off of his tummy.



I whispered to him to see if he was awake.  He just mumbled.  I wasn’t goint to let this opportunity go to waste!



Even though my pussy was filled and dripping with the cum from the young guy I just fucked, I straddled myself over my husband, position my pussy directly over his erect cock as I held it straight up. 



I sat myself down hard, all the way at once.  It felt good to feel his cock fully hard once more.  I rode his cock for all I was worth, my head tilted back, oblivious now to all else. I knew the two students in the next room could easily her us, and it turned me on.



My husband shot his load into me.  I leaned forward on him, squeezing my pussy muscles, milking all his cum.



Finally, I rolled off of him and dosed off. 



I woke up a little later. It was still dark. I glanced at the clock, it was 3a.m.



I was still revved for some more.  I hadn’t had fun like that ever before, so I slipped back out of bed.



I let myself into the spare room quietly. The two guys were asleep.  I slid under the covers of the guy that already fucked with that huge cock because I wanted some more while I could get it. 



He was laying on his back, naked under the covers.  He still smelled like sex, it was hot and I felt tingles run through my clit and pussy in anticipation.  I touched his large, limp, cock.  He woke up instantly, his cock hard instantly.  He grabbed me, rolled me on my back. I spread my legs wide, knees up and spread, pulling him against me with my feet. 



I felt him enter me, halfway on the first stroke. This time he was more gentle, and worked his way completely in, fully filling my pussy with that wonderful cock.  I laid back and enjoyed his cock like that for at least another thirty minutes.



The next night I slipped back in the room and gave the other guy a go. 



I did this the rest of the week while they stayed with us.  And the weird thing was, each time I returned to my bed with my husband, my husband would have a hard-on himself. I always remained the dutiful wife, fuck my husband second so his hard cock didn’t go to waste either.


Now a day, I look forward to male houseguests.  For some reason my husband seems hornier than too.

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