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Categories: Masturbation, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: licking erotic liveshow finger
Location: A dark back alley
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

maybe i bump into you down a dark alley?

as i hold you around the waist and pull you sexy body towards me, you feel my hard cock pressing against your side

it's raining, so your top is stuck to your body, i peel it of as my hand moves under you bra

you push me back and pull my t-shirt over my head and undo the my belt and unzip my jeans.

i take control and spin you around, unclasp your bra as i kiss the side of your hands move over your breasts, rubbing my palms against your now erect nipples.

i squeeze your nipples, turn you around and pull your breasts onto my face

i use my tongue to track around your breasts, slowly moving closer and closer to you nipples

you lift one of your breasts up with your hands and feed it me

I take it in my mouth and start to flick on it with my tongue, you push your chest towards me as i start to suck on your hard nipple.

You then feed me your other breast that is recieving less attention, as i take this between my lips, you feel my hand moving between your thighs...

i quickly move my hand under your skirt, and realise your not even wearing a thong under there, as i feel your juices dripping down the inside of your leg, while my tongue is moving from one nipple to the other, my finger moves over your juicy lips

my head moves up to yours as i kiss you, my tongue entwines with yours as i slide my finger between your legs

i then whisper in your ear

"what shall i do with you now...?"

"Fuck me" you say.

"I think you can ask for it better than that..." I cheekly reply.

"PLEASE fuck me"

"Sorry not yet..."

I pull my T-shirt on and walk out of the alley. You quickly put your wet t-shirt on and put your bra in your handbag and run after me. "Where are you going?"

"Just follow me, we need to be a bit warmer"

You follow me to the nearest bus stop, checking the times we only have a 5 minute wait. While we check the times you feel my hand on under your skirt on your naked arse. Not squeezing it, just carressing it.

When the bus arrives we go upstairs, where there are only a few people as it is so late. Not long after we sit down you feel my hand on your thigh. Moving up and down your soft skin, getting closer and closer to your hot cunt. As your have nothing on under your skirt, you know how easy it will be for my hand to venture over your begging pussy.

No one on the the bus suspects a thing, as you feel my fingers move over your wet lips. Then they move away from your juicy pussy as my hand rests on your inner thigh. My fingers move up and down on your soft skin inches from your now tingling pussy. I can feel the heat from your pussy as my fingers continue to press against your skin, now stroking up and down the inside of your leg. You shuffle your legs to try and move my hand closer to your aching pussy, but i keep my hand rested on your thigh.

Then you feel my hand move. It moves over your pussy and rests on top of your soft shaven pussy lips, not moving my fingers inside you or playing with your clit. Your desperate for either of these two thing to happen...when you feel a finger moving over your lips. It just brushes over the top of your pussy.

No one on the bus suspects a thing, as you feel a number of fingers running over your pussy again. Teasing it, keep it wet! As i run my fingers over your juicy lips I wisper in your ear, "I think your hot cunt needs some attention", as one of my fingers moves slightly inside your pussy. my finger feels the inside of your lips before it runs along the whole slit of your cunt. Then it enters your pussy, but only slightly. Just past the finger nail. You want and need it deeper, but still enjoy having a finger slightly inside you.

I pull my finger out, and bring it up to my face and smell the sweet aroma. Your pussy is so horny that you can even smell yourself. this turns you on and you wonder why I have stopped playing with your pussy. You question is quickly answered as i get up from the seat and press the bell. Two minutes later we are off the bus and walking to a hotel, We check in, go upstairs and enter the room.

Even though you are now desperate for my cock, you deciede to tease me a bit now and say you need a bath, leaving me to wait...

You enter the bathroom, close the door, and start to run the bath. You know how desperate I am to touch and feel you, and enjoy the fact that you are now making me wait. However you're pussy needs to be touched, so you remove all your clothes as you wait for the bath to fill up.

You sit on the floor and spread your lips. Your soft shaven pussy lips, still wet from the small amount of attention on the bus. Your pretty clit is longing to be played with. It's so hard and sticks out as your legs are spread and lips are open. You slowly rub your clit from side to side. Then up and down from your clit to your wet tight hole. The juices are already flowing over your fingers, as you ease one finger and out, in and out. You want more, so insert another finger. It feels tight and intense. you trace your fingers around your wet can feel a sensation coming, but you keep teasing yourself, not wanting to cum yet.

You move onto your hands and knees. With one hand between your legs, rubbing your pussy. Now you feel like touching your breasts, as you start to squeeze your breasts, you get a sensation down in your pussy again. Without knowing it, I have pushed the bathroom door open, and am know knelt down naked behind you with the head of my hard cock pressing against the entrance to your hot cunt. When you turn head to see me, a massive smile comes across your face. You start to push your ass in the air, which pushes my cock deeper into your pussy. i sit up and move my hips towards your ass, as my cock moves half way inside you. I then grabbed your hair with one hand and your hip with the other as i pushed my cock deep inside your pussy.

Your pussy was so wet, it slid in with ease and you moaned as you felt my balls hit the entrance to your ass. You begged for me to fuck you hard. On hearing this i started to move my body back and forth, while you moved your hips in the same motion. My hands moved over your breast as my body fell forward, which enabled me to easily move my ass up and down as it entered your dripping pussy. You started to moan, and i could feel your free hand around my cock. Feeling it go in and out of your pussy. We were both getting close. Your fingers now rubbing your clit, while mine squeezed your hard nipples. My cock was so close, my balls were not hanging free anymore, they were tight and ready to explode. My cock kept moving in and out of your pussy, with all the juices, the sound was loud.

Then i felt your body start to shake and then stiffen, so i started to go slow and deep. Your orgasm was being delayed, but i couldnt keep it up and started to speed up and pound your pussy. With this we both came together. Your body tensed as you felt my hot cum enter your pussy. As i pulled out from inside you, you collapsed on the floor with cum dripping from your twitching cunt.

I quickly got up and turned the taps of the bath off.

"Shall we clean ourselves up, so that we can actually use the bed?" I say with a cheeky grin on my face.

You just look up and smile. 

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