Married First Time Anal.   added 5 years ago
  By: RodManly  Age: 56  Country: United States

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My wife, Neilyn, and I had been married about seven years before we had our first full anal sex experience. 


We were on vacation, staying in a cottage with a fireplace. It was the evening, a fire was going in the fireplace and of course we were stretched out in front of it.


I had the massage oil all nice and warm.  Neilyn way laying on her back as I massaged her front completely.  Not going straight for the “hot spots”, I massaged from her shoulders, down sides, abdomen, fronts of her thighs, down to her toes. 


While I massaged her breasts and over her pubic area, I focused on initially giving her a massage.  After the front of her was well massaged, I started paying more attention to her nipples and pussy.  As I had been massaging her I could see the slit of her opening starting to glisten more with her own excitement.  When I finally did run my fingers back and forth between her lips, she was very wet.


I couldn’t take any more and went down on her to tastes her juices.  She gladly spread her legs and wrapped her thighs around my head.  She started to orgasm pretty quickly, moaning very loudly.  I thought my cock might explode to soon the way she was pulling my head into her pussy as I was alternately sucking and licking on her clit.


Finally, I plunged my raging erection into her. I could feel her body tighten, she squeezed  her thighs, thrusting hard back against me. I shot my load into her as I could feel her quiver and orgasm herself.


We collapsed into each other arms. 


After while we recovered and she turned over to have lotion rubbed on her back.


I began again massaging her from her shoulders, down her back, over her really nice  ass, down the backs of her gorgeous thighs, to the backs of her feet and toes.  Than I worked my way back up to her ass, which I really like rubbing, fondling and nibbling on.  Lucky for me, she likes receiving such treatment as much as I like doing it.


She spread her legs wide.  As I nibbled on her ass cheeks, up and down her crack, teasing around her around her anus with my tongue. I ended up with my face buried between in her crotch, with my mouth working her pussy and her tight little anus right in front of my eyes.


As I licked and sucked her pussy, which was already full of our mixed cum, I continued to massage her ass.  Using lotion, and without a word, I began to massage her asshole.  She was real relaxed from our recent fuck and the ongoing massage.


I carefully rubbed lotion into her anus, slipping in a finger.  I decided then to see how far I could go.  I worked in two than three fingers.  Neilyn was starting to lift her  ass up in response to both my tongue work on her pussy and the finger fucking of her ass. 


Her asshole was really relaxing and opening up.  She started to orgasm as I licked and sucked her pussy.  As she reached her full orgasm, I mounted up behind her, and slipped my now raging erection into her welcoming little asshole that was now well lubed and wide open. 


As I worked my cock into her I reached around and finger fucked her pussy.  She went absolutely nuts.  My cock was only about a third of the way into her asshole.  But as I finger fucked her pussy, she pushed her ass up to receive my cock all the way to the hilt into her ass, and began slamming her ass back on me.  We fucked this way, me in her ass and finger fucking her pussy, for about ten minutes before I unloaded my cum into her now de-flowered little ass.


When we were done I thought she might be a little pissed since we never talked about anal sex before, and I didn’t ask her if she wanted fucked in the ass.  But instead, as we showered, she just rubbed up against me and purred like a kitten!

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