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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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Your husband been strongly hinting lately of the two of you trying a threesome or swinging.  You have what you think is a good sex life.  You’ve even gone along with trying adult toys, especially enjoying when he fucks you with an eight inch dildo while he sucks and nibbles on your clit. 

But you’ve really never had an interest in fucking anyone other than your husband.  Lately he’s been telling you fantasies about him watch you fuck another guy or groups of guys.  You get turned on fantasizing along with him when he tells you sex stories while your getting close to orgasm about a guy sucking on each of your nipples and another down between your legs sucking and licking your pussy lips and clit.  You still don’t have a desire to actually DO it for real, but enjoy the fantasy.

He’s been becoming annoying, and getting a little more pushy lately about trying a swinging party or hooking up with another couple.  Finally you’ve had enough and cal him on it. You tell him might be willing to try it with another couple.

Over the next week he’s been busy on the internet, trying to hook up with another couple. The two of you are in your mid thirties, athletic and you know you still “got it” with your firm little ass, good legs and real nice 34c’s that definitely turn guys heads when you where sexy tops.

He says he’s found a similar couple through some hook up web site.  The date is set for Saturday night.  You all are going to meet at some hotel bar in a different town.  Two inter connecting rooms are reserved.

The night comes. Your husband and you are driving over. You can tell your husband is all excited about the anticipation and it pisses you off that he wants to swap for some other bitch, but you keep that to yourself. You’ve got something in mind.

The two of you locate the other couple in the bar.  They obviously were stretching the truth about their description. Your husband said they were a couple similar to us in age and build.  They were more like in their mid-forties to fifty.  The husband may have been athletic, but now had the midlife beer gut.  The wife had dressed sexy, but it doesn’t hide or make up for her sagging tits ans skinny, over suntanned legs.  You begin realize you may be able to make your husband regret this after all.

You can tell your husband is disappointed when he sees the other guy’s wife.  The other husband, however, can’t keep his eyes off of you. His eyes are glued to you, better your tits, and you think you actually see him drooling as he mentally undresses you in the bar. You uncross and cross your legs, giving him a slight flash of your shaved pussy lips and little triangle trim of your pubic hair.  You think he is nearly going to pop his load right then and there. 

You look at your husband. You can tell he is a little irritated.  But you figure you’ve got him now.  Before your husband gets a chance to call it off after a social drink, you up and say, “Well, aree we going to head to the rooms or what?”

You husband now is on a spot where it can’t really say no.  On the way to the rooms he whispers to you a “sorry about the couple”, but you reply that his ought to be fun.  You can tell now that he’s a little regretful and maybe worried.

You and your husband enter your hotel room.  There is a knock on the inner door, your husband opens it.

Since each room has a king size bed, the other husband asks whether you and your husband want to all be on the same bed as a foursome or in separate beds.  Since you can see each bed through the doorway, you respond before your husband does that to be in separate beds, but keep the doors open. 

Now it’s time to get undressed.  Under your short cocktail dress you’ve worn a really hot bra and thong set that shows off your really sexy, firm, athletic 34B’s. Your thong obviously shows off your very tight, round little ass.  The beer belly husband has stripped down to his boxer shorts.  You can see his erection poking out his boxers like a tent pole.  You can tell his cock isn’t a monster, but that doesn’t matter now.  The main thing is to make your husband jealous enough that he won’t want to chance trading you again for some other pussy any time soon.

You look at your husband.  The skinny wife has a similar outfit.  She’s also been eyeballing the stud of a husband you’ve got since all she got at home is the beer belly guy.  She’s moving sexy, but your husband realizes that he definitely ended up with the lesser deal.  She got a skinny body, sagging tits and her ass isn’t any better and she even got zits on her ass! You can tell your husband is starting to regret this – you think “GOOD!”

You turn your attention back to beer belly, since he has taken your hand to pull you over to the bed. You follow, smiling and flirting with him like he’s the greatest stud you’ve ever seen.

He wants to know if you want him to go down on your pussy.  You say sure, and you make a show of taking off your thong for beer belly, knowing your husband is watching you through the door.

You lay back on the bed, your legs wide.  Beer belly nearly shoots his load and come close to knocking you off the bed as he dives his face into your pussy.

Once you get settled back on the bed, and positioned so you know damn well your husband can see everything, you close your eyes and lay your head back.  Beer belly, it turns out, really knows how to give a women head. You feel his tongue exploring your outer and inner lips, dipping deep into your juices, than circling around your clit. You start to enjoy beer belly’s pussy licking efforts and skill.

You moan and make sexy comments, just loud enough so your husband can hear. You compliment beer belly on his oral sex ability, telling him how wonderful it feels, and how much you him licking your pussy.  

