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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: nipples. tongues ass cunt pussy tits Heat
Location: A swimming pool or hot tub
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

        The rougher the sex , the better. i like men , but I like women more.There is just something more appealing about them. There is this woman I always see walking her dog down my street. I am blonde with blue eyes and a kick ass tight and firm body.She is dark haired with what seems to be a kick ass body as well.I know about what time she walks by every afternoon. I decide to walk my dog at the same time , as to ''casually'' meet up.i have a German Sheperd , her a golden retriever.                                                                  

  i start out at the opposite end of my street , so we would seem to just run into eachother. I try to time ot so we will about meet near my house.Sure enough I see her approaching , as I near the corner of my we met , my dog wanted to meet her dog , as I knew he would. This started our conversation. I noticed her deep green eyes , that matched her lucious dark hair.                                                                                      

  Damn , this is a particuarly hot day.I notced the sweat above her top lip.I also could not help notice how her pink tank was soaking wet , revealing her large breasts and hard nipples. As our dogs got to know eachother , I offered her a cold drink. To my delight  , she accepted , noticing that I had a large fenced in yard , so the dogs had plety of roam to roam.                                                                        

  My heart was pounding as we entered the front door.She was even more attractive than I thought she was ! I offered her something to drink. She chose to have an ice cold brew. I chose one as well. It was so hot , I asked if she would enjoy a dip in the pool.She accepted without hesitation. I wondered if she could feel my eyes undressing her hot body.                                                                                              

    I told her I was going to change into my swimsuit , as I offered her one as well. She responded that she would enjoy just sitting with her bare feet in the pool , enjoying her cold beer.                                             I returned to the pool in my white suit , covering most nothing.My tits were about to fall out of the top , and my rock hard ass hung below the bottoms.I swear my pussy was throbbing just thinking about all of the things I wanted to do with and to her.I wondered how she might feel about this. For all I knew , she was straight and happily married.                                                                                                                  

    As I approached her , she asked if I might have another cold one.I entered the house , to return with a cooler full of ice cold brews. I handed her one as I finished mine and grabbed another.I took a long drink and dived into the the cool water, I asked if she was sure that she did not want to change into one of my suits , hoping she accept. She declined and commented on how good the cold beer tasted. I let her know that there was plenty and hers for the taking.                                                                                               


Son of a's the phone.I had to answer as my elderly mom was in bad shape lately. Of was just a telemarketer. Shit ! What timing.  I was returning to the pool making sure I had the phone with me this time. As I was approaching , I noticed she had decided to dive on in.Upon getting closer I was excited to see that she had shed all of her clothes and was completely nude in the water.What a fine , fine body she had.She was floating on her back with her rock hard nipples and partially shaven pussy glistening in the sun. I could not help but stop and stare at this most arousing site.                                        

   Before she noticed me standing there , i shed my suit and slid into the pool with her. As she felt the water move beside her , she opened her eyes to find me staring at her awsome body and into her eyes. She smiled at me and seemed to be pleased by this.I smiled back with all kinds of intentions on my mind. The sun was starting to set , so I got out for a minute and lit all of the candles I had by the pool.When I finished lighting the last one , I returned to the water. Damn , it felt hotter now than it did when the sun was up!                                                                                                                                                        

  I could not take my eyes off of her.Especially her awsome tits.How I wanted just to jump on top of her right now. I sat on the concrete steps leading into the pool as I grabbed another beer , offering her one as well.She said nothing as she swam herself towards me. As she accepted another her breast rubbed on mine as she reached for it. As she pulled it from the cooler I raised up a bit so we would rub against eachother again. She opened the beer  , took the whole thing down , and set the bottle on the deck.                                  

  As I was half in and half out of the pool on the steps, she scanned my body from my head , to my tits , to my swollen pussy.She raeched and grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled me to her , placing her lips on mine , as she shoved her tongue hard inside of my mouth. I kissed her back just as hard as I grabbed the back of her neck as well. After a few minutes of tongu sucking , she pulled back and grabbed my entire head with both of her hands.She thrust my head into her large , full breasts.I was more than happy to accept as much of them as i could fit into my mouth.I sucked her nipple hard as I carresed and squeezed the other.                                                                                                                                  

  As this continued , I could not help but slide my hand over her hot pussy , teasing her as I did.I finally slid my two finger deeo inside of her.She groaned loud with pleasure.As I was playing inside of her , she raised herself from the water , and wrapped one leg over my shoulder , begging for me to eat her out. I could not seem to get enough of her sweet , wet cunt. I kept licking and sucking and eating her. I was shoving my tongue in as far as I could , as my finger was sliding in and out of her ass.                                  

  Suddenly she pulled away as she threw her face towards my pussy.She grabbed me roughly towards her and teased my cunt with her tongue. She finally entered inside of me ,sucking my pussy hard.I started to climax as she stopped and led me to a lounge chair on the deck.She threw me down on the seat as she grabbed a candle and started to pour the hot wax over my nipples.The warmth was so very arousing. I was in extacy as she poured it all over my ass and then onto my wet pussy. I pulled her pussy towards me and began digging in as she fingered me good.I was ready to reach my climax and as I did , I felt her hot cum running down my lips and down my chin.AS we got dressed we decided we would meet again tomorrow and this time , go to her place and try out the jacuzzi.OHHH , I can feel the bubbles now! All I can say is get out and meet your neighbors. I am sure glad i did !!

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