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Categories: Oral Sex
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Location: A Public place
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Nature: I will tell you later

My wife and I were in the Quarter attending a charity social function.  We mingled with all the others at the masquerade ball but grew tired of all the people there.  She was even sexier than normal tonight she was in a red satin dress with a deep v cut neckline.  The pushup bra she was wearing made it that much harder for the other men in the room to keep their eyes off her D’s. She was in 4” heel and her dress was slit clean up to her thigh.

Now besides the people there the booze was nonexistent so I pulled her aside and told her we were sneaking out.  It was late and we walked a few blocks over to my favorite little bar “Pirates Cove” off of Pirates Alley in the Quarter.  Now for those of you who have never been there you need to make the journey there just off of Bourbon St.  We pulled up a couple barstools and ordered up a couple Absinthes.  We must have been there for at least an hour and I know I had a good 4 shots of Lucid.  I kept glancing over catching her bare leg out of the corner of my eye thinking how I would love to slide my hand the rest of the way up to see if she was wearing panties or not.  Just the thought made my cock stir. 

She caught me staring, “And what exactly do you think you are staring at?”

“Just wondering if you were wearing panties under that dress,” I replied with a sheepish grin.

She stood up from the bar and whispered in my ear, “You will just have to wait and see,  I need some air I will be back in a few.”

With that she disappeared out the door.  I nursed on my Lucid for a good fifteen minutes.  I looked outside and she was nowhere to be seen.  Told the bartender I would be right back and I walked out.  Looking down one of the side streets there she was in the red dress with her masquerade mask back on.  I took off down the alley she disappeared down a dimly lit narrow alley.

I ducked down the alley and caught up with her she was waiting there for me.  My pulse raced that the thought of us fucking out in public.  I pushed her up against the wall and ran my hand up her thigh.  She let out a light moan.  My hand probed a smile crossed my face as I found bare pussy and no panties. I kneeled down throwing her leg over my shoulder I moved in and starting licking her clit.  Before I knew her hands were in my hair. She got wetter and wetter with that I slipped two fingers deep in her wet pussy.  I felt her tighten around my fingers her hands tightened their grip she took a deep breath.  She came hard you could have heard her moan for at least a block.  

I pulled myself back up and wiped her juices from my mouth. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.  Her hands started stroking me. I whispered in her ear “Your turn,” then pushed her to her knees.  She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my throbbing cock.  She worked on my cock one of her free and started playing with my balls. I could feel myself wanting to cum and fighting it.  I tried to pull my cock from her mouth before I came but forced it down her throat.  I couldn’t take it anymore and nutted in her mouth.  She took all of it and swallowed.  I pulled my cock from her mouth and she licked with cum was left on it off.

I zipped my pants and turned around out to the street.  I glanced back down to the bar and there was my wife in her red dress.  I feeling of fear washed over me as I turned back around.  The woman that was just blowing me in the alley was not my wife.  She grinned at me and wiped what little cum she didn’t swallow the first time up and disappeared down the alley.

All I can think is how do I explain this one…..

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