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When I am on the computer xxx chatting with others I fantasize about all kinds of sex I have not tried. One being I that I am driving down the interstate and I spot a xxx video theatre on the side road. I pull in and it takes 10 minutes to get my courage to walk into the place, but only after I see another woman go in. I go up to cashier to pay to enter but it is women free, so far so good. I walk slowly around the place eyeing the dvd's, video cassettes, dildos, vibrators, and magazines. Too much to see but I do scope out a curtain down a dimly lit hallway. I casually stroll down to it and bush aside the velvet curtain. I see about five small doors alongside the hall and a larger one towards the back. I poke my head into one of the smaller rooms and see two chairs in the room

. That is all I can see because my eyes are not focused yet. I hear a porn movie being played, probably through the large door, I walk to it. I wait for my eyes to get focused and find a chair in the back of the theater.  And then my whole world changes.....I was just glued to the theater screen as as woman was being fucked every which waay but loose by three huge black men. My gaw this was turning me on like I never expected. I looked around the room to make sure no one was noticing me as I started feeling myself off. I couldn't help it, I knew this was wrong but I was way to horny to quit. I had my panties off and in the floor in about three minutes. I couldn't care less after five. Here I was masturbating in an xxx rated theater with others arund me and not caring who saw me. I had my dress pulled up and my legs up on the armrests and my eyes on the screen. Feverously slapping and pulling on my pussy lips I came just like that. So easy. I squirted all over the seats in front of me. About like a minute later I had my eyes closed but in the same position as before. I felt a cock brushing up the side of my face. I just kept my eyes closed and turned my head over,opened my mouth and he stuck it in. I fancied myself a pretty good cock sucker but this monster I could just get about 4 inches in. He held my head a and slowly fucked my mouth. I tasted so good. Around that time I felt a mouth on my pussy. Flicking and licking my cunt lips ever so slowly. Both of these guys were like doing it in perfect timing. They must have practiced this technique before. In out his cock went and up and down that tongue went. I never opened my eyes to even see who I was degrading myself for. I was in a haze of lust for another orgasms. I felt two hands massaging my titties and I knew I was in heaven. I could hear the woman on screen getting pounded by huge dicks and I was feeling everything she was. I imagined I was her. The cock in my mouth was getting a little faster fucking me as was the mouth and fingers gave me the business downstairs.I came again shooting more pussy juice all into the persons mouth between my legs. All I needed then was a cock stretching my tight pussy apart. I wanted it so bad I needed my pussy to hurt. I got my wish. This big fucking cock slid right into my drenched pussy. I could feel it filling me up with each stroke. About that time I felt a hot blast of cum shoot down my throat, then another and another. I couldn't swallow it fast enough. I came out the side of my cheeks as he held my head so I couldn't get away. I was gagging trying to swallow his cum. The more I sucked in for air the more his cock went down my throat. I was pulling  away but he had another stream shoot out all over my face and eyes. I have never felt anything so great in my life as I came again. When I did open my eyes all I saw was dicks all around me. Poking my face as I was getting my cunt pounded over and over by this horse cocked black man. He wasn't about to quit and I didn't want him to either. Another cock was in my mouth as I grabbed ahold of two others and jacked them off. Fuck if only my mother could see me now! I have never been so completely filled up and fucked as much as this day. The men were urging me on with their words. Calling me a fucking slut whore that needed cock in every hole. And the thing about it , I did! The guys backed off and watched me get fucked right there in this cum drenched fuck palace. They called me names then beat off until they all had shot their wadds all over my tits and face. This huge dick that was giving it to me like the devil finally pulled that monster out and shoved me on the floor. He held my face and jacked that tool right into my mouth. I felt like that porn star  on the screen and I loved every bit of it. They all just wandered away and left me satisfied on the floor. I sat there for a few minutes taking it all in. Then nonchalatly got dressed and made my way to the car. 

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