I want a really good buttfuck   added 6 years ago
  By: Amale  Age: 105  Country: United States

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I often dream of having a nice kinky woman who will rub me down in oil and massage my body. Then, flip over me over and do the same giving extra attention to my butt. It sends shivers down my spine just imagining her pouring lube down the crack of my ass and teasing me with her finger. Rubbing my asshole slowly in circles. Then, she inserts the tip of her finger and wiggles it a little bit and pulls it out. Then shoves it in a little bit more, feeling around inside me, and pulls out to add another finger while she is reaching for her sex toys. She feels I have loosened up a bit and she starts putting anal beads inside me. Each bead is a little bit bigger than the previous. She twirls them around brushing them against my prostate making me moan in pleasure.

By now, my ass is nice and juicy ready for more erotic play. She slaps both of my cheeks and rubs them and starts to pull out the beads. I use my muscles to hold on to them the best I can, but they slip away from me. She grabs another toy. She slides it in with no complication and starts fucking me with it. I let loose another moan, this one displaying more pleasure than last. She tells me just a bit more, and I have a surprise for you. She slides it in really deep and tells me to hold it. There is a pause in the action with sounds of velcro in the background. Her toy is sliding out my ass as my muscles start to give way. She grabs it and thrusts it in a few times before pulling it out. She climbs on top of me and slides a nice thick strap on inside of me. Her nice voluptuous breast are on my back and every move she makes is pure bliss. Her feminine aggression mixed with her fucking me makes holler out loud in with orgasmic relief.

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