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Enter yIt was around 2 o'clock in the morning.I needed cigs so I went to the local store , and just made it before they closed.As I came out of the store , I noticed a hot woman , dressed in jean shorts and a skinpy white tank top.I couldn't help but notice her rock hard nipples through her white tank.She seemed to be having trouble with her car. Everyone had gone , and I asked if she needed help. She said she didn't know what was wrong , and asked if I could come over. As I went to her , she walked toward me , and lifted her top as her breasts fell to her chest. Oh so plump and hard they were.

As we met she grabbed my head with both of her hands and pulled me towards her and then about stuck her wet tounge down my throat. I kissed her back as I grabbed her tight ass and sucked on her tits one by one. We made it to her car and she took off her jeans , and I creamed mine. I ate her pussy until she was bone dry. My pussy throbbed as  her hips raised up and down on mine. She came with a burst of passion as did I. She told me that she wouldn't mind meeting like this again sometime.That is when I grabbed her hard toward me and said to her , we are just getting started. and we went back to my place and humped eachother all night and morning long. Yum Yum.Thanx Taylor. See u soon.our story here...

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