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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, Other men, The Fetishists, Cuckolded
Tags: woman becomes bride sissy
Location: A store dressing room
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

i arrived at precisely 10:55 and was invited in. Suzanne the locked the front door and put the closed sign in the window. Suzanne posed a very bizarre question, when she asked "since you chose white as your color for the dress, am I correct in saying you are a virgin?"

i blushed and admited i was. then she asked me "how big is the groom?". i said "he is about 6' tall". All of the sudden i was aware of at least 10 women laughing at me. Suzanne pointed out that she was asking "how big was his cock was and would i be able to handle it?"

i blushed like a school girl. and i said, "i really didn't know." After they all laughed at me again, Suzanne said, "now we are going to work on the extras, that you paid for." She nodded her head and 3 of the women had my males clothes off and very quickly i was as naked as the day i was born. The entire group touched my body and made me very excited. One woman pulled my arms behind me and tied them together with a satin bow.

My 2 inch cock stood at proud attention. All the sudden one was kneeling before my cock and sucking it one pinched one nipple and someone else pinched the other. one woman kissed me very deeply and very hard putting her tongue as deep in my mouth as she could. Several woman sucked my cock until i felt that i was at the brink of no return. my body shuttered and my breathing became intense. i knew it would be just a couple of seconds and i would spurt cum. i thought i would be lucky enough to cum in one of the women's mouth.

One woman produce a champagne glass then had me cum in the glass. i had no idea why she wanted me to cum in the glass. After i came down and my knees were shaking. One woman run her hands all around my ass and even pushed her finger into my ass and moved it around. i felt sticky. i was offered a chair but i didn't know it was a special chair until 3 women helped me sit directly on the butt plug attached to it. Slowly they had me sit until my ass was completely impaled and the enlarged part was firmly in place. i groaned but it started to feel good.

i was then told to drink my cum from the glass. They made me hold it in my mouth and not swallow it yet. i obeyed. it wasn't long before 2 women were attaching a plastic thing around my cock and balls. my dick slid into the tube and i heard something lock. my dick tried to get hard but couldn't. Suzanne snapped a lock on the device and she moved a mirror in front of me. She said, that was the last time i would ever cum as a man. From now on i would be a sissy and used only for the pleasure of women. She said she would hold the key until my wedding day, one month away. 

Then a woman stood right in front of my face with a very manly dick sticking out from her hips. i could only guess what was to happen next... One of the others stopped her and said i should be wearing lipstick if i was to suck cock. my lips were covered with bright red lipstick. Then my lips met the cock, i was forced to kiss and lick it and to suck on it. All the women encouraged me, some pinched me and played with every part of my now feminine being. 

It was then, i saw this real cock in front of my face. i was forced to suck it, it got bigger as i sucked. Suzanne had all the women lay on their backs and had this stud fuck each one with 5 strokes. their pussy juice collected all over this man's cock. Pussy juice mixed pussy juice. Suzanne was last and this stud with the massive cock came in her pussy. He was so excited that he came in torrents. 

Next the but plug was released from the chair allowing me to be helped on my back. Suzanne moved her wet dripping pussy directly over my mouth and forced me to lick her clean. After she was clean she had the stud fuck my mouth. OH MY! after the session was over Suzanne locked me in a sleeveless corset from my neck to my hips. i was only able to sit a woman and use the toilet. I was dressed in a tight skirt that forced my knees to be held together. A white satiny blouse  and heels made me the picture of complete femininity. Then...  

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