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After I graduating medical school, I took a temporary position in a rural community. Mary came to my office for a physical. Mary was young very attractive sexy young woman. She had a very sexy slender body . She came nto th exam room dressed in open back gown. Mary moved aganist me, I felt the softness of her body aganist mine. I let my hand seep across her back, stroking her and feeling the softness beneath the gown. Then moving downward, touching her firm supple ass.

Mary murmured " Oh GOD, Oh GOD doctor! Oh my GOD yes." Wrapping her arms around me pressing aganist my chest. She tightened her grip, I could feel my cock swelling aganist her. " Mmmmmmm, yes," she whispered and moved her hips, making me even harder. Mary realized that I was not pulling away, but was kissing her neck and pulling her gown up, she dropped her hands to my zipper and belt tugging to open my pants. I was pulling her panties down. I ran my hands along the smooth skin of her ass. Ignoring that she was tugging my pants and shorts down helping to free my hard cock.

Mary stood and quickly clasped herself to me again. We stood by the exam table kissing deeply, both of us naked from the waist down with my hard cock pressed into her soft belly.

My need to fuck her became urgent. The feel of her soft skin aganist me drove me into wild lust for her. I pushed her facing the table bending her forward, her ass pushed towards me. I started massaging her clit and running my middle fingerup her sexy ass crack. Then I massaged her asshole. I roughly worked my finger into her tight cunt and started to finger fuck her as Mary struggled for control. I sensed she had probably not been fucked in a few months and would

respond to my wishes.

" Oh baby," your cunt is sopping wet, I wrapped my arms around her grabbing Mary's beautiful tits and roughly massaging them. Mary screamed from the pain. Gripping her fleshy hips, I jammed my entire 14 inch cock into her tight cunt. Thrusting my cock deep into her while shoving the gown off her shoulders. I alternately play with her clit and her nipples as I continue plunging my cock deep into her wet pussy. Mary's body was responding to my assault. I sensed that she was about to cum and I pulled my cock from her pussy.

I grabbed Mary by her hair pulling her head back. I had her turn around lay on the table placing her legs in the stirups. Spreading her legs apart, sliding her ass to the edge of the table. I massaged her small tight asshole. Mary 's body was starting to respond despite her efforts to not let that happen. Mary started to move her beautiful ass to me. I moved forward in between her thighs and lined up my huge member with her small tight asshole. I grabbed her by her rounded hips and pushed my cock all the way in to hilt with one massive stroke. Mary screamed again. I started reaming Mary's ass with long heavy thrusts.

Mary felt a powerful orgasm starting to build in her stomach and legs. Mary had not ever been this turned on. She could not stop the tidal wave of pleasure she felt engulfing her body. Mary's asshole started to pulse and contract around my cock, making it squeeze the invading cock tightly. I was feeling the effects too and started to speed up my thrusts. Mary felt the room spin as she had the biggest of her entire life. She could only mumble MMMMM-OOOOOOOHHH-AAHHH-OH GOD. Her ass spasmed again and again around my cock. Mary managed to cum four more times during the afternoon.






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