My First Threesome   added 6 years ago
  By: TheEarthRoamer  Age: 40  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner, Virgins/Young women, Group Sex / Threesome
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

My ex is one of the sexiest women I have ever met in my life.  She is short about 5 even, she has an hour glass figure, and a perfect 34C chest.  Now I'm a different cat, I'm not into breasts and ass, but I got to tell you my ex, who we'll call Daria, got me into both.  Her ass is so amazing I still to this day dream about watching her walk up the stairs ahead of me.

Well anyway, pretty early into our relationship I met her friend, we'll call her Phoenix.  So we hung out once or twice and it was fun, I was still really into Daria so I never really paid much attention to Phoenix.  Then I would hear the two talking on the phone and Phoenix was always talking about sex.  It kinda made me start to think.  After a long while, I started to really fantasize about them.  I dreamed about having sex with both of them.  I always wanted to tape it too.

I would walk into my bedroom one day and Daria and Phoenix would be sitting on my bed each wearing a corset I bought for Daria.  "Hi, what are you guys doing here?" I would ask with a big smile on my face.  "I used the key you gave me to get in, and I decided to give a surprise."  Daria gets up off the bed and walks to the door.  She throws my keys on the ground and begins to kiss me.  Her tongue tastes like strawberries, she loves gum.  I feel her hands start to unbutton my shirt and I begin to help.  She tears it off finally and then unbuckles my belt and drops to her knees.  Looking up at me she pulls my pants off and begins to stroke my cock.

Phoenix has the camera and is taping this.  I tell her to put the camera on the desk and to come over here.  Daria nods in approval.  There they are, two of the sexiest women I've ever met on their knees taking turns sucking my cock.  Daria licks my balls while Phoenix sucks on my long hard shaft.  She swirls her tongue around my cock while it's in her mouth.  Daria puts both of my balls in her mouth and licks them furiously.  The stop paying attention to me and begin kissing each other.  I move over to the bed and sit down to watch them.

Phoenix begins to stroke Daria's breasts while Daria bites her neck and pulls her hair.  I start to undo their corsets so that they can get to each other.  When I get them both off they look at each other and kiss some more.  Daria begins to suck on Phoenix's tongue.  She knows how that turns me on.  They look at me and push me down on the bed.  They begin to suck me again.  Their mouths are wet and warm, it feels so good.  Daria gets on top of me and begins to ride me cowboy.  I tell Phoenix to come here, I want to lick her pussy.  I love "going down" on women.  It is just as much of a turn on for me as it is them.  I tell her to sit on my face and look at Daria.

I start licking her clit slowly but firmly.  Daria is riding me hard now, forcing myself deep into her, and Phoenix is moaning so loud I feel that my neighbors can hear her.  She is licking Daria's breasts while they bounce up and down.  Daria starts to grind me deep into her and moves her hips in a way that makes me want to cum already.  I stick two fingers into Phoenix's sweet pussy while I still lick her clit.  I love knowing that those two are kissing and playing with each other's bodies.

Daria climbs off of me and gets the camera.  "I want you to fuck Phoenix doggie style."  "Are you sure baby?"  "Yes, I want you to make her cum so i can lick it all up"  Phoenix is already on all fours with her ass high up in the air waiting for me.  I get behind her and pound deep and hard into her.  I figure why go slow if I'm going to make her cum quickly.  I pull her by her hips deep into me.  I watch her ass ripple with each thrust and it turns me on so much.  I've always secretly wanted to fuck Phoenix, and I can't believe I am now.  Daria starts playing with herself as she's filming this.  I start going faster now and Phoenix starts screaming at the top of her lungs, "I'm going to cum!  I'm going to cum!  Keep fucking me right there!"  Finally I feel her juices flow all over my cock.  Once she's done I pull out and lay down exhausted.

Daria immediately puts the camera down and begins to suck my cock.  "I told you I wanted to taste her!"  She is licking every inch of it, tasting Phoenix all over me.  She starts concentrating on my head and is licking me in the perfect place.  I can't stand it anymore.  "I'm going to cum!"  "I want you to cum on our faces baby!"  The two girls get side by side with their faces touching.  Their tongues out wide waiting for my load.  I stand up and jerk myself a few more times until I finally explode all over their faces.

Daria takes the cum off of her face with her finger and puts it in her mouth, then she licks it off of Phoenix's face.  "Did you swallow?"  I ask her.  She shakes her head and stands up.  Phoenix opens her mouth and Daria lets all the cum drip into Phoenix's.  Phoenix swallows and says, "well this is fun.  Maybe we can do it again sometime."

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