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Categories: The Fetishists, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: could How resist come. would i knew Desire your about me Sent you when told and note that such an invitation?
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

You knew I would come… When you sent me that note and told me about your desire, you knew I would come. How could I resist such an invitation? You knew I would come, but you did not know exactly when.

I watched you through your bedroom window. There was a slight chill to the evening breeze and there were goose bumps all over my flesh but they had nothing to do with the temperature of the air. Your note had been simple and direct. “Take me!” it had said. You knew I would come…

I heard the shower running and saw the bathroom window grow opaque from the steam. I could hear the water splashing across your magnificent body and onto the floor as I quietly entered through your open bedroom window. I watched you as you tilted your head back, caressing your auburn hair and working it into a lather. What you didn’t realize is that you were also working me into a lather. You see, you didn’t realize it, but I had come… For you!

As you worked the washcloth over your body I stood mesmerized. The way you cupped each breast in one hand as you gently massaged it with the cloth in your other hand… The way you took that extra second to lightly play with each nipple, teasing it with the relative roughness of the cloth. As you bent over to run the cloth over the length of your shapely legs your perfectly rounded cheeks pressed against the shower door… My mind raced to that exquisite damp spot that you always offer up to me so readily… The thought almost overwhelming me… Making me want to dispense with my plan and rush in there and take you right there in the shower.

But no, I must do what I’ve come here to do. As is your custom, you complete your bathing ritual by leaning back against the wall and allowing the warm pulsing jet to hit you in just the perfect way. As I see you leaning against the wall I know it is time to prepare. I only have a few minutes before you will be done with your shower.

I place the scarves at each corner of the bed. Securely tying them to the corners. I save one to cover your eyes. It is almost time… I pull the mask down over my face and put on the gloves. You step from the shower and bend at the waist to put your hair up into the towel… As you straighten up I make my move. My hand is quickly at your mouth as I wrap my other arm around you. “Do not make a sound” I say, “and you won’t get hurt. Do you understand?” I ask. Your timid nod tells me you do. I carry you to the bed and throw you down. I straddle you as I grasp first one wrist then the other and secure them to the bedposts.

You start to whimper a bit, saying something about how this may not be a good idea. “It’s too late for that now” I say. I take the panties that were on the bed, the ones you had intended to wear after your shower and force them into your mouth while telling you that this should keep you quiet. You begin to struggle a little bit as I reach for your ankles. I can see a bit of uncertainty or is that fear in your eyes? Once I’ve secured your ankles I blindfold you with the one remaining scarf. Now you are utterly and completely at my mercy.

You hear me walk out of the room. Your mind races, is he going to leave me here? Oh my GOD! I can not be left here like this! Then you hear the footsteps coming back down the hall.

Then you feel sense it more than feel it at first. The closeness as the ice cube nears your flesh. You feel the cool down rush of air from the ice cube as it caresses your nipple. But there is no touch… You arch your back, aching for the cool touch of the ice against your flesh but as your breast rises I pull the ice cube away. After several seconds you feel the delicious coolness as the first drop of water lands on your rapidly hardening nipple. I hear your low moan through your gag. After several drops have found their mark I relent and touch the ice cube to your now fully erect nipple. I love the way your areola draws up to surround your nipple when you are exceptionally aroused. Once your nipple is sufficiently chilled I move the ice cube… Tracing a track that will take it over your navel to your moist heat where it will mingle with your arousal…

 Now just as the ice reaches your clit you feel my mouth which I have warmed with a glass of hot water take your cold nipple between my lips. The contrast between the cold on your clit and the heat on your nipples cause instant goose bumps. With your nipple in my mouth I look at the little bumps all across your other breast. As I take your nipple between my teeth and give that little nip that you so love I slip the cube deep inside you. It enters easily as you are by now soaking wet in anticipation.

Again, I take the hot water in my mouth. This time, I shall give you the release you are aching for. You feel my hot tongue as it glides over your moist slit to come to rest on your clit. I gently suck you into my mouth, my tongue darting and flicking over you in just the right way. It is only a matter of a minute or two when I feel your body tense. Your back begins to arch up off the bed and I redouble my efforts on your clit. Your hips are now bucking wildly, your wrists and ankles tugging at their bonds trying for release as you achieve your own release.

As I untie your wrists I say “You’d better get yourself untied and get these wet sheets taken care of before your husband gets home!” and slip quietly through your window.

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