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Categories: The Fetishists, Steady Partner, Masturbation, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: hot
Location: The beach
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive


Some days it is so good to be boss/ Jason. You call out to your secretary and ask that she send in that new hire, the one with the great tits. What was her name again? Ahhhhhh yes, Bellaaaa….. How could you have forgotten? That long flowing hair and those nails-- you have felt them digging into your back for days now--  ever since she showed up for her interview in that amazing BeBe suit. Somehow she took an average woman's suit and made it sexy. The RED A-line skirt tight around her thighs and a two RED button blazer open over that white blouse with a set of pearls which made a slight sound when she walked through the office. The smelled of sweet perfume has pre cum dripping from my cock. She has the longest legs ive ever seen in fishnets and 6 inch Manolo’s Blahniks.  You could just make out the lace of her bra under her blouse, and if you focus carefully you can just see the outline of her little light pink nipples. My cock jumps when she walks slowly into the room, her heels clicking ever so lightly with every step, her confidence is hypnotizing me.  Today she is dressed slightly more seductive than normal, her RED skirt sits about three inches below her fat ass her form fitting white blouse  with lace is unbuttoned to show the  perfect amount of cleavage is incredibly sexxy . As she walks slowly to stand in front of your desk she looks at you with those big brown eyes. She knows that you want her. She says to you,

“You wanted to see me Sir?" You answer by nodding and saying Put your elbows on the desk, palms down and don't move your feet off the floor until I come back. Don’t move Bella” [five min pause. sir returns] I was hoping that you might be willing to take on project. It may take some extra effort from you, and I would be willing to bet that you will need to spend some after hour’s time on it as well, but I am thinking that it will be very
beneficial to you.”

Her large brown eyes light up and he shakes her head yes quickly. "This sounds like the perfect opportunity for me to show my talents. Will I be getting an opportunity to work with you on this project?" “I asked you not to move Bella; I whine but I obeyed. “So you did hear me, you just decided to answer your own question.


 for this you must be punished.    Put your elbows back on the desk, palms down and don't move your feet off the floor. It’s time for your spanking. I am going to give you Fifteen SPANKINGS.”  You are to count each one and thank me. And you are not to wiggle about while I do so, naughty girl.”   

I walk behind her sloppy fat round black ass and with my bear hand the air sang viciously and the first blow whipped across her ass. The sting of his hand sliced through me, and i gripped the desk very hard. "One, thank You sir ." his hand  cut the air again, setting my ass on fire as it landed "Two, thank You Sir." I braced myself, holding on tight to the desk "Three, thank You Sir." I could feel the handprints his hand was leaving. It made red welts of pain as it fell repeatedly on my unfortunate ass. I counted each one, holding myself as still as possible. As He whipped his hand back and forth across my ass He scolded me for being a very naughty little slut. "When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it," crack!
"Eight, thank You Sir." "When I give you orders, I expect them to be obeyed immediately, " whack! "Nine, thank You Sir." "You are a terribly disobedient and selfish slave," shrack! “Now, for the next  FIVE, you will say ‘i am Jason’s little FUCK TOY AND LIKE IT”  "Ten,  ‘i am Jason’s FUCK TOY AND LIKE IT” “Oh.. Bella you think your funny? Say correctly." "I don't know if I can spank you enough to get you to behave," crack! "Eleven   ‘ Im sorry Sir, i am Jason’s little FUCK TOY”. "This sort of disobedience will not be tolerated," swack! "Twelve,. ‘i am Jason’s little FUCK TOY” "You will learn to behave and do as your told..." crack! "Thirteen ‘i am Jason’s little FUCK TOY”as soon as you are told to do it," lash! "Ahhh...fourteen, ‘i am Jason’s little FUCK TOY!" I practically yelled as the pain got more and more intense. My ass was on fire, each lash of his hand brought me to new heights of pain. Sir continued to scold me as he spanked me across my ass, over and across, over and across. I had a death grip on the table, using every muscle in my body to keep in position for that last lash.. I didn’t want Sir to start again, I doubted i would be able to take it. I might have had to stay on the desk all night. I squirmed on the desk but held my position, and as i squirmed i could feel how my hard clittie was as it pressed into the table. Even through the pain was intense i was still excited.. WACK “Fifteen” Finally the last lash fell. " OK Stand up and face me FUCK Toy. Now naughty girl, tell me what you've learned." "I have learned that naughty little girls get very strict punishments." "What else?" "That i have been very naughty and very disobedient.  Sir expects me to improve my behavior or Ill have to work late. I am very sorry Sir, and will strive to behave."

You slide back from your desk and stand up. “Now back to the project” Her eyes focus in on the hard bulge in the front of your trousers. "We will be the only ones on this project.  At least for the time being." Excitement sparks in her eyes. He knew all along what the assignment was going to be, and by the smile on her face you can see that he is up for the challenge.

Bella walks slowly over to your side of the desk and runs her hand across your zipper and says, "I can see that we have a lot of work to do here! I think that we better get started”... I drop to my knees I chuckle a devilish laugh Ha Ha Ha Ha under my voice. She starts to bathe your cock with my tongue “Oh Fuck, Sir says” you moan as shes swirling her tongue over your tip, slowly sucking and licking your shaft, playing with your balls with her warm wet tongue. You are so fucking hard, she loves it! You can tell she loves sucking you, you love the way your cock completely fills the inside of her mouth, stroking and licking every inch of you. She gently is squeezing your balls, running my fingernails over them. You tell her you like that. You tell her “Bella go deep again; you’re so hard you could cum. You want to cum, “Sir tell me you’re going to cum Ill swallow it, Sir.... ohhh that feels so fucking good, don’t stop. you lean back in the chair to watch her, lapping it all up, every last drop... milking it. “Ohhhh yeahh God she feels sooooo good!!, Ohhhh yeahh God it feels sooooo good!! “ don’t stop... I'm close to cum! Ahhh yes Bella ok ok im gonna cum!” Suddenly, a jolt of shock; a rush of cold air pass’s and hits my COCK by as she pulls me out of her mouth. She stands up and grabs her Prada purse. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME BELLA” her large brown eyes capture your soul, she grins deviliciously looking down at you sitting in your chair. “ I QUIT! [Evil laugh] Ha Ha Ha, Ha Ha Ha . Ill show you who is boss “!                      

I mish you Ha Ha Ha.    

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