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a woman's asshole.


We had walked past each other, smiled, made small talk at the coffee machine, and generally just been co-workers. She's tall, 5'9" or so, and curvy in all the right places.


The night at the happy hour had seen us close the place down, deep in discussions. Some depth, mostly light hearted, the desire between us acknowledged at some level.


Being as well-lit as she was, she asked me for a ride home. I GPSed her home address when she gave it to me, and noticed that it was out in the sticks. The chit-chat continued as we drove, her hand on my thigh. It was a warm summer night, and the windows and sunroof were cracked, the warm summer air washing over us as the radio played some beats.


The chatter turned raunchy, and the topic of deepest, dirtiest desires came up. She confessed that despite her best efforts, she hadn't found a man that was willing to do one thing for her. When pressed, she softly and demurely let it out, and then blushed heavily.


"I've wanted a man to lick my asshole."


Some time passed, and I asked her a question. "is there somewhere near here that we could go and I would make her deepest desire come true. She latched onto this idea at once, recognizing that not only was I into her, and her ass, but her exhibitionist tendencies.


She directed me to pull off the road into a secluded wooded spot. I stopped the car, and we repaired to the back of the SUV. I quickly put the seats down and spread out a blanket. Looking around, she wriggled out of her panties, and then hiked her skirt up around her waist. I walked to her, and helped her out of her blouse and bra. Her shapely breasts bounced free, nipples hard at being free in the great outdoors. I cupped them, tweaked those delightful nipples, and then leaned in to kiss her, a hand on one breast and the other snaking down to her ass, pulling on a cheek and letting the warm air dance on her lips and asshole.


She climbed into the back of the SUV after our kiss broke, and pushed her ass into the air. Her breasts pendulumed in front of me, and her delectable asshole was waiting for me. I ran my hands over her cheeks and danced my fingertips over her lips. I licked across her perineum and up over her asshole, feeling her shiver as my tongue touched her. As I licked her again, my tongue curling up and hooking her anus, she started as if shocked, and I heard a strong intake of breath. With that positive signal, I was primed to go. My cock strained against my pants, but this was about her. I tongued her asshole, I fucked it with my tongue, licked, smacking teased, circled, probed and lapped at her asshole. She bucked and thrashed, reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks wide, wanting me to get more and more intimate with her ring. Orgasm after orgasm wracked her, and then, most unexpectedly, as an orgasm hit her, I was rewarded with a splash of hot liquid on my chest as she squirted all over me!


Spent, she rested on her knees and elbows, panting like a dog that had been running all day. As I massaged her ass and helped her lie down, she sighed contentedly.


"You're an amazing ass eater, Dave" she breathed sexily.


"I aim to please, and greatly enjoyed that." i offered, feeling pleased with myself at making her cum so often, and coaxing a squirt out of her.


She eyed me lustily, and reached for my pants.


"I feel like it's my turn now," she coyly offered.


Freeing my cock, she paid it a great deal of attention, sucking it's full length down her throat. She was a talented cocksucker, and she made mention of her delight that I manscaped for her her pleasure.


Pausing her expert cock sucking for a moment, she took first one and then the other ball in her mouth, sucking me as her hands worked on jerking me off. I was in heaven, but I felt a hand reach down my leg and motion to lift my leg up to rest on the floor of the cargo area. Next thing I know, my cock is encased in a slim hand, and one cheek is being lifted and her tongue is darting at my own asshole!


It flickered and probed at me a little tentatively, looking for some guidance from me. I moaned and let out a low "ohhhhh, that feels gooooood", and the probing and licking picked up, as did the jerking. A finger probed its way inside of me, and a muffled "hey, thanks for shaving all the way back here" could be heard coming up my asscrack.


Before long, the masturbating of my cock, the finger in my ass and the tongue on my balls brought me close to the edge, and I wanted to come so badly. Sensing my discomfort, she disengaged all of those delightful sensations, and had me step back. turning around so that I could see her heavy breasts and naked, shaved pussy, she motioned me forward to straggle her stomach and feed me her cock.


I did as I was told, and she started to suck my cock ferociously. Our hands fought for access to her pussy, to probe and fingerfuck her as she sucked my cock. a hand moved from my shaft to my balls to my asshole and kept up the sensory overload, until finally, she kicked me over the edge and hot jets of cum shot out of my cock and over her glasses, hair and lips. The three fingers I had in her muff and the two fingers she had around her clit forced her over the edge, and she came too.


I think we both got a lot dizzy headed, but I had the presence of mind to grab my cellphone and take a picture of her with her face coated in my cum, which she demanded to get a copy of. The warm air allowed us to lie together under the stars for a while, before I found the tissues and helped her clean up.


The remainder of the drive was completed, with only six or seven brushes with death as she masturbated in the passenger seat next to me. Made me look forward to the next happy hour. 

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