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  By: Skincandy  Age: 104  Country: United States

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Grand Master Dick Nasty
I am simply intoxicated and aroused by your smell you left in my car after we FUCKED;. As I drive around throughout the day I can close my eyes and imagine you inside of me . This week I wore the shortest skirts to Universal i can find. So that I may have complete access to my clit while in the car for 60 mins on the way to work. Not hearing from you this week i have come to fully realize just how much i need and want you more. Ive spent the last week writing this smutty email with hopes it leaves you have cocked for a week and desiring me even more.  
When you get home and before you see you wife I want you to see me because Im going waste no time getting down to business, unbuttoning your fly quickly, and pulling your jeans and underwear down around your knees, partly to immobilize you more, but you don’t know that yet. I walk you over to my bed and force you down tying your hands and feet with red SCARVES. Your cock is as always waiting for me, especially after the time apart, standing to my attention. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail this time so it can’t fall in my face as I start to bathe your cock with my tongue, licking up and down and around the shaft until every inch of it is glistening with my saliva.
I open my mouth wide and slowly, ever so slowly slide my lips around you, relaxing my throat so I can take you in as far as possible. You groan appreciatively ( your hands on my head holding onto my ponytailes,) and that is why I haven't gagged lately. I have to be able to pick up every signal from you.

With one hand still wrapped around your cock, I unhook my bra and lean forward so my breasts are hanging down over your lap. I use my hands to bring them together, so that I am titfucking you, your slippery cock sliding in between my warm flesh. I could lose focus here if I’m not careful, I could get off on your overwhelming sensation, and the pleasure in your face. I wish you where here I would climb onto your cock and FUCK you silly right now. But that’s what not what I’ve got planned.


This time “I want you to come on my tits,” I beg you, looking up at you as I circle my nipples with my fingers, “so you've got to let me know when you're just about to cum”. You gasp out an “okay” as I take your cock in my mouth again, tongue swirling, teasing your foreskin down. “Oh fuck!” you moan, and I know how close you are, but instead of untying you and offering up my chest, I grab my breasts hard, the way I like to be touched, and slide my hand down to my wet cunt, laughing. Your face is a mixture of arousal and angst, and it’s beautiful to behold. “It turns out that I’m the one who’s going to have the orgasm, not you,” I say, breathily, as my fingers flick around my clit, and sure enough, very quickly I come, shaking and giggling as the pleasure sweeps over me.


“I feel a bit gipped!” you complain, but I can tell that you’re retracting that complaint as I wrap my lips BACK around your cock again. I watch your eyes roll back in your head as I speed up my pace, and see your hands straining against the scarves that bind you. Again, I am concentrating hard on giving you amazing head, but I am timing it too, and when I think you’re just about to CUM, I sit back again.


“Fuck, COME ON!” you protest, but no, again, this time I reach for my vibrator, and turn it on full, rubbing it against myself. “You should be grateful I let you watch,” I say, as all my muscles tense, and I ride the wave of the orgasm, your eyes never leaving me. “I could keep this up all day, by the way” I say, as soon as I’ve got my breath back.


But this time, when I lean forward to attend to your poor hard cock, you must have managed to escape your bonds, because you grab my hands and spin me over, pushing my face into the mattress. “Who’s on top now, bitch?” you laugh, HA HA HA HA. " Yeah, Bella who's PUSSY is this?" "SAY IT" as you use one hand to pin my hands to the foot of the bed, and the other to spread my legs WIDE. Your hand tickles across my labia, and I squirm at your touch gleefully, but then you stop. I hear the sound of my naughty drawer being opened, and the crackle of a magnum condom packet.


Seconds later you're plunging into me, hard. “Is this what you wanted?” you demand, panting hard "is it Bella?". Your body is slamming into mine, pushing me deeper and deeper into the mattress. I push back up against you, blood is not an issue and you release my hands, pulling me to my knees. Your breath is hot against my ear as you kiss my neck, and then sink your teeth into me while my Master brands my body as your slave.. I moan in pleasure, and you increase your thrust, your pulling my hair as your other hand comes around to grab my breast.


We’ve never fucked this violent before, but I love it. I try to move my hand to my clit,but you push it away. “No more for you,” you say, “not until I’ve had mine”. Your cock is so deep inside me right now it hurts, I can’t think of anything else but you. And then you cum, I feel it inside, the contained explosion, how stiff your hold body is, and then how it slumps against me, and the noise, the grunt you make. Somehow you have the energy to move your hand around and my clit only needs the tiniest bit of stimulation before I buck back against you, and we topple over together, well and truly spent. As we move to touch and hold each other, and before the tender kisses can start, I whisper in your ear “I still win, 3-1, sucka!”.


I Miss you and your smell MASTER


Your filthy nasty Mistress( Im in love with a married man) 

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