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My husband has a friend, who now lives quite far out of town.  When he is in London he comes to stay with us.  He is a little older than me, at 46, but like my husband and I he is still sporty, keeps in shape, and is very, very good looking.  I keep myself looking good.  I am petite at 5', and slim. My husband’s friends name is Jeff, and I have fancied him since I first met him.  We flirt when he is in town, a lot....

And that’s how it stayed.  Till last night.  He arrived in London Thursday night.  I had an early start Friday morning so I went to bed early. Friday morning I got up, showered and slipped into a short robe.  I went down to make coffee and Jeff was already up and in the kitchen.  I knew the robe was pretty sheer, but I didn't care.  As he looked around his eyes wandered up and down my body slowly.  I smiled as I saw a look of approval cross his face, and felt the familiar warmth and moistness between my legs.  I sat down, drank coffee, made small talk, then went to get ready and left for work. 

It was after eight last night, when I got home from work, and as I entered our house I heard my husband and Jeff talking and laughing.  They had obviously been drinking.  I went straight upstairs, showered, slipped into yoga pants and a strappy tee-shirt and went downstairs. 

As I walked into our lounge my husband jumped up, kissed me and went to get me a glass of wine.

"I don't know if I prefer you power dressed or dressed down like that" Jeff said as he looked me over.

"You would prefer me naked" I winked, half joking.  But only half. 

My husband came in with the wine and a glass and we sat for three hours drinking and chatting.  At just after 11 my husband, by now quite drunk, said goodnight went to be and left with:

"Make sure you take care of our guest Abi"

As soon as he was up the stairs Jeff said quite calmly:

"I thought he was never going to fucking go" My jaw kind of dropped and he continued "Oh fuck off Abi, you wanted rid of him every bit as much as I did.  Come over here,"

And I just did.  No question, no hesitation, my heart pounding, I got up and went and sat beside him.  

"No, on your knees in front of me." 

"I-I" All I could do was stammer.

"Oh, you don’t want to?  You don’t want this?  You don’t want to lick and suck on my hard cock?  You have wanted to for years.  I have wanted you to for years.  Now just fucking do it."

And I looked down as he unbuttoned his jeans and released his cock.  My God it was beautiful.  7-8 inches and thick.  So fucking thick.  I dropped to my knees and gripped the base of his cock as my tongue began to caress his length.

"That's better.  Good girl, good, good girl..." 

I slipped the head between my lips and began to suck him, gently, slowly into my mouth.  My tongue swirling around the head as I grasped and stroked the base.  He raised his hips and slid his jeans down, without me having to remove his cock.  And my other hand cupped his heavy balls.  My eyes looked up at his face, and the look of pure pleasure was heaven.

“They heavy Abi?  My nuts heavy?  Think you will b able to take that load?  Lick them Abi, lick my loaded balls."

And as I did he groaned.  Just a low hungry groan.  My mouth moved quickly back to his cock.  And this time I sucked harder, and faster.  I had stopped stroking the base and slipped a hand into my yoga pants and began to play with my pussy.  My other hand began to massage his balls.

"Oh that's it sweet thing, play with your cunt while you suck me.  Play with that slutty cunt."  He reached forward and lifted my tee above my breasts.  "Fucking beautiful." He said.

I felt the head of his cock nudging the back of my throat, and I gagged a little, but then relaxed, swallowed, and was very soon deep throating him.  He grasped my hair, held my head still and thrust his hips upward, shoving his full length down my throat.  My eyes watered, but I didn't want him to stop.  I wanted this to go on as long as possible.  And as I furiously rubbed my clit I felt my body begin to tremor.

"Oh, you're cummin, you little slut.  You're cummin while I fuck your filthy fucking mouth.  Cum you little slut, cum hard."He kept repeating as he pounded his cock into my mouth.  And then I felt it.  The swelling inside my mouth.  The dripping of his pre cum coating my tongue.  The stiffening of his body.

"Swallow every fucking drop cunt."  He hissed.  And then I felt it.  He pulled my head to his groin as the first explosion shot from his cock.  I couldn't swallow fast enough.  His cum was spilling from my mouth as he held me tight to his groin.  I literally thought he would never stop.  I have never sucked a man with so much cum.  But God, his taste!!  I could have feasted on his cum all night.  And then I felt him relax.  My eyes went back up to his face.  He looked down, smiled, and released his hold on my head. 

I slowly let him fall from my mouth.  Took my finger and scooped some of his cum from my chin and back into my mouth.  He took my hand, pulled me up to him and kissed me.  He took my face in his hands and said simply.

"I knew you would be a dirty cunt.  Go to bed with your husband now.  I will have more of you tomorrow.  And Abi....if he is awake, fuck him please."  I nodded and left.

When I went upstairs, trembling, I found my husband sleeping.  I brushed my teeth and slipped quietly into bed beside him.   He didn't wake.

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