Close Encounters of the Rough Kind   added 5 years ago
  By: sexNsane  Age: 50  Country: United States

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Categories: Anal Sex, Anonymity, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: fingering Anal pool cunt cock tits pussy
Location: A swimming pool or hot tub
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

       I am a single woman that lives alone. I do date , but it is usually guys that my friends know, I am not looking for a serious relationship at this time , but I do enjoy fucking some of my dates. Some are pretty good , others not so much. I can not believe how most of these guys like it slow and mushy. Give it to me hard and rough , or don't bother. But I do get horny , and sometimes just want to fuck. So I usually will call up one of these guys , or even some chicks that I know.Most of these broads like it rough like I do. I guess I can get bored pretty easily , and am just tired of the same ol same ol.                                                                           

Today , I decided to give in to this guy at the gym that keeps asking me out. I told him to pick me up at 5:30 for a night of dining and maybe a movie. I like to make first dates early , so if they suck , it don't ruin the entire night. He quickly agreed to this. He was sure handsome enough , but seemed kind of stuffy. That is why I didn't want to go out with him at first. I thought if maybe I took him up on his offer , he might turn into an animal in bed. Ya just never know.                                                                                                              

I showered , shaved and primped all up. I already decided that I was going to seduce the hell out of him. I wore my tightest , shortest black skirt that I own. I also wore my lowest cut white blouse.I made sure that I did not wear a bra tonight.                                                             Well , he was here to pick me up.He drove up in a new black Lexus. I like the older ''hot rod''cars more , but I figured he was financially secure enough to at least buy me a scrumptious dinner. The dinner was excellent. We had the New York strips with all of the trimmings. I skipped dessert because of my figure , and I was quite horny. I suggested that we skip the movie and go back to his place for drinks. He seemed more than pleased at my request.                                                                                                         

The valet brought the car , as we climbed in anxious to leave. As he was driving , I figured that I would let him know my true intentions , as I reached over and grabbed his crouch.   He was already as hard as a rock. Great , this was going to be easy. I gently stroked him, as I caressed my tits as they hardened and were pushing through my white blouse.                                                                                                         We finally reached his place. We both hurried from the car into his house.As soon as we entered , he pushed me against the wall and stated to unbutton my blouse. My breasts were released as my shirt fell to the floor.I reached for his zipper and pulled it down.His pants fell to the carpet. I was pleased to see how well endowed he was. I could not wait to have that huge cock inside of me !                                                        

  I was completely nude as he carried me up the stairs into his bedroom.As we reached the bed I fell upon it , pulling him close to me.He entered me quickly and started pumping fast. He fucked me fairly hard enough , but that is all it was. Just a common , boring fuck. I asked soon after to be taken home, complaining of a terrible headache. He seemed happy to accommedate me since he got his date and a bonus fuck.                                                                                                                                              

    As I walked in my place , I stripped off my clothes and immediatley jumped into the outside pool.I always kept a cooler full of ice nearby. I poured myself a jack and coke as I lay in the water , disappointed  with my night out. I started to swim to get out some of my frustration. I could swim long , as my pool had a rock garden in the middle that the pool wrapped around. As I was swimming , I thought i felt something brush against my breasts. I stopped and looked , but saw nothing.I then swam back to my drink.I decided to fix another. I noticed another glass that was only half full. Alright , I get it. One of my friends was trying to mess with me.I fixed another drink and drank it down swiftly.                                                                          

I hoped whoever was in my pool was one of my friend that liked rough sex. I saw no one so I dove back in searching for this mystery person. After just a short while I felt someones hand     in between my legs.I still saw no one.Hmmm , yeah I'll play.                                                                                                   Suddenly I saw a shadow in the rock garden.I climbed out of the pool into the garden , still searching. I felt one hand on my tits and one in between my legs.I stated to turn around , and heard a splash into the water.Where are you? And who?                

  I was starting to enjoy this little game.My pussy was throbbing so hard.As I got back in the water I felt warm lips on the lips of my cunt.I looked down but , could not tell who it was.I knew it was a man because of the shape.He sucked my cunt for a short time and came out of the water behind me.He grabbed me tight against him and I felt his hard cock against my ass. He told me not to turn around and I didn't because I was getting very turned on by this game.

He rubbed my tits so hard. He dug his fingers into them.I felt his fingers slide into my pussy. Two  ,three then four! Oh yes , shove them in as far as you can.As he fingered me , I started to hump his hand. I asked him to shove his dick hard inside of my ass.I guess the answer was yes , as I felt his hot cock fill up my asshole.It was so wide , I felt like I was being tore apart inside.But oh , how good it felt.I couldn't help but moan everytime he shoved it deep inside my ass. Those fingers were working well also.                                         

This was better thah anything I excepted that night. He withdrew from my ass and thrust his cock into my pussy from behind.He pumped me harder and harder and faster and faster.  I hoped the neighbors did not hear my moans and groans.I really didn't care if they did though.God , don't stop!  Fuck me all night.I kept myself from coming several times.How long could he keep his member hard? How long could he keep screwing me? I said aloud''Please don't stop.'' He shoved himself in me even harder.I screamed a little from the pain. How a very much enjoyed his roughness.I didn't recall being with anyone this aggressive recently. ''Fuck me baby fuck me hard ''I yelled.It went on forever as he moved his hands all over my body. I was on my way to coming.                                                                                                    

  As I looked up I saw a female friend of mine standing in the doorway leading to the pool. How long had she been watching? She was playing with her cunt wildly.I enjoyed the site of her rubbing her pussy as she was watching me getting off. I came with the thought of this as I felt warm cum running down my legs.I felt him withdrawl and as I turned toward him , he dove into the pool , swam toward the end of the pool and jumped over the fence.I asked my friend if she saw who it was. She said yes but did not know him. Did I even know him   , or did I just get my brains fucked out by a total stranger? I don't know , but I do know that I hope we meet again and again and again !!

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