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So i guess this fantasy started when i started to watch bukkake and gangbang porn several years ago. I started to pay more attention to the dicks and how the girl would get off on taking dicks and loving cum on her face, tits, ass, or inside her ass pussy or mouth. So naturally i stated looking up pictures of hard dicks dripping with pre cum or shooting spunk. This really turned me and i started to play with my nipples and finger my ass hole when i would jack off. So i went to the adult toy store and picked up some toys for myself to use.


 My fantasy really took root when one night I was out with my girlfriend at a rave. She was really into the scene and the songs the dj was playing. She has 34DD tits and loves to be groped. The place got really hot and she started to dance topless. I went away to get a drink and when i came back she was dancing with this black guy. He was fingering her and groping her tits. She was enjoying the attention. When I returned security spoted what was happening and escorted the two of us out of the club. She told me how she loved how the guy's hands were so strong and how her pussy was dripping from his attention. She said that if i had not come back when i did she would have started giving him a hand job or a blow job. I wish we had gone home with him and made him cum together. 


Soon after she cheated on me and left me. i did not get to watch or help. I still fantasize about becoming a slut just like her. To this day I still want to taste cock.

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