Always soft, always smooth, and the scent of her skin is oh so enticing!!!!   added 5 years ago
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Categories: Steady Partner, Oral Sex, The Fetishists
Tags: sexy kiss steady sexual cuntlicking heels straight talk submissive Therapy xxx
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

  She has on the heels I bought her, color doesnt matter cause sexy is colorblind I instructed her to just walk in I would be prepared for her entrance. As soon as she enters she feels the mood in her body change she knew what she was in for but she didnt think she would feel this way when in my presence, not caught up she approaches me as she leans to kiss and grope me I can smell the passion in her skin. I remove the dress she is wearing to see nothing but her tatoos and bare body, my nerves shift cause my body is completely in a trance from the smell and the look, I pull her close to me and give her the deepest most sensual kiss I muster up to let her know I'm ready, she matches my passion to confirm her willingness to submit to me for this session, her knowing and trusting any act of pleasure I commit will be for the pleasure of both of us unless pain is a requirement that's not my aim.

As my hands start to wonder I close my eyes feeling the softest skin known to man owned my a woman as my phalanges smooth over her curves I feel her skin slid and her cotton hands rub my stomach and in one motion slowly pull my boxers down and engulfed just the tip of my shaft to get it wet.

  Although I enjoy the oral part of sex this session is for her with a little foreplay, so I pull her torso to mine and looked her the eyes and as we touched noses I laid her gently on the bed back down as I point her heels to the sky and split the peace sign licking the lips of her bare juice box real soft but with a bit of pressure. Her right leg half way wrapped around my torso and her left leg had a grip on my neck like none other after a great period of tongue teasing i went to work finishing the job as many times as she could take before she came the third or fourth time my bd which had been aroused for some time penetrated her not aware of what im doing the shock of my penis causes her to completely tie her self to me all of a sudden I get a burst of passion energy and I stand up with her wrapped around me and me still inside her she cant help but to constantly kiss me Im so turned on by this I make sure she comes again before switching positions.

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