You glance over to see the skinny wife sucking on your husband’s cock. Apparently he’s not as thrilled seeing you with your legs spread wide, head laid back and beer belly with his face buried in your pussy. You play it up even more, and start moving your ass and moaning, which is easy to do since beer belly is actually getting you close to cumming with his tongue.

You wrap your legs tight around beer belly’s head. Beer belly is sucking and licking your wet pussy like a mad dog – he’s actually starting to dry hump the bed! Finally you start your orgasm. You say plenty loud to beer belly so your husband can hear, “FUCK ME NOW!!”

Beer belly pulls his face from your pussy. His face is dripping with your juice and his drool. Your pull your legs up high, knees and feet locked behind your shoulders and head (that yoga training paying off now!).

Beer belly’s cock is only about a five incher, but you start cumming more anyhow because of your pussy already hot and revved from his sucking on it so well.

You tell beer belly his cock is great! You’re fucking, moaning and groaning loudly so if there’ anyone in the next room on the other side there will be no doubt what you are doing.  You put on a show, like that this is the greatest fuck you’ve ever had. 

Beer belly shoots his load in a matter of minutes, but you act like he just fucked you for hours and you want more. He flops onto his back. 

You see your husband’s fucking skinny dog style, but he’s looking at you, and he doesn’t look real happy, but what can he say, this was his idea and he hounded you into it. Now he’s paying the price.

You take beer belly’s balls in your hand, and tell him that you’re going to make him hard. You are able to take all of his soft cock and balls in your mouth at the same time.  Beer belly lets out a great groan and, “oh god!”

It doesn’t take long and you feel his cock in your mouth start to twitch as it starts to grow, forcing you to spit his balls out of your mouth.  Now you continue to deep throat his cock, which is small enough so it is easy to do.

He gets hard, and you get another idea to really drive it home to your husband.  You ask beer belly if he wants to fuck you in the ass.  You’ve never been fucked in the ass before, so it is virgin territory.  Your husband has wanted to fuck you in the ass, but you just weren’t into it and you thought his cock was too big for your ass. 

Beer belly gets really excited; apparently his skinny wife has never let him fuck her in the ass.  You roll over in the bed, tuck your knees under you, exposing your ass in the air. 

Beer belly grabs the bottle of hotel lotion and starts to rubs it on your ass, really enjoy the feel or your nice, round firm ass.  He buries his face behind you in your ass, tonguing your asshole.  You are surprised and find you enjoy his tong flicking around your asshole, and then he pushes his tongue up your ass, ooooooouuuu, what another surprising thrill!

His pulls his face away and starts to rub around your asshole with his finger. He slips a finger up your ass.  He has big hands and fingers. His finger almost feels as long as his five inch cock. He works some lotion into your ass with one finger. He pulls his finger out, places the lotion bottle against your asshole and squirts more lotion directly up your ass.  The coolness of it shocks you, but feels good two.  Suddenly, ugghh, he’s slipped two of his large fingers together up your ass.  Large and bony, your ass starts to burn from the suddenness. 

He pulls his fingers out.

Beer belly places his feet on either side of you, straddling over you.  Your ass is facing the door to the other room where your husband has continued to see and watch everything. He sees beer belly lower himself down over your ass, pressing the head of his cock against your tight pink hole. His little five inch cock feels like a relief from his large fingers as he slowly slides into your ass. He starts to pump his cock in your ass and it actually feels good to you.  You reach between your legs and touch your clit. Its swollen and ready. You slip your fingers into your own pussy, felling beer belly’s and your cum. You pull your wet, sticky fingers out of your pussy and starts to rub your clit in timing with beer belly strokes as he fucks you in the ass.

You peek through closed eyelids and see your husband.  You close your eyes and lose yourself to the bliss of touching yourself and beer belly pressing his cock as deep as he can go in your ass.  You remember suddenly screaming loud as you have a huge orgasm, than collapsing and passing out on the bed. You come to your senses and realize beer belly has collapsed on top of your, his cock still in your ass.

Your husband is suddenly beside the bed, dressed with your clothes and says he’s ready to go.  Skinny’s bitching about “that being all?”

You look at him with a little blissful contented smile and say, if that’s what he wants. Beer belly roles off of you and your husband gets to see his spent cock pulling out of your ass, and his cum running down your crack.

You smile at your husband, get dressed and the two of you leave. On the way home you look at your husband, and say sweetly, “did you get want you wanted?”.

He doesn’t say anything.  It’s been months, he’s been great in and out of the bed. He’s never mentioned swinging again, and you don’t really mind. You got what you wanted.

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