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My story begins on a very hot day in Phoenix Arizona, mid June. My best friend and I were about to embark on a road trip to her parents in Havasu. I had never been there and wanted to take her since she was going to be gone for some time. Her plan was to stay there and get her life cleaned up. So, before we left I asked her how will I get back? I won't remember how to. It was a ploy I played to get her to invite her boyfriend along. She fell for it, and asked him to ride with us to make sure I made it home okay. He gladly obliged her. He had been eyeing me for months and I him. This was the opportunity of a lifetime! 

The trip was fun, we all laughed and "smoked" and sang to the radio. The air in my car was tepid to say the least; the windows down made it bearable. Once we arrived in Havasu we beelined to her parents house and gulped down water, soda, juice - actually anything they had to rehydrate our sweat drenched bodies. After a pee break - it was time to hit the road. We said our goodbyes to her and rushed out the house. Once in the car I pulled away watching for her to glance out the window or step outside to see us off, but she never did. I shrugged it off and we turned the corner to return onto the main street. It was at the stop sign that he offered to drive part of the way back. I was fine with that, so we switched seats - he got out and walked around and I crawled over the shifter allowing him a quick shot of my ass when he opened up the car door. He was blushing a little when he was finally able to take his seat in the car. 

As we merged onto the interstate highway the heat intensified; literally. We had taken some water along in plastic bottles from her house and I was trying to drink conservatively. Some had spilled out from the corner of my mouth and ran down my left tit and over my nipple. Immediately it was erect and VERY pronounced under my thin tank top. "Oops! I hate when that happens" I said dishonestly. He looked over and his eyes fixed on my nipple instantly. "I bet." he said with a slight sarcasm. 

As we continued on the interstate the sun blazed hotter than ever. My windows were all rolled down and I decided to lay my seat back to get more of the outside breeze to rush in. As I did the wind was pushing open the sides of my tank top allowing full view of my tits as they perched on my chest. My nipples once again stood at attention. A semi trucker was slowly barreling along and we passed him gradually. As I lay there in the passenger seat I glanced over toward our soon to be in-the-dust friend and he too was filling his eyes with the sight of my perky tits as the breeze gave rise to my tank. I gave a little wave and away he was.

My driver had taken notice of this and asked if he might be able to get a drink of that water. I passed the bottle and when he handed it back I stood it tightly in between my legs- pressing it hard against my crotch. My 'daisy duke' shorts were extreme and there was little fabric covering my tight snatch. The cool feel through the fabric made me wet from the inside and I watched him lick his lips as he refocused his eyes back onto the road.

I suddenly had the urge to touch my thigh and as I tickled my thigh with the tips of my fingers, he couldn't help sneaking a few peeks out of the corner of his eye. His forehead had beads of sweat building on it and I knew he was getting a bit hot watching me. As my hand crept up a little further, he had to readjust his position in the seat. Then I thought what the hell and I reached up under my tank top and began rubbing and squeezing my rock hard nipple. 

Suddenly , he burst out, "Fuck this shit!" and he pulled off the highway and down a very dusty and bumpy dirt road. I said"What's wrong? Are you pissed off? What is it?" He drove a short way down the road to some high bushes and as he fishtailed the car to an unseen spot from the highway he said, "You got me so fucking worked up! I have to have it NOW, I want your pussy NOW. You ready?" 
I was more than ready. He jumped out of the drivers seat and folded it forward, then dropped his pants and climbed into the back seat. He layed down and said- "ride it" I completely obliged and crawled into the back with him. 

Once I was stradled over his HUGE throbbing fuck muscle, I grabbed it and tickled the hole of my pussy with the tip of it. He was crazy with anticipation, and was squeezing my ass cheeks super hard and saying, "gimme it, PLEASE, now. Fuck me PLEASE!!" I was waiting and he finally couldn't stand the feeling of my wet drippy lips sliding over the tip of his "helmet"; he grabbed my ass HARD and slammed me down on his MOTHER FUCKEN MONSTER COCK. "OMG!" he yelled, "Oh GOOOOD! Yes! Holy Shit!" he exclaimed and starred at me with open eyes. "What is it?" I said with sex flowing in my tone. "You have the tightest fucking pussy I have ever been in! OMG! Gimme more of that bomb baby!" I rode him harder than anyone ever in my life. I ground his Cock into the top of my pussy for beter than 30 minutes and he wanted to unfold. So we stepped out of the car and he french kissed my mouth - spun me around - bent my at the waist and grabbed my hips- tight!

He rammed his cock into my ppussy I thought I was gonna choke! He held my hips so fucking tight and slammed my body into his over and over and over. His cock was swollen and banging me like a ram rod all the way in as far as my pussy could go (+10). He started exclaiming loudly as I screamed out my  third orgasm, " I am gonna cum right........NOW!" I pulled my pussy away -spun around and grabbed his huge member just as it was about to rocket hot cum all over me, I opened my mouth and the load released all over my face, my cheeks, chin, eyes, hair, and some on my tongue too! I licked the sensitive head of his cock and he jerked back away from the OVER sensation. I licked my face clean and got back in the drivers seat. He walked around the car and passenger again, he laid back enjoying the breeze. 

I dropped him off at his place and headed to my home, as I pulled in the garage my boyfriend asked me "Where the fuck have you been?" I had to be honest and responded sweetly..."Out for a long hot ride." 


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