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I’d been sharing fantasies with my wife about watching her fuck another man. Sometimes, when I’d catch her glancing at some young stud just to check him out, I’d tease her and ask if she wanted me to invite the guy over so she could get a closer look and see if that was the guy she was going to fuck while I watched.



One evening we were at a friend’s house for a party. There were a number of people there that we both knew and didn’t know.  An athletic, young black guy about six feet tall was there. My wife and I were introduced to the young man. My wife hit it off with him, had a good time talking. When the guy was dancing with other women, I would catch my wife watching him move around he dance floor. She would comment how smooth his moves were.



I made my usual joking comment, “Well, would you me to invite him home so you can check out the rest of his moves?”



She said I’d always teasing her with that question, so, yes, she told me to go ask him. 



Being actually called on it by my wife was actually surprising. She saw my hesitation. She said that I’d been the one always bugging her, so she was going to insist on taking me up on it. She said I’d better get the guy to come home with us or I wasn’t going to have any nookie for at least a month.



I approached the guy. I told him that we like to invite him home after the party, that my wife would like to get to know him better. 



We got to our house. My wife had us both sit on the couch. She got undressed. The young black stud saw a fine 40 year old red-headed woman with very fair skin (she doesn’t tan) woman, with with firm tits, erect nipples and a tight little ass.



She came over to his end of the couch, put one foot up on the armrest so he could see her hairy pussy with little pink lips poking out.  She is a true redhead, and the proof was in her pussy hair, tight little red curls. The guy could hardly sit still, trying to grope her pussy, but she told him to wait.



She told me to go get the shaving cream and a razor. After I retrieved it from the bathroom she told me to shave her pussy but leave a triangle in front.  She had never shaved her pussy for me before, but now was going to have me shave her for this young stud to fuck her. I was both jealous and excited at the same time.



I shaved her pussy while she was still standing at the end of the couch with one foot up on the armrest, nearly straddling this stud. I could see a very large bulge in the guy’s pants.



I finished shaving her lips clean, leaving the little triangle up front as she had instructed. She had me rub lotion on her newly shaved pussy lips. She started rubbing the guy’s large bulge, then she told me to get the KY. I retrieved the lubricant. While still in the same position, she had me stand behind her and rub KY into her pussy, saying she thought she would need it for this.


She told me to get undressed and go sit on the bed against the headboard.  She also told the young black stud to get undressed. She eagerly helped him, rubbing her hands over his chest, and finally pulling the guy’s massive ten-inch cock out of his pants.


I sat one the bead against the head board. She had me spread my legs so she could lay back against me. She told me to slip my hand under her knees and hold her legs up and apart.  I now had her legs spread high and wide.  I always wanted to be able lick her pussy with it shaved, but now some well hung young black stud was going to be the first guy to lick and fuck those bare lips.


The guy dove into her pussy like he was starving. Even though at this point I wasn’t so sure anymore if had been a really great thing to talk my wife into this, now that she was actually about to fuck some young well hung stud. Even still, I found my own, relatively puny,  6 inch cock was achingly hard.


She was pressing her head back into my chest and moaning as the guy lapped away on he pussy. Finally, she told the guy to fuck her. I sat there pinned behind my wife, holding her legs wide apart so this stud could hammer his ten-inch cock deeper into her pink little pussy than anything had gone before. 


The guy was nearly out of control as his head shot up from between her legs, he grabbed is cock, and plunged the head of his cock strait into her pussy. He didn’t stop until his ten-inch long, two inch thick cock, completely impaled my wife on his first thrust.


I held her legs tight. She screamed as this huge cock seemed to split her open. At first she tried to close her legs, but I had them firmer held wide open.  The young stud was also pressing her thighs against her chest, pushing them down beside her tits. 


The guy just continued at a hard, steady rhythm, pulling his cock nearly out to where you could see the crown, then plunge the full ten-incher back in until his balls slapped hard against her ass.


Her initial screams of pain subsided into whimpers.  Than I started to hear her moaning. She had stopped fighting to get this stud off of her. Now she was moving her ass back up to meet his hard, deep thrusts.


The guy started fucking her faster. She was now lifting herself up so her pussy would meet each of his downward plunges just as hard to meet his strokes as he plunged that monster cock into her.


She was screaming again, but this time she was cumming.  I’d never seen her cum like this in the 15 years we’d been married. The stud was grunting and moaning as his pumped his load of cum into her.  I could see their mixed cum foaming around his cock.


He must have made her cum hard for what seemed like 20 minutes. Even after shooting his load he was still fucking her.  Than he shot a second load of cum deep inside her, this time stopping his strokes and holding himself the full ten inches inside her, making sure his cum got deep into her. Even though he was holding still, my wife was still having an orgasm, grinding her pussy hard against him as he held still.


I felt her body relax as her orgasms subsided. The guy had collapsed on top of her and laid there for a few moments.  I held my wife as she ran her hands over the guys back and ass, feeling his muscular buttocks.  She reached under him and told me that he had huge balls – no wonder he had unloaded so much cum into her.


The guy got up to leave. As he got dressed my wife told me to stay where I was. She got up, stayed naked, and walked him to the door. In  few minutes I heard the door open and shut. She came back to the bedroom. I asked what took so long. She said that she had to lick the guys cock clean before he left. That really upset me, as she’s never given me a blowjob, but what surprised me more was the thought her sucking such a huge black cock was also getting me excited.


She now told me to lay down on the bed. That this was all my idea and now she wanted one more thing.  She straddled my face, facing away so I also had a perfect view of her ass and asshole. As she spread her legs over my face and lowered her cum dripping pussy to me, those sweet little pussy lips parted, showing that her cunt itself was still stretched wide open, and all that cum was about to run out of her pussy, then she pressed her pussy against my mouth and I had no choice but to start licking and sucking pussy that was full of the stud cum.  Suddenly, she leaned forwarded and started sucking my cock for the first time in our marriage. 


As soon as she did that, I didn’t care any more, I wrapped my arms around her , pulling her more tightly to me and her pussy even harder against my mouth.


She started cuming again almost immediately.  I couldn’t believe that I was actually shooting my load of cum into her mouth and she was gobbling it up.


After that we fell asleep in the same 69 position and stayed that way until we woke in the morning.  

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