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Roleplay: Master/slave
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Nature: Humiliating

When I met them at the cocktail party, they seemed a striking couple. He was a solid six feet tall, handsome and dressed in an obviously expensive, perfectly fitted suit. She was the kind of woman you'd expect to see with a captain of industry, gorgeous, perfectly dressed, her curves not concealed, but nonetheless covered in what I would later learn was a Versace original.

"Way out of my league," was my first reaction. But our hostess Melissa, who I'd dated briefly in college, made a point of introducing Jack and Sheila to me. Jack's handshake wasn't testing, but it was clear that he was the stronger of us, and there wasn't any question about it, he was holding my hand just a bit too long, and covered it with his left, almost caressing me.

As surprise crossed my face, he said, while looking directly into my eyes, "Sheila, take her outside and you girls have the talk."

I flushed, as he continued. "Explain to her just how it's going to be."

"Come along Chrissie," she said, not attempting to lower her voice, and slipping her arm around my waist and almost pulling me to the patio. My face must have been flaming red, and I was certain Melissa and her live in boyfriend were looking at me and laughing.

"You don't mind if I undo your pants, do you, Chrissie?" Sheila said, as without waiting, she unzipped my fly, and reached in, cupping and squeezing me.

"Mmmm, silk, I love silk underwear," she practically purred. She extracted my petite cock and began to tease it with the fingernails of her right hand. Her left suddenly was behind me, finding enough space tp slip down my waist band. But I was shocked at suddenly being undressed and handled, and overcome a bit by the sensation, her next words shocked me.

"If you're a good girl, Chrissie, I'll let you see *my* silk panties. And if you're very good, I'll share Jack's cock with you. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

I could only sputter at the question. So Sheila continued. 

"Here's the deal, sweetheart.  I'm going to call Jack over. If you can walk away or keep from exploding for three minutes after he gets here, I'll let you go. But if you cum, you'll lick my hand clean and become our slave. OK?"

I couldn't answer. Not only was I shocked, I was as erect as I've ever been as Sheila caught her husband's eye and he walked towards us. I never saw the black tube in his hand until it touched my lips, spreading its wine colored stain  first on my lower lip, then the upper. I gave in completely and blotted my lips without being told.

"You were right, Sheila, she will make a gorgeous addition," said Jack, as smiled broadly at the sight of me, my lips painted and my firm little stick exposed in her hand. I gasped when he reached out and undid my trousers, pushing them back to reveal to all that my satin underwear was pink, with delicious lace trim at the leg openings.

 I was sputtering, aghast at the humiliation, while loving it at the same time, as aroused as I'd ever been. "How did you...?" I never finished the question.

"Simple, sissy," said Jack. "Sheila saw what she thought was pantylines when she was checking out your ass. I spoke with Melissa, who said when you were dating, she never let you fuck her, but made you pleasure her every night with your tongue and fingers. She remembered you cumming without being touched when she told you you gave head like a girl. Putting it all together was easy...just as easy as making you explode now will be."

I was too far gone, too far into a lust fugue to do anything but moan as Melissa and her boyfriend walked over to join us. She was carrying a small box, which she opened, revealing a small pink bag adorned with leather straps and three small, but sturdy padlocks.

"Unless you can hold back for two more minutes, Chrissie, this will be your last orgasm through stimulation of that pathetic little twig." Sheila's words almost sent me over the edge. I knew exactly what she meant, how the little bag would be deployed to control me, but as her fingers continued to dance on my sissy stick, she kept up the simultaneously arousing and threatening speech.

"On your knees, sissy bitch," Jack commanded. Sheila didn't miss a beat as she lower herself, too

As we dropped, Melissa propelled her boyfriend forward, pulling his pants down as he moved towards my kneeling form. Reaching from behind him, she took his stiffening member and pointed it towards my lips.

"You have no choice, sissy," Sheila whispered. "When he enters your crimson lips, I'm going to open your sissy pussy. You're going to cum, and then I'm going to make you lick it, too. Then I'm going to lock your sissy clit away, and Jack and I are going to turn you into our sissy fuck toy."

Jack pinched my nose, and as my mouth opened relfexively, Melissa shoved the boy's cock into me. Sheila's finger pressed into my pussy, and i sucked the hard cock deeper, its velvet texture surprising and delighting me.

"Now, sissy cocksucker. That's right, you're a cocksucker." Jack practically spat the words at me. "There's no going back, only cumming. Cum for me. Submit for me, and accept your destiny as my sissy girl slave. You'll never be masculine again. Soon I'll take you to get your boobs implanted..."

He couldn't finish the sentence. Aroused beyond any control I began to spurt, and he caught every drop in his hands. Pushing Melissa's boy away Jack rubbed his palm against my lips. 

"Lick it all up, bitch," he ordered, thrusting his fingers into my mouth.

I obeyed, weakened, and felt myself pushed onto my back. I felt hands manipulating me, then heard the clicks of padlocks.

I knew I had been captured. There would be no escape.

It came as no surprise that my pants had disappeared, and soon the rest of my male clothing had been cut from my body. Melissa's boy took me to the bathroom, where I was depilated and prepared for my deflowering by Jack, and my final transformation into the sissy toy you see today.




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