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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Fetishists, Identified partner, Masturbation
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Location: A hotel room
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Nature: Agressive

and the ones you least expect.


I had known Mary for almost 10 years. We were both married, but happiness came and went for us both. It was in the middle of one of the down periods for her that I had the fortune to be in the right place at the right time.  It was just lunch, or so I thought.


It really spilled out of her in a geyser. She had busted her husband, Mike, watching porn. That had spiralled out of control into an argument that had meant some exchanged home truths that neither of them were ready to hear. Parts of her sagged and she didn't suck dick quite as well as she was led to believe, and he wasn't exactly a stud horse quality dick and his cuntlicking left a lot to be desired. Then I saw the light go on in her eyes.


"You're going to fuck me, and now". She had decided it already, and I knew better than to try and argue. My wife and i had an agreement that allowed us to play without restriction, other than we promised to be safe, sane, consensual and discreet. No names, no pack drill, as long as everything kept clean. It worked amazingly well.  But those exchanges are a different story.


Leaving the restaurant, she directed me to a nearby hotel. We checked in and made our way up to the room. Standard king sized room, but the room wasn't why we were here.  Barely had the door clicked shut when a hand appeared on my crotch and the other at my collar pulling me towards her.


She, being petite, led to some immediate creative thinking. I swished her over to the chair in the room, and soon there was some seriously heavy petting going on. We exchanged saliva and gropes, and I got the moan-through-the-kiss as my semi-erect cock met her standards.


Coming up for air, she started to undress. It was as if the reserved demeanor was being shed with her clothes. Surprisingly sexy underwear was shed, and she stood before me, naked except for her modest heels, and blushing. I knew she was looking for a compliment, but all I could say is "hurr hurr hurr... must eat sexy womain standing in front of me." I could have sworn I drooled, but it might have been precum. Yeah, some things had suffered the ignominy of gravity, but I was far more interested in the fact that she was shaved bare: something I had completely not expected.


In no time flat, I was naked, my erect cock bouncing as  I dropped to my knees and she climbed into seat face first, pussy and ass directed at me for my eating pleasure.


Oh, was it a pleasure. I ate her like a man who was starving. Tongue probing, licking, flicking, running up and down, daring to dart to her asshole, my fingers sliding into and out of her and eliciting hip thrusting and moans that game me the clue I was on the right track with pleasing her. As she recovered from her first orgasm, she blushed again (it was kinda hard to tell, what with the flushed cheeks and all) and asked me to eat her ass.


"It's something that I can only get Mike to do if he's drunk or I've ended up with my finger up his ass", she explained, "but I love it. It makes me feel so dirty and slutty".  I was happy to oblige, and tongue fucked her ass, licked it and probed it double-teamed her asshole and her g-spot until her second through fifth orgasms came and went.



Lying on the bed, sated for the moment, she looked at me and my aching hardon and lavished me with the faux sympathy. "Awww, poor Doug. Having to eat a MILFs pussy and ass and no release for you... yet."  With that she waved me in, and as I got near, grabbed my cock and led it to her mouth.


After a quick circling of the head, she weighed my balls in her hand and murmured that she hoped she could empty these, and then went to work sucking on them while she jerked me off. My fingers went to work diddling her and massaging her breasts and nipples, and trying to keep my mind off the fact that my straight-and-narrow friend was getting teabagged before she sat on my cock.


she managed to get both my balls in her mouth, and then she surprised me once more. "Throat fuck me," she demanded.


"Wha... what did you say?" I could only stammer.


"I want you to take that big cock and fuck my throat with it." She stated firmly. "I want a real man with a real cock who knows how to treat a woman like the dirty slut she really is."


To know Mary is to know that she wasn't like this at all, but i guess I had hit something like a nerve in her ass that had her on the edge of total hormonal meltdown.


I guided her to lay down with her head over the side of the bed, and then gently opened her mouth, and with a couple of gentle slides of my dick into her mouth, slide all the way in, feeling her throat contract around me. She convulsed, squeezing my dick. I gave her 10 seconds, then pulled out, giving her a few breaths and then right back into her again. I guess I slipped into the moment and told her "That's right, slut, swallow my cock. It's filling your throat and you can't do anything about it." This was received with a moan that made a hummer feel like the worst thing in the world. 


I fucked that MILFs throat for a good ten minutes, talking dirty to my slut for the whole time, and she was getting more and more turned on. I could have fried an egg on her pussy, it was that hot. But it wasn't the case that I was going to cum down her throat, she needed a breather (literally!). We took 5 minutes to drink some water and aimlessly caress each other.


"That was just as I wanted it," she breathed. "You know how to treat a slut."


"All i can tell you is that you're the hottest piece of ass I've had the pleasure of eating," and I meant it.

"Ready for round two?" she purred.


"I am, and my balls are too."


"Oh, I promise I'll empty them for you," she cooed as she stroked them. "Next up, you get to fuck me."


"Oh AWESOME," I laughed. "I'm not sure it can top eating your ass."


"Oh... I meant fuck my ass," she said sweetly. "But only after you fuck me good with that big dick of yours."


With that, she rolled on top of me and guided my erect cock into her. I gasped as I slid into her, and she gasped as I filled her with my dick. I could feel her muscles contracting around me as I slowly slid into her, and the rhythm picked up as we got into the groove. I had my hands on her breasts, squeezing her nipples.


"harder!" she moaned.


"yes ma'am," i replied, and began to pinch and twist her nipples a little. She screamed and came at the same time, pounding her pussy up and down on my cock as she did. Heavily breathing, she pulled herself off my cock, got on all fours, and began to finger her ass.


"I want that dick in my ass Right. Now." she commanded, capitals and everything. She fumbled in her purse and handed me a bottle of lube, and we worked feverishly to lube up the right parts. Slowly, slowly, I slid into her, and she moaned and groaned as my cock went past her ring. Once again, the rhythm was quickly established, and as I spanked the ass I was fucking, she came and came again.  The dirty talk flowed, and her hands were a blur over her clit and grabbing at my balls.


it was at that moment I knew what she wanted me to do. I pulled out of her ass just before I came, and then crammed my cock back down her throat. I surprised even her with the ass to mouth, but it got her right over the edge for the last time, and me too, as my cock popped out of her mouth I spewed come all over her face. Apparently it was a turn on for me too, because she looked like she was wearing a mask of cum.  We collapsed onto the bed, covered in come, bodily fluids and lube.   She was a little hazy, and the post-coital  conversation was very... short.  She confirmed that I had indeed pulled out of her ass and crammed my cock down her throat as I called her an ass-slut, and that yes, she would like a picture of her come covered face for her personal stash.


The cleanup shower was delightful: hot water on tender flesh and the intimacy of two people who had just fucked each others brains out soaping each other up and running hands all over each other.


"I guess you showed Mike," I offered as we towelled off and dressed.


"I think you mean I'll show Mike," she countered, with an evil grin. "Thanks for fucking this slut. I look forward to you putting me on a leash soon, stud".




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