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Well i work as a plumber/bathroom cleaner and go personally to fix the facility problems in any house. One day i got called by a customer complaining about her plumbing system failing. Once i got to her house i got to work. She was a nice lady about 5'7", slim, big butt, and firmly sized breasts. She kept offering me snacks and beverages as i kept working, but i denied them all.


Finally, it was time for lunch. The work was incomplete but i had to eat something. So i tell her that i will return with my lunchbox from the van. So i quickly went to get my box and came back. She let me sit down in a chair in her dining room. She engaged in small talk as i sat down. She asked me why i went back to the van. i reminded her that it was my lunch break. She came close and said "Lunch break huh? Gosh you're drenched you must be thirsty" she said as she placed a hand on my forehead. Her body was insanely close to mine as she said that.


I slowly let out "yeah i am". With a smile she began fiddling at her blouse unbuttoning it and exposing in front of my face her black bra. She took off her shirt and then said "open up". She pulled her right bra cup down and brought her brown nipple to my mouth. I looked at her confused but gladly took in the nipple. i began to suck and ironically was drinking breast milk. She began moaning and breathing hard as she held the back of my head against her right breast. I sucked harder and faster at the sounds. Then as i kept sucking i noticed that after 5 or 10 minutes of sucking her boob that it was empty. i let it go and she said "oh no you must still be very hungry and thirsty" so she then exposed her left tit and i totally pigged out on it. i jabbed my teeth into the areola and sucked harder than before the milk came faster and in more quantity.


She at this point hugged my head onto her breast and then sat down on my lap facing me with his nipple still latched into my mouth. Hell i wouldnt let it go for anything. SHe unzipped my pants and moaned out, hey Mr. Plumber i want to pump your pipe". she unzipped her pants and popped my boner into her cunt and rode away as i devoured her breast. after 30 minutes of fucking her left tit went dry. and i got sad. "Dont worry baby my right one is swollen with milk" WOW! it did refill back up. and pretty soon she began moaning and screaming in pleasure i just moaned while i sucked sounding like a baby. her sounds became faster and louder until BOOM! we both exploded.


I stayed sucking her milk for the next 4 hours and when i returned to my boss he asked why i took so long. I just said she had a major clog. she was my best customer and after that day i came back every week. 

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