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  By: Jorgan  Age: 44  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner, Steady Partner, Oral Sex
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

You are lying on your back beside the pool.  Eyes closed against the brightness of the afternoon sun, you wait for me.  You feel the sun's heat on your naked body...the occasional tickle of the breeze against the downy hair on your arms.  And elsewhere,  as it ruffles your dark brown bush, playfully, like the gentle caress of a lover's fingertips. 

I walk from the house, also naked, carrying a tray of drinks and a bowl of strawberries--CoolWhip on the side!  I kneel beside your lounger.  You open your eyes and smile up at me.  YOu look delicious...your golden skin...your full, kissable breasts...your willing body, so ready to be explored.  Your nipples perk as I place a dollop of Whip on each, then nest a cold berry in each creamy lump...those are for later!

I move to your feet, rubbing a sumptuous berry up and down your sole, then between your toes, squeezing it to leave a trail of red juice.  My tongue laps up the sweet stickiness, dipping between your perfect toes.  It tickles you terrible, and you tremble, but don't complain, because it also feels VERY nice.  Having licked off every seed and every drop of juice, I raise my head, winking at you, and begin a relaxing foot massage, alternating between rubbing your arches and tweaking your toes...as you relax and sink deeper--mentally and physically--into the cushion.  A stirring between your legs begins, and will not be ignored, even if you wanted to.

My hands wander up your smooth, tan legs, molding themselves around the curves for maximum skin contact.  I kiss my way up your legs, my beard stubble rough and masculine against your smooth feminine thighs.  You move your legs apart with a sigh, hoping I will kiss you there...almost willing my lips to taste yours.  I pause, just to look at you...your treasure on display for my appreciative eyes.  Under my gaze, your inner lips peek out, shyly, and I watch as they begin to glisten with passion.   I inhale deeply, breathing in the exquisite essence of a woman in lust.  My head swims with the thought of the pleasure to come.

I gently part your lips with my tonguetip.  I feel your thighs tense against my cheeks and your head arches back, your mouth opening with a low groan.  Placing another berry between my lips, I gently rub it up and down your slit.  It's sweet juice mingles with yours.  Its delicate aroma complements yours.  Your fingers find the back of my head, entwining my hair and silently urging me on.  Your pussy is open to me now, my tongue tantalizing the full length of your lips, each trip ending with a flick against your erect clit that sends a shiver echoing thru your upper body, until it escapes as a gasp.  Your juices flow freely now, wetting my face and chin.  You taste wonderful...so sweet and spicey...much better than I expected.  Your silky bush tickles my nose as I lap at you, trying to capture every drop...but it seems my efforts only produce more.  I watch the muscles in your belly ripple...judging your response...holding you at bay...not wanting you to peak without me inside you.

As you near the top, I kiss my way up your belly to your golden breasts, devouring the berries and sucking off the sticky cream until your nipples stand tall and firm with lust.   I linger to nuzzle and suck your rubbery points, but you pull me up and kiss me hard.  Your legs wrap aroung my waist, pulling my loins to yours.  Your slick channel slides the length of my hard cock, wetting it with a nether-kiss.  Your sensitive clit dances along the bony ridge on my underside as your mouth opens, inviting my tongue in to play.  Our tongues meet and our saliva mingles in an orgy of oral stimulation.  Suddenly I drive my tongue into your mouth, just as my cock invades your pulsing pussy.  You grunt into my mouth as your pussy grasps me tightly.  It is almost more than I can take...and I want desperately for this to last.

I raise up, kneeling between your legs, watching my shaft disappear into you.  Looking down, I see your golden body laid out before me, covered with a slight sheen of perspiration.  I look deep into your brown eyes, meeting your loving gaze, then watching them melt into unfocus as I rock my hips, beginning the assault again.  Your hips move freely now, meeting each thrust, and insuring that my cockhead rubs the same, delightful spot each time.   I lean down, grasping your firm ass with my strong hands.  Holding you in place, I drive full-length into you, pummeling, my pubic bone jarring your clit, almost painfully, with each sudden thrust.

At long last, your back begins to arch...your knees pull involuntarity up toward your chest, your breath quickens--then comes in gasps.  I drive into you now, almost frantically, as you begin to peak.  Your pussy clutches at me spasmodically.  You cry out the first words spoken between us-- "Oh, fuck me, fuck me..."  Your head whips from side to side as passion overtakes you.  You reach down behind me and grasp my heavy balls, pulling me into you and urging them to explode.  I can hold out no longer.  With a groan, I begin to pulse and unload within you.  You feel my hot spunk flood your womb.  With a shudder you go over the top, feeling a release like you haven't felt in a long, long time.  I collapse on you, our chests pounding together, my ragged breath hot against your neck.  Two, perhaps 3 minutes we lay there, enjoying the afterglow, and luxuriating in the contact of skin against skin.  I soften and slip out of you with a soft "pop"...felt but not heard.
I rise, and gently dab at the bit of me now trickling out and down your thigh.  The soft towel feels slightly rough as I tenderly dry you off.  I lay the towel across your thighs, shielding your tender parts against the hot afternoon sun.  I offer you a cold drink, and gently wipe the perspiration from your face.  You drink, and devilishly take an ice cube between your lips, pondering what mischief you might do, because it's YOUR turn now...

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