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Categories: Anal Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, Anonymity, Steady Partner
Tags: double-penetration
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

It was nice to get away to the mountain cabin with my husband after a long stressful week. It was a very cold morning so my husband went to search for firewood. I figured a nice long hot shower would warm me up.
   I had just finished with my shower when I heard a knock at the door. I threw on my robe and ran to open the door, figuring it was my husband with an arm full of firewood. I was surprised to see a very handsome man standing there. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a very handsome face. He looked cold and confused so I let him come in to warm up by the fire.

   I was about to ask him where he came from when suddenly he collapsed in my arms. Thankfully my husband and I moved the futon in front of the fire last night. I laid him on the bed as gently as I could. That’s when I noticed the injury to his head. Nothing major but a good size bump. I cleaned the wound and started removing his wet, cold clothes. He had a magnificent body and I couldn’t help but stare. He was still shivering so I removed my robe and laid on top of him. I rubbed my body on his and I must admit was getting pretty turned on feeling his strong, muscular body under me.

    I noticed something moving out the corner of my eye and turned to see my husband starring at us. I quickly jumped up to explain to him what I was doing. He smiled and walked over to me. He kissed me deeply and pulled me back down on the bed. Saying that I should continue what I was doing. I did what he said not really sure what was happening. Suddenly, I felt the covers lift and felt my naked husband sliding in bed next to me. He began caressing my body and pulled me on top of him. We started kissing and rubbing each other.

   I was getting so turned on at the thought of having sex with this stranger laying next to us. I closed my eyes as my husband began to lick my pussy, his tongue sliding in and out. I let out a loud moan. I felt an unfamiliar pair of hands rubbing my breast and opened my eyes just in time to see the stranger leaning in to kiss me. I looked at my husband unsure how he felt about this. He smiled at me and continued with pleasuring me with his tongue.

   The handsome stranger put his penis by my mouth. I began stroking and sucking on him, feeling him grow larger and harder in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. My husband switched places with the man, I began pleasuring my husband with my mouth as the stranger pleasured me with his. I couldn’t take it any longer and my juices squirted all over him. I looked at him embarrassed because I have only done that with my husband.

   Seeing my embarrassment, he began sucking and licking my pussy with a gentle urgency. My husband pulled me on top of him. Thrusting his cock in my wet pussy, at the same time the stranger gently probing my butt. It didn’t take long to welcome him in. To feel both men thrusting in and out in perfect rhythm. As I felt the warmth of their come fill me, I came with such fulfillment. Soaking all of us.

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