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Categories: The Fetishists, Identified partner, Oral Sex
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Location: An office
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it's amazing how you don't notice something that's right under your nose. 

I had been "mobilized", that is, my workplace had gone mobile. Issued a laptop, cell phone instead of a desktop, cubicle and desk phone, I was a digital nomad. I could work anywhere in the building, or in fact, any building my company owned. Hell, even the coffee shop was fair game now. But it was the days that i was in the office that lead me to my discovery.

I had been sitting in the same mobile workplace for almost a month. It was a fairly high traffic area, but I was able to concentrate enough to be productive. But suffice it to say, when the 'scenery' got improved by the passage of a feminine body, I was attentive. I had been paying close attention to the shape of the busts and the behinds that were passing by me, wondering what was concealed under the dress slacks or skirts that passed on by.  But there was one woman, Agnes I'll call her, who just intrigued me. Asian in her heritage, but in a very subdued way, she was 5'8" or so, and curvy in all the right places.

She intrigued me, because I just couldn't put my finger on why she aroused me so. She was pretty in a classy, reserved kind of way. We smiled at each other, and after a week or two, I realized that she was finding excuses to pass by me, with an extra jiggle in her step. It was subtle, it was directed, but it was there. I would give her a smile and a knowing wink, and she would blush a little and smile back. 

My questions about her remained. Was she really interested? What was she like naked? Did she shave? Was she a screamer? Wonder if she took it in the ass? Man, I bet she likes cum all over those glasses.

One morning, I found that maintenance had evicted us from the mobile workplaces for unspecified reasons. I retreated to a conference room just past Agnes' cubicle. I was hard at work, deep in thought, when I heard the door open. She peeked in and then slipped in, closing the door behind her. She smiled, put her finger to her lips, and sat down in the chair in the corner. Scooting my chair over to the door, I subtly blocked it from being opened suddenly. My IM client ticked over to Do Not Disturb fortuitously. My team-mates knew that I was not to be interrupted when it was in that state.

She was wearing a floral printed skirt, very delicate, and a black blouse. Black knee high boots completed the ensemble. She smiled coyly, and then slowly parted her legs, exposing her panty-less pussy. I got an answer to a question: shaved. Smooth as can be. She drew a slender finger from the bottom to the top of her lips, dancing her fingertip on her clit, her breathing deep and deliberate. As she played with herself, her breathing changed to faster and shallower. I was greatly enjoying the show, as the bulge in my pants demonstrated.
 She began to massage a heavy breast through the blouse material, and bit down hard on a finger as she came, hard. A quick minute to compose herself and she presented her pussy finger to me to smell and lick, which i was glad to do. She leaned her mouth close to my ear and said "Glad I found you. Hope the show was worth your time.", and nibbled my ear before smoothing her skirt down and slipping out of the room.

It was hard to concentrate the rest of the day after that interlude. But somehow, I finished off two projects at the expense of not noticing that it was well after 7 and dark outside. I didn't have much to do that night, other than go home and jerk off to the memory of what happened in the room.   Starving, I let my laptop begin to shut down and I headed to the break room to find something to eat.  I wasn't gone more than 5 minutes, but when I returned, Agnes had made her way into and out of the conference room, leaving a post-it on my closed laptop lid with an address on it and a lipsticked kiss. I don't think I've ever packed up as quickly as that moment, and was out the door and into my truck in 5 minutes flat.

Arriving at the address, I walked up the front walk to a nicely appointed house. The door opened as I stepped onto the stoop, and a hand in a leather glove snaked out and led me inside. What a sigh greeted me.

The black knee high boots had been replaced by high heels on those delightful legs. And other than the elbow gloves, she was gloriously naked. Confident, smouldering, she kissed me hard, rubbing her breasts and crotch on me. Her light touch across my crotch was enough to cause my cock to jump, and she smiled and tapped it lightly. 

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show this morning," she said breathlessly, "I hadn't come that hard in months."

"It was a wonderful show," I offered weakly, "totally unexpected but totally hot."

"We've been dancing around this for far too long," she breathed into my ear, a leg snaking around one of mine. "But I know you don't just want to fuck me..." 

"I don't?" I asked.

"No, you know as well as I do that you want to control me, to bend me to your will, to make me do things that I say I don't want to, but secretly want to.... I can tell you're a man who can take control, which is what I'm craving". That voice was breathing heavily into my ear.

I reached up and ran my hand up her gloved arm, and with a swift motion, grasped her wrist and whipped the arm around behind her back, twirling her around at the same time. She moaned and her legs gave way a little, indicating that I'd done something right.

"You're a naughty, naughty, dirty girl, Agnes, aren't you?" I whispered into her ear.

"Yes sir, I am. I am a naughty, dirty girl who needs discipline." She responded, her breathing getting shallower.

"Oh, you'll get your discipline.." I said, as I ran my free hand between her legs, finding those smooth and wet lips. I stroked her sex gently, teasing her gently. After a minute or two, the dining room table presented itself as the site of her first punishment.

Laying her face down on the table, with her toes on the floor, I spanked her delectable ass firmly for a solid 10 minutes. She moaned throughout the spanking, the slapping of her flesh matching her breathing. Soon, her ass was reddened nicely, and I guided her to the nearest mirror to admire her posterior. She nodded her approval, and then offered her bedroom for her next activity.

[to be continued]

